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Important note!

Hi Guys! Here an important note. Maybe it sounds wierd but I have the feeling to do so. As many maybe already know, we live in biblical end times. The world is getting sicker every day, and good people are getting less and less. People are very selfish nowadays and God is more and more forgotten. But this time is foretold in the Bible and we are really living in the end of the days. And some terrible stuff will happen very soon as well. WW3, asteroids, deceptions, financial collapse, massive earthquakes and so on.

In those times it is good to reflect on ourselves. How is our life? Are we still doing good? How is our relation to eachother and with God? And I want to be an example in this and want to ask forgiveness to anyone who played games on and because of it neglected time with God. So please forgive me, and please don’t let gaming get between you and God or that it suffers from the relation with you and God. Relationship with God is the most important thing, especially now.

Thanks and God bless you all!

Warm regards,



More game ports added to the Portingkit!

A lot of good old games are added at the moment. Last post about added games to Portingkit were a lot of Nordic games. Here are some more for the version. This means that the Gamersgate WSI/download file was already present, but now the version is added for the same game as well. I did that for the games Aquanox, Aquanox 2.

Then here some “new” games I added to Portingkit. First to make the Black Mirror series complete: Black Mirror 3 is added. I also added most of the King’s Quest series starting with Kings Quest I Remake (the original Mac version crashes on start-up). In the same post I added links to the 2 other King’s Quest remakes with a working Mac version.

Then I added also Kings Quest IV, King’s Quest V and King’s Quest VI which comes in one package from They all have separate WSI/Download files because they have separate installer files. Enjoy!

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Lots of “new” games added to Portingkit!

It has been busy the past few days, but in the little time I had, I added a dozen or so games to the Portingkit. Observant people may have seen a lot of orange colored games the past few days, which were basically re-adding versions of Nordic games which returned after almost a year. I re-added: Neighbours from Hell 1 + 2, and Silver.

New Adventure games I added in the Portingkit are: Black Mirror 1 and Black Mirror 2. Then some action games: Chaser, Raiden III Digital and Judge Dredd – dredd vs death . Strategy games: Patrician 3,  Desperados 2, The Guild 2 and Imperial Glory. Enjoy the games and lot are following :)

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Kerbal Space Program released for Mac!

Kerbal Space Program is a multi-genre game where players create their own space program. This game is now released on and is the first week 25% off. So If you like this game (as many already do I hear), then get this game discounted now :).  When not convinced, check the trailer below for some visuals.

In KSP, you must build space-worthy craft, capable of flying your crew out into space, without killing them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship. Each part has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies (or doesn’t). So strap yourself in, and get ready to try some Rocket Science!

Get this amazing game up here…

Steambuilds added to Portingkit!

Because Mixture cloud went off-line (and all my files hosted there which was luckily not much) and because a good free reliable file/cloud hosting service with: larger file size features, with enough bandwidth and durability, is nowhere to found anymore, I added the the Steambuilds to the Portingkit! This way you can still enjoy those Steambuilds on your Mac. So check the Portingkit and find the new Steambuilds on the Library –> Server tab!

Besides those Steambuilds I also added the Submarine simulator Silent Hunter 5 and the remaining two Thief games Thief 2 and Thief 3 into the Portingkit! Enjoy!

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More games added to Portingkit!

UPDATE 25-3-2015: Fixed a bug in the Cossacks – Art of war and Cossacks – Back to War file, those should work fine now.

Here another post with an update of the latest games added to the Portingkit. It seems that is re-structuring their game files. There are separating combi games in to multiple downloads. This means that if you purchase Cossacks Anthology, you have now 3 separate downloads instead of one file containing all 3 games in one installation. That’s fine of course, but this means the start executable path is changed and also the setup file name. This means for me that I have to adjust those WSI files in the Portingkit. Luckily they are just a few, so I can adjust them quite easily.

I made for Cossacks Anthology, three separate game files because of this: Cossacks Back to War, Art of War and European Wars. So for each game you have to download that specific setup file. It looks like they are forgot or they still have to “part” American Conquest + Fightback because they are still together in one setup file. So for now I added both game in one installer file creating 2 shortcuts to both games. I also made for Tomb Raider IV and Tomb Raider V separate download files.

Then I added Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander – Forged Alliance (On request) which are 2 Steam games . Then 2 other games which are non-steam: Dark Void Zero and SBK 2011.

Then Last but not least 2 free games: Live for Speed and onEscapee! Have fun!

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Wine 1.7.39 released!

Wine 1.7.39 is released yesterday evening! The wine version will be build in an engine and will be available in “Winery“. Winery is a program where you can build wrappers with, and is available on the Wineskin website. I use Winery to build all my wrappers for this website. Because the new Wine is released 2 days ago, the engine itself is available in Winery by Doh123 (Wineskin developer). So you can download the Wine Engine in Winery now. A cool new feature is the WINmm Joystick support which allows joystick support in dozens of games. For example X-Wing for LucasArt games. That game is now also added into the Portingkit. Enjoy!

What’s new in this release:

  • WinMM joystick support on Mac OS X.
  • Kerning support in DirectWrite.
  • Support for DirectX Media Objects filters.
  • Better support for animated GIFs in GdiPlus.
  • Improved support for Known Folders in Shell32.
  • Various bug fixes.

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New LucasArts/Disney Wave released on!

Finally another LucasArts Wave has been released yesterday. 6 new games from which 3 also for Mac! I will make separate posts of those Mac games. I also ported 2 of those Windows only games which I added to the Portingkit already (Monkey Island 2 SE) and another cool one which I will reveal later today.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition was ported already but now the Wrapper is updated and has a new Icon and is added to the Portingkit. I also created a Crosstie for the game for the Crossover owners.

Go to the official game page on up here…

Monkey Island 2

Latest games added to Portingkit!

Besides the new game releases in the Portingkit, here also a hand full of free games added the past few days to the Portingkit. To begin with a popular free survival/adventure game called Stranded 2! If you like adventure then this funny adventure game Eye of The Kraken may be interesting for you too! Or if you like strategy, then Toy Defense is a very cool free game as well!

You like action more? What about Soldier of Fortune Community Edition which contains the main game + multiplayer. Or perhaps some flight action in Wings of Fury 2 the remake? They are all available in the Portingkit now, free of charge! Have fun!

Download the Portingkit (if you don’t have it yet) up here…

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Some more games added to the Portingkit!

While Vitor is doing a great job updating the Portingkit with new features, I am adding and updating more games to the Portingkit. Here a new list with the latest games added to the Portingkit:

To start with I added and updated the 4 Steam games of Men of War. Men of War Assault Squad and the sequal Assault Squad 2. Then also Men of War Vietnam and Men of War Condemned Heroes. The other 2, Men of War and Red Tide, will follow later this week. Then I added the 2 games from the Tropico Reloaded package (for both and Gamersgate), Tropico + DLC Paradise Island and Tropico 2 – Pirate Cove. Both games needs their own download file in the Portingkit.Last but not least I added also Deus Ex (with major fixes comparing with the old Wrapper).

So if you don’t own the Portingkit yet, download the app up here…

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