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Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons released for Mac!

Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons for Mac! The artwork is beautiful, and the story is cute…you are unlocking the seasons by earning clock tower pieces. There are four suites with 24 parts to each…so I’m thinkin’ 96 levels at least. In between, you enter different buildings that change the back drop, and in each there is an HO scene. They are lists sometimes, and sometimes you have to find related objects for pictured items…really quite different. There are also puzzles occasionally, which while standard, are once again so beautifully drawn, you just want to keep looking at them. You can create an account there and the first game is  70% off! So if you have one in mind you really want, use the coupon and buy it for only $2,99.

In the City of Magic Cards, time is standing still. Wise and foreboding Nature has imposed a curse as punishment for the greed and avidity of the city’s entitled inhabitants. Now, it is perpetually autumn in the drizzly district of Spades. Clubs are frozen in time by a never-ending winter. Hearts have halted at the very budding of a spring that may never blossom, and Diamonds are drying out in the scalding summer sun. It’s up to you to jumpstart the Magic City clock and get it turning again! Test out myriad solitaire layouts, solve dozens of unique and exciting puzzles, and save the City of Magic Cards!

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Solitaire Seasons