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Civilization VI (Mac) released!

Great news for the Civilization Fans! Sid Meier’s Civilization VI for Mac has been released on 21th of October! You can play this game Native Mac on you Mac hardware.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the next entry in the award-winning Civilization franchise, which has sold in nearly 33 million units worldwide, including more than 8 million units of Civilization V. Other Civilization games native for Mac of the series are: Civilization V Complete (only about $8) and Civilization IV ($7). For the rest we have Ports available! Civilization III, Civilization II and the first Civlization (using Crossover) itself!

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New Porting Kit! Native games and Origin is back!

VitorMM here, and Porting Kit have support to native games now! What that means? That means that now you will find links to buy native games in our database, so now you can manage ALL your games with the Porting Kit, and not only the ported ones. That will be specially useful when we rally a new feature in Porting Kit, which should be coming soon…

Now about Origin ports: they are back! All Origin port were updated to Paul’s newest Origin engine, and now we won’t have problems with the latest Origin version. No more update error in the end of the installation, and no errors related to game installations.

With Porting Kit 1.9.115, we also have some bug fixes since 1.9.95, which includes a bug which made Porting Kit incapable of being used by computers with more than one active user. Also, the Ranking tab is now multi-threaded, which means that it won’t froze Porting Kit until its content has been loaded.

Many surprises are coming in the next Porting Kit releases (my TODO list already has 12 items), so keep yourself updated. If you want to keep yourself in touch with the latest features, make sure you always update to the latest version. If you only want to access new features when they are completely tested, update only when the latest version is marked as stable, which will be the same version for download here.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Porting Kit update banner by Stuart Ludwig Galaxy (Windows) for Mac!

Great news! I managed to port GOG Galaxy (Windows version) to the Porting Kit. You may ask why to Port the Windows version while there is a Mac version? Well, very simple, this port will run (almost) all Windows only DOS games on! And those are a lot! Secondly, a lot of other Windows only games will run this app as well, but thats experimental. We already implanted the Galaxy option into the ports which are compatible with the program.

For the games which doesn’t support the GOG Galaxy app, we will have an expirimental option for it soon. Let us know what games run flawless with this port so we can add the galaxy support to those games as well!

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…


Important Porting Kit update!

Important update! For the people who updated there Portingkit today to version 1.8.136, should update there Portingkit back to version 1.8.138. The .136 version contained a bug which will make Wrapper creation fail. So for people experiencing this issue, please check your Porting Kit version and update to the latest one.

Some of the latest changes from Januari 2 until now with 1.8.138 are:

  • Fixed: Wrapper creation now should work again
  • Added: The icodecs winetrick now should be downloaded from
  • Improved: Ports now are saved in your prefered App Folder by default (can be disabled throw Preferences)
  • Added: Screen Recording feature added to Tools tab
  • Fixed: Source icons should be loaded correctly on Retina Display computers
  • Added: “Kill All Wineskin Processes” button added
  • Improved: Engine changes can also be video card specific
  • Improved: Free games instructions is also a possibility
  • Improved: The action dialog (with install now, instructions and buy game buttons) now also has a Cancel button
  • Added: Winetricks filtered by Video Cards now are supported
  • Added: Source icons to the game description, with tooltip to identify the icon
  • Added: PK now should be able to handle errors during the wrapper creation
  • Added: Cancel button to the wrapper creation process
  • Fixed: If a wrapper wasn’t created successfully, it shouldn’t be added to the Local tab
  • Improved: Performance increase when using system features
  • Fixed: Replace buttons are going to work now
  • Fixed: If you reload the server list during a download, the progress bar will become determinable again
  • Added: Porting Kit now will offer instructions of how to install a game before starting
  • Changed: Added message under Contact Us tab to check FAQ and instructions before sending a mail
  • Changed: Contact Us tab now is more user friendly and doesn’t use the Mail app anymore

Read all changes for the past period up here…

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New Game Search and game pages in place on!

