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New Crossover version is in Beta which means CX21 Engine is coming within weeks!

New Crossover version is in Beta which means CX21 Engine is coming within weeks!

Crossover CX21 is in beta mode, this means that in not too long (weeks) we will have access to a newer engine!! Yes and newer engine means better support, fixes and especially great news for Apple Silicon Macs which will get better support! We are looking forward to the new release an I am working at the moment very hard to submit bugs which are CX19 and CX20 to be addressed and fixed in CX21. I know for sure already that Monkey Island 4 and Empire Earth for example will work on Apple Silicon on CX21, but this only one of the few I tested!

Testing, testing, testing. Because its so important to have a good working CX21 engine I am spending a lot of time doing bug reports at Crossover (Promocode 30% “Portingover”) in the beta, so updating WSI2 files to WSI3 will be postponed for those couple of weeks. Lets hope we will have an awesome working CX21 with as much game compatibility as possible!

Complete Porting Kit database update….making it Linux ready!

Complete Porting Kit database update....making it Linux ready!

Here a quick heads up. As you know we never stand still at Porting Kit. It sometimes may look like there is not much going on, maybe in some periods less blog posts, but we never stand still! In the background we are always, updating ports, working on new features and fixes and updates of Porting Kit itself. Today I want to let you know (perhaps you already saw) we are updating all ports in the database. Why?

  1. Updating all game descriptions with also the general install instructions.
  2. Updating ports to see it requires newer (or older) engines for best compatibility.
  3. Updating Steam ports to make sure there are no issues in Steam
  4. By updating we automatically transform the ports to WSI3 Files which gives more features and also Linux ready!

The last one is a very interesting one in out vision to be able to use Porting Kit also in Linux! Porting Kit is created in Electron and this way also easy to transform it for Linux usage. Isn’t that cool? So meanwhile we are working on updating the database, which we expect to finish in 2 weeks. On the Porting Kit site we are meanwhile working on the Linux version of Porting Kit.

Possible Wrapper creation issue after latest update + Steam issue fixed. (resolved)

Update: Problems resolved. No porting kit update was required.


To cover two things in one post. I have some good news and (very temporarily bad news :P. The update of PK last night (we have to deal with a lot of things and challenges lately regarding Mac OS) may broke the wrapper creation (screenshot). You can workaround it to put your Porting Kit in the “Enable Experimental features” mode. You can do that using the “Portingkit top menu –> preferences –> select the “Enable Experimental features” checkbox” and restart porting Kit. then it should be fixed. We will fix the issue today so we hope the hinder will be at a minimum.

Number two, we managed to fix the default steam bug not showing the stare (black screens). Normally we had a workaround using these settings… these aren’t required anymore in new steam port installations.

Steam connection issue + fix

Steam connection issue + fix

Maybe you found out yourself lately regarding logging into steam, but there seems to be a specific issue with Steam at the moment that logging into steam takes a while. Besides that the store and library may be black as well.  The cause is that on every launch, Steam now randomly picks whether to use UDP or WebSockets to connect to the servers, and WebSockets don’t work under Wine for some reason.

You can fix all the issues (slow login and the black screens) by using these settings in screenshot. We are at the moment looking to automate this on startup, so no actions are required.

New video tutorial about: “What is Porting Kit?”.

Because we regularly we get questions about what Porting Kit does and is, we made a video introduction about it. Watch it below. It shows the link between Porting Kit and Wineskin and the opensource code Wine. It’s just over a minute long :)

Porting Kit 4 Beta process and more news and updates

Porting Kit 4 Beta process and more news and updates

An update of the process of the development Porting Kit 4 Beta. It has been een rough way since the 64bit only Mac OS update and Catalina 10.15x and Big Sur 11.x, introduction of Apple Silicon and more. We were forced to abandon Porting Kit 3 and move to the early stage Porting Kit 4.0 which still had and has bugs and some issues. But with some bumps in the road Porting Kit is and will be more and more stable.

We implemented the start of Apple Silicon Support. We added D3d11 support (64bit only at the moment) which made it possible to bring some very cool and popular DirectX 11 games to Porting Kit like Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition and Witcher 3 and Skyrim SE. We brought meanwhile most of Porting Kit 3 functionality to PK4. The App is Apple signed and noterised, which means it is safe and secure and can be easily installed and used. And much much more.

At the side line Gcenx has been working hard on improving Wineskin to version: with loads of changes and fixes. This wineskin version will automatically applied in the experimental version of Porting Kit and will shortly be applied on the main/official branche as well. Besides that, the engines has been improved and contains some extra fixes including the one for the installers (fixes the error messages at the end).

Coming update of the main/official PK4 of next week will contain a lot of fixes and improvements which are already applied on the experimental branche.

A quick overflight of short term Porting Kit plans/implementation:
– WSI3 files implementation. This makes the installer very intelligent to apply all kind of extra steps. Think about, specific settings for specific videocards, extra
settings, etc.
– Re-implementation of the forums + Ranking of games. It’s almost ready to be implemented.
– New Engine CX21 with better support for D3D11 and Apple Silicon etc.

Long Term plans:
– Linux support
– Chat function
– Multiplayer support within Porting Kit with each other.
– VIP options and support.

So here is the top of the iceberg which is coming up! Exciting times and great perspective for Porting Kit now and in the Future!

More Wrapper updates!

