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Quintessence: The Blighted Venom for the Mac OSX

I planned to do a couple things more but its already 0:00 up here… So I keep it to this one for tonight, tomorow I will put some other things up.

Tonight I wanted to honor Freebird Games by porting their free game: Quintessence: The Blighted Venom. I tested it succesfully on my Nvidia GT 640M iMac only, so I don’t know how it works on AMD Radeon (Most like it does) or  Intel Macs (one way to find out…). If you want to honor their work please considder purchasing “to the Moon” which is one of their other projects. Check out the fan trailer for Quintessence: The Blighted Venom below!

Unlike more traditional RPGs, <Quintessence: The Blighted Venom> has a primary focus on story-telling and atmosphere, delivering a unique experience as a narrative-driven “interactive show.” With an award winning original soundtrack comprised of over 60 songs, composed by James Q. Zhang and Kan Gao, music is an essential component of not only Quintessence’s atmosphere, but also the story itself. The opening and ending themes feature performances by the talented Laura Shigihara and Adam Mussell.

Go for the wrapper to the game page up here…

Skullgirls for the Mac!

Tonight another action platform port! Skullgirls is a 2D streetfighter clone, just as Guilty Gears and Marvel vs Capcom, but this time in full hd! Skullgirls features the most frames of animation per character of any fighting game, hand-drawn at high resolution and enhanced by real-time lighting courtesy of a powerful 3D engine. Simply get the wrapper and extract it. Then open steam and use the steam serial from Gamersgate to activate the game in Steam and play. Enjoy!

Skullgirls is a fast-paced, 2D fighting game developed by Reverge Labs and lead by tournament champ Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and artist Alex “o_8” Ahad. Drawing on the best features the genre has to offer, Skullgirls is designed to be a tournament-grade fighter while remaining approachable and engaging for the casual player.

Download the wrapper and watch the video up here…

Red Shirt Released for Mac!

Life in the future will probably not look like the serial SF TV shows of yore: computers are already smaller than a tricorder, we have access to the world’s most complete database of wisdom and knowledge and generally use it to argue with people we will never meet and look up photos of cats with misspelled captions, and humanity won’t manage to ascend to egalitarian greatness as long as we have social media to distract us. This game is made available for the Mac on, so you can buy this Mac game up there and play it on your Mac. When creating an account there gives you more cool stuff, because you will be added freely 10 games, form which 9 are also for the Mac! So don’t wait any longer and create an account up there using the login/create account link on the top bar or use the “add chart” button to do so. Have fun!

Enter Redshirt: it’s a look at how life on Distant Space 7 or Sumeria 5 could have been if they’d known about social networking in 1994. Available today for just $19.99, Redshirt gives you the chance to be a crew member who has to live with the challenges of managing not only your job requirements, but also balancing the intricate needs of the many (on the social application Spacebook) against the one (that would be you). Determining which outweighs the other is a constant struggle, and it’s not made any easier by the fact that you just might end up parading around on away missions wearing a shirt of the most dangerous color.

Go to the game page up here…

Democracy 3 released for the Mac!

Have you ever wanted to be President? Or Prime Minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Let’s face it, you could hardly do a worse job than our current political leaders. This game is made available for the Mac on They silently updated the game for Mac (no announcement), so that’s why the later  post.  Have fun!

Crime, unemployment, national debt, terrorism, climate change. Have you got the answers to the problems that face western industrialized nations? Here is your chance to find out. Democracy 3 simulates the motivations, loyalties, and desires of everyone in the country. A custom designed neural network is used to model individual voters, each with varying memberships of voting groups, political parties, and pressure groups. Each voter’s income is modeled, along with their levels of complacency and cynicism. This is the most sophisticated political strategy game ever created.

Check out the game page up here…

Ethan Meteor Hunter for the Mac!

