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Portingkit now compatible with OSX 10.11 – El Capitan!

Great news! Thanks to the Wineskin Developer and Vitor (our Portingkit developer) the Portingkit is compatible with El Capitan! But wait, that’s not all, all existing ports in the Portingkit will be automatically updated when you click “play” in the local library tab!

Portingkit will go even further then that! Every Wineskin port you will manually add into Portingkit will automatically updated and compatible with EL Capitan! Is that awesome or what?!

When you haven’t updated the Portingkit yet, then close the application and restart it so it will be updated. If you haven’t the Portingkit yet, you can get it up here…

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First Origin program port finally here!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I was already 1.5 years busy to get a good port of Origin, so we can play Origin games! And although I was far in the progress, I ran into 2 problems from which one, was fixed in Wine 1.7.35 (download problem) and the second was the “activation.dll” error message when launching a game. That one was fixed with a Patch I applied in this custom build. Because it is a custom build of Wine, I cannot add this into the Portingkit yet as we speak, but will be I hope coming week.

In this Origin Port not all games, on the contrary, a lot won’t work. This also because most games needs their own treatment to work. Newer Origin custom builds will of course follow through time. However with this Wine custom build I did managed to get a number of games working just great, including some way awesome titles where a lot of people were hoping for! Today and coming week I will show you which games work including a video tutorial. Which games they are I keep a secret until you see them appear on the site. Hope you will enjoy this as much as I do!

Get this jewel up here…



Introducing + BETA release of the Portingkit!!!

Yes! It’s finally here after some setbacks and things which needed to be fixed. We (Paul the Tall and Vitor Marques) wanted to be sure the Portingkit was technically in good shape before releasing it. Of course it is far from finished, but the basis is there and ready to host hundreds of games! Oh my dear friends, I am thrilled to show you this awesome product because this will save me tons of file-hosting space and bandwidth traffic :), and for you a nice overseeing application which needs almost no work at all in order to play all your favorite games, because the Portingkit will do all the hard work for you!

Lets first start about what the Portingkit actually is. Well, the Portingkit is an application which will work a bit like Steam/Uplay/Origin, which has the news tab (my blog page), and a library tab which contains 2 sub-tabs called “Local” “server”. The library tab is where all the fun will happen. In the Local Tab you can find all game ports which you have in your application folder. The Portingkit will recognize all the Wineskin ports even not created by us! Every game/program in this particular tab you can launch using the “play” button and it will simply launch the port! Then we have the Server Tab: This contains all the actual ports which are added in the Portingkit and can be simply installed using the download link. Most of them are commercial games and still needs the original Windows game to get installed. Even in that the Portingkit helps out. It will ask if you own the game and if not, it will redirect you to the specific game page where you can purchase it, simply as that. The Portingkit will recognizes the setup files in the download folder so it will automatically start the installation and create the game port. When the port creation is finished it will be visible in your local tab and can be launched from there using the “play” button. It is just awesome :P! You can also rate a specific port (will be soon be implemented) so you can rate the game with your video card. This is handy to know if a game works on for example an Intel Iris Mac yes or no.

Then there are a couple of more tabs: “Rankings”, where the top 10 ranked games will be found, “community” community stuff, “FAQ” for all the frequently asked questions and support videos can be found (needs still to be added) and the “Donate” tab to support our hard work. Those tabs will be filled through the next coming Portingkit releases. So in short, Portingkit will be the only app you need in the future for you Mac gaming!

The portingkit will have its own website hosted by me called: where you can download the application and read more about what it does. I made also an introduction video of the release of the program. Check it out and enjoy this new awesome application!!

Last Inua released for Mac!

Last Inua is an immersive and emotional, award winning 2D platform adventure game developed by Glowforth. Designed for the young and old and mixing classic platform genres, culminating in a captivating experience, Last Inua tells the tale of an Inuit family’s fight for survival against fearsome evil and the harsh elements of the mythical Arctic. For the interested ones, this game is available on and priced $5,99 and 25% off the first week!

The Tonrar, a evil trickster, has awoken in the Arctic. The mythical powers that are still very active in this part of the world are under severe threat. The Tonrar is spreading his darkness that is taking over both the physical aspects (ice, snow and caves) but also the mythological. The Inuit gods, giant mythical creatures; the Ice Bear, the Raven and the Narwhal are all under threat by the Tonrar. They are slowly losing their power, health and sanity – infected by this darkness. Hiko and Ataataq are the only hope, yet Hiko is physically and will need to rely on the brute strength of his powerhouse father, Ataataq.

Get this Mac game on Gamersgate up here…

Introduction of the Portingkit!

A lot of of things have happened this year, and even though this year has 1.5 months to go, there will be a great new feature….or better said “Application” coming up! This Application is called: “The Portingkit” and is mind-blowing if a may say it myself! This makes hosting wrappers unnecessary anymore, because instead the app will download a small script (WSI files) which will automatically download the specific Wine engine, apply the tweaks and will even contain the specific game related branded icon! If the game port is a free/demo game, then it will automatically download and install the game in the wrapper as well! A dream app for Mac users! This program will be a mixture of Steam/Crossover with very cool features like ranking and launching from the app itself and much more and much more to come! In the end all the ports I have done will be added in the Portingkit application and no more file hosting will be needed on my end :)

The Portingkit is developed by Vitor Marques (creator of Gamma Studio) on my request and which will closely work together with the Porting Center (also developed by Vitor Marques). The Porting Center is the application where the WSI files are been created for the Portingkit. Not much knowledge is required to create WSI files, so in not to long we can have have a big community who can contribute there own Wrapper ports. There will be also a separate website for the Portingkit (not live yet) hosted by me where the program is hosted and maintained. We hope to release the first Beta and more info in the coming weeks! So stay tuned!!

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New Feature: Live Chat!

Tonight Manesh Sonah added another feature on the website on my request called: Live Chat. This new feature gives you the possibility to chat live on the website and put your questions  there and the community or I will answer your questions and requests there. I will regularly check the page as well and see if I can help out with whatever is asked. There are only two rules, keep it civilized and related.

You can find the Live Chat feature in the top bar of the website, so simply click on the “Chat” link there and you will join the Chat session. When you have an account on, then you will be visible with your account name, otherwise you will be mentioned as a guest. Enjoy!

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New Features: Subscribe button + Likes + Google+!

There is a lot going on lately concerning the website. Faster webhosting, setting up login possibility with many extra features etc. Faster Webhosting is done now and a specific request for “RSS” is answered but in a different way. We have set up the feature to subscribe to the website. This is about the same feature as “RSS” but this will sent you an email when there is a new post on the website with the subject of the post + a part of the description. You can subscribe to the website on the right side of the blog page on the “BETA Subscribe” field. Besides that al game posts have social media features to like the post and such things.

The more people the better! Invite all your Mac gaming friends! Enjoy the new features and there is more to come very soon!