We moved a lot of files from the file hosting “Mediafire” to the main site of because or the direct download links somehow didn’t work or “Mediafire” has been blocked in some countries so this makes the install fail as well. Below the list of games (most of them free) which should work work properly now in any country! You can find all those updated games in your Porting Kit game library and will contain an “updated” badge. If you don’t see it, restart the Porting Kit app.

  • Civilization 2
  • Stranded 2
  • Wings of Fury 2
  • Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb
  • Outlaws
  • BlueMSX (App)
  • Sid Meiers Civilization 3 Complete
  • Age of Empires
  • Mini Golf Maniaks
  • Alien Breed – Obliteration
  • Cedric and the revolution
  • Sim Tower (Mojave and High Sierra Only)
  • Roll em up Pinball
  • Zack Mckracken Remake
  • Netstorm – Islands at War
  • Battletanks 2
  • Kings Quest I remake
  • OnEscapee
  • Ferrari Virtual Race

You can find the specific game pages also on the website up here…

Some game port updates

Some game port updates

Some more wrapper updates. Most of them related that the game didn’t work on Intel Iris videocards others related to Mac OS 10.15.x and Big Sur. if you run into bugs with a specific game, then please let us know so we can fix it.

The Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky SC
The Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky
The Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky the 3rd
Tropico + Paradise Island
Tropico 2 – Pirate Cove
Perimeter – Emperor’s Testament
Sherlock Holmes – Secret of the Silver Earring
Tomb Raider The Angel of Darkness
Gemcraft – Frostborn Wrath
System Shock 2

Check out the game pages on

Porting Kit 4.1.27 Released!

Great news Porting Kit had another update! We are planing to lower the amount of updates and do an update once or twice per month now. You can always add yourself to the experimental branche if you want to get the latest updates using the porting Kit preferences. Porting Kit 4 is still in beta and is getting more and more a stable and is getting more and more cool features and fixes :) So I will just name a couple important ones.

Usage of specific custom engines:
We added a custom engine which has a fix for all the installers which end in a few (un-important) errors. But now this is fixed it looks much better of course and professional.

Scroll cache/load improvement:
Not only this saves us bandwidth (downloading in icons), but this also improves performance while scrolling and searching.

Ports in troubleshoot state are shown with a maintenance wheel badge:
As mentioned in the title, game ports which are in maintenance mode has a badge now to be easily recognized. When the port is greyed out, then the only source is in maintenance mode, if it still has color, then there is an alternative source available (for example Steam or GOG) .

Changes from 4.1.22->4.1.27:

  • Returning the end event to the original location, and adding success event
  • Event of port installation end should only be sent if the port was installed successfully
  • Uncaught exceptions in installer window now should be catch
  • Commenting reference to unexisting file
  • Uncaught exceptions should be sent to Analytics
  • Implemented Analytics to catch application errors
  • Removed ‘Downloading update’ message from non-deprecated PK versions
  • Fixing search bar along with infinite scroll
  • Computer specifications window improved
  • Organizing the use of dialogs
  • App icons should only be loaded as the user scrolls
  • Replaced many of the alerts with system alerts
  • Added compatibility validation to dependencies
  • Compatibility and recommendation rules should come from the server
  • Games in troubleshooting state should be visible from the library
  • If the server config is not available, but you have a backup config, PK should work normally
  • If a wrapper if force killed during a wrapper installation, the installation shouldn’t hang
  • Refactor of the Wineskin version handling
  • Engines now can be replaced by a server config

Checkout the total change log up here…

Porting Kit 4.1.22 released!

Porting Kit 4.1.22 released!

A new update has been released for Porting Kit 4. There are a couple of features and a lot of bug fixes. I know it would be better to see the changes in a window in Porting Kit 4 itself, but that’s high on our priority list. The most important changes explained below:

“Automatic exe recognition after install”
A very important feature has now become reality. Earlier when the “main exe” path was wrong, the Porting Kit game installation would fail. Now with this automatic path checker, it will automatically change the path of the main exe or when there are multiple, it will show a popup where you can choose which one Porting Kit should use.

“Clear Caches” in “tools” in Porting Kit top bar.
When there are systemic issues with Porting Kit which are local system related, this may be a handy tool to fix the issues.

Most important changes since 4.1.17 until 4.1.22:

  • EXEs that are not inside the wrapper won’t be recommended as main EXEs
  • Ports with dependencies and/or the engine CX64Bit20.0.2-1 should install normally
  • CX19.0.2-2 replacement replaced with CX19.0.2-3
  • An EXE should be automatically picked in auto mode if no other EXE fits
  • If the main EXE of a port is not valid, and there are more than one valid possibilities, PK should ask the user which one to use
  • If the main EXE of a port is not valid, and there is only one valid possibility, PK should set the main EXE automatically
  • Improved exception catching on the last installer view
  • Handling of exceptions with installer refactored
  • Added extra info to experimental features
  • Custom ports shouldn’t include a doubled EXE selection
  • Added special condition to replace engines in experimental mode
  • If no path can be found for an engine, a proper message should be shown
  • When importing PK3’s library, only games that still exist should be added
  • If something goes wrong when restoring PK3’s library, PK4 shouldn’t break
  • Startup window should have the buttons with proper names
  • When using the advanced installation with GOG games, the main EXE should be detected properly
  • When running the advanced installation with a right click, PK should work properly
  • Improved the options on the Clear Caches window

Check the whole change log up here….