Tonight I ported a nice puzzle/platform game called “Ethan Meteor Hunter“! It has more than 50 levels within 3 different worlds. Telekinetic gameplay: Move elements in the environment to create a path and clear the way and many more features!  Ethan: Meteor Hunter has it all! Simply get the game from and install it into the wrapper  and follow the video instructions. Enjoy!

Ethan: Meteor Hunter mixes puzzles and platformers core action mechanics with an innovative mechanic: telekinesis. Ethan can pause time and move objects around in order to solve puzzles and get though 50 levels with dynamic use of physics giving multiple gameplay and solving possibilities.

Download the wrapper and watch the video up here…

Silver Wrapper update!

There was mentioned a problem on the forums about Silver installing it into the wrapper, so even though I did not had the issue myself, I updated the wrapper with a later engine and improved the mouse movement/handeling in the game to perfect :) So if you don’t own Silver yet, you can get it from and install it into the wrapper. If you already owned the game and experienced any issues in the latest wrapper, then try this one. Have fun!

– Better mouse handling in the game.
– Issue with installing the game (if you had one) into the wrapper should be fixed.
– branded Icon

Get the new wrapper from the game page up here…


Pixeljunk Shooter released for the Mac!

Action, adventure and entertainment await you. Be the hero and rescue the stranded scientists while enjoying a world of fun retro visuals and a dynamic soundtrack that reacts to the level of danger that you find yourself in!. This game is made available for the Mac on, so you can purchase this Mac game up there and play it on your Mac

In PixelJunk™ Shooter, you must pilot your spacecraft through a range of cavernous environments in a bid to save the scientists trapped underground. Making your way through the game will rely on your keen sense of observation and the ability to manipulate your surroundings. Add in a swarm of dangerous enemies, hazardous substances and stranded survivors in need of your help and your mission objectives are pretty clear!

You can access the game page up here…

The Interstate ’76 Arsenal for the Mac!

Great news! I managed to port The Interstate ’76 Arsenal to the Mac! It’s a very known old action racing game. The game has over 800 ratings on, so this means that the game is quite popular. Simply get the game from and install it into the wrapper  and follow the video instructions. A cool coincidence is that the game is on sale now with 60% off!! So get the game cheap now you can!

It’s 1976… a different ’76. Stretched out before you are thousands of miles of desert – the American Southwest. The massive engine roars as you slam down the throttle. It’s time to get funked up…You are Groove Champion, auto-vigilante. Your agenda: payback for your dead sister. Your weapon: A 425-horsepower ’72 Picard Piranha with two 50-caliber machine guns on the roof and a flamethrower on the side. You’re one mean dude in an even meaner ride.

Get the wrapper and watch the video up here…

Smugglers V for the Mac!

A nice RPG game for tonight! Smugglers V is the latest version of the Smugglers game series and a really under appreciated game. This game is highly addictive and fun to play. Simply get the game from and install it into the wrapper and follow the video instructions below or on the game page. Enjoy!

The galaxy is at war – the Federation, the Coalition, the Outer Rim systems and the criminal Syndicate battle for control. It’s a dangerous life for a pilot on the front lines, but it can also be a lucrative one – are you an honest trader, or does smuggling illegal goods sound more profitable? Will you join the war effort for your faction, set up your own empire, or simply explore the galaxy? The fifth installment in the long-running Smugglers series features a completely revised turn-based combat system and a range of new ships to fly, as well as a host of exciting features.

Download the wrapper from the game page up here…

Race the Sun Released for the Mac!

If you like fast racing games, then you will like this the Sun is a great fast racing game with loads of options: like multiplayer and map editor etc. This game is made available for the Mac on, so you can buy this Mac game there and play it on your Mac. Here coutns as well: Check the trailer below or on the game page to see the gameplay and  have fun!

You are a solar powered craft, racing against the sunset at insane speeds. You navigate a procedural landscape that changes every day. You find and collect speed boosts to go even faster and momentarily reverse time. The goal is to increase your score and survive as long as you can without running out of daylight or smashing into pieces. For a change of pace, team-up with other players in an asynchronous relay race.

Go to the new game page  here…

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