A new Milestone is reached! Because of a hard working friend and co-worker on Porting Kit, our one and only main developer Vitor Marques de Miranda has put the search Engine and the game page feature on! What does this all mean? I know, I know, it contains a lot and some explanation :) Lets start with the Search engine:

The Search engine is totally changed now to this page…. It looks gorgeous with icons and ratings and shows when its a free game or not. You can simply tick on the search terms which will show you the results of the search. Because there has been some bugs in the Porting Center, not all games has gotten a “genre” selection and that makes the game invisible in the search. Thats why we are updating coming days all game ports and adding the specific game genre and thus visible in the search. So expect a lot of orange collard games coming days ;)

search portingkit













But wait, there is more! every game as its own awesome game page now and App ID! For Example: Incredible Machine: More Contraptions has ID 739 and has its own page with rankings, trailer, game description etc. which is also mentioned in the port description in the Portingkit. Is that cool or is that cool?

Portingkit game page












Well, in the end Portingkit will replace my original Website of, and we are a mayor step closer to that. So give Vitor a big hand for his hard work with the new Portingkit Website features! Awesome work if I may  say it myself! Also the website is made ready for the search engines so game pages will be found (better) from now on on the Internet as well! Enjoy the site!

Heroes of Might and Magic IV added to Portingkit!

Another very popular game is added to Portingkit! This time: Heroes of Might and Magic 4! The Porting Kit makes installations of games as easy as doing the dishes. Simply download the Windows setup file from into your download folder and let Porting Kit do the rest. Enjoy this popular Classic on the free Portingkit!

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t have it yet up here…

heroes iv

Account creation ability fixed on

It seemed that the account creation ability was not working for a while. Probably the sneaked in while updating the website to a newer WordPress version. This bug has probably been there for over 5 months. tHis bug is now fixed again. So make your account on so you react on blog posts and more.

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18 more free GameTop games added!

Alright, there has been done a lot of things where no blog-posts has been placed for yet. I will combine lots of them in just a few posts. Starting with the Gamtop games. I added 19 of them in course of just a couple of days into the Portingkit. From which a lot of nice free commercial titles for which you had otherwise to pay around $10. Below the list of new games added:

Theseus – Return of the Hero
Spidermania Solitaire
Minigolf Pro 3DBirds Town
Cradle of Rome 2
Police Supercars Racing
Supercars Racing
Real Dominoes
Alien Wars
Around the World in 80 Days
Golden Dozen Solitaire
Milky Bear – Riches Rider 3
Running Sheep
Running Sheep – Tiny Wolds
Real Pool
Big Air War
Royal Envoy
Royal Envoy 2
Exotic Farm

Simply select the specific game in the Portingkit Library –> server tab and click download. The Portingkit will do the rest (automatically download and install the game).

Get the Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…


GameTop partnership into Portingkit!

Great news!!! Maybe some people already knew GameTop from their awesome free games Like Sudden Strike 2 what is added to the Portingkit (automatic download and install) from the beginning. But also other games like business simulation games like Pioneer Lands which was already added to Portingkit as well. And now because of the Partnership there will be a big increase of those great free games for which you otherwise would have to pay $6 to $10.

GameTop has its name based on the these basic principles: no trials, no payments, no malware/virus, no toolbars, no in-game ads or what so ever. So with those principles we gladly join hands to bring more (free) games to Mac! Free games in Portingkit are marked blue, so its not orange as other new ports. So you have to check the rankings, to see what new games were added lately.

What to expect? Lot’s of free racing, puzzle, simulation, arcade and action games added to the Portingkit. More then 10 games are already added from which 8 the past few days. Have fun!


Portingkit now compatible with OSX 10.11 – El Capitan!

Great news! Thanks to the Wineskin Developer and Vitor (our Portingkit developer) the Portingkit is compatible with El Capitan! But wait, that’s not all, all existing ports in the Portingkit will be automatically updated when you click “play” in the local library tab!

Portingkit will go even further then that! Every Wineskin port you will manually add into Portingkit will automatically updated and compatible with EL Capitan! Is that awesome or what?!

When you haven’t updated the Portingkit yet, then close the application and restart it so it will be updated. If you haven’t the Portingkit yet, you can get it up here…

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