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Don’t update to Mojave (yet)!

Don't update to Mojave (yet)!

As you guys may all be aware of is the 64bit only change Apple want’s to push forward in not all to long. We hope Mojave will be the break before the real push to 64bit only. However, although Wineskin (that’s the wrapper part) stopped working properly in the latest update of Mojave. Luckily there is already a fix, but that part is not implemented yet in Porting Kit. This all will be done shortly, but to be on the safe side, wait until we are fully ready to prevent all kind of misery.

We are always working hard to make the best of Porting Kit so you can enjoy your Windows games on your Mac :) We have to stick together and endure the things to come and try to keep standing as long as we can and try to find a workaround/solution before the next OS After Mojave (10.15). Support us, help us, and we will get through! Thanks guys!

The Porting Kit/ Team.

Some more Wrapper updates

Some more Wrapper updates

It’s very busy lately, But I manage some maintenance on a few ports after getting a few e-mails about them. As you know we always try our best in our spare-time to improve porting Kit and the ports of course, which is a continuous progress.

Starting with Zork Grand Inquisitor. That game seemed to be changed from DOS version to SCUMVM version in the catalog. So this meaned for me to change the installer file and startup flags for the SCUMVM version. Working lovely now.

Then we have Giants – Citizen Kabuto, which had an issue because GOG change the setup file name, so I changed that for the game, this also counted for Mount and Blade – Fire and Sword. So fixed that issue as well.

Enjoy the games!

Porting Kit Tips: Screen Capture!

I am doing a series of tip posts to learn more about Porting Kit and all it’s features. I already did the first tutorial about themes. If You missed that one, you can read about that tip up here…






Today we discuss the special feature: Screen capture! You maybe wouldn’t expect that feature in Porting Kit, but we have it implanted indeed. You can find the feature under the Porting Kit menu –> Tools –> Start Screen Capture. It will then ask for a location to save the screen capture. Then Select a nice spot, choose if you want to have the mouse cursor on your capture and in what resolution you want to capture. When you made your mind start a Porting Kit game to capture or anything else you had in mind. Yes this also means “non” Porting Kit stuff ;)

When you are finished. You can stop the screen capture using the “Stop Screen Capture” option in the Porting Kit –> tools menu or a more aggressive method with a combination key of cmd + q (closes Porting Kit as well). Then check the results in your where you saved the screen-capture.

Enjoy this cool feature in Porting Kit! If you have more cool stuff you want in Porting Kit, or you have good Suggestions, then please let us know so we can make Porting Kit even better then it already is! Use the “Contact” feature in Porting Kit to reach us.

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

Become a Patron of Porting Kit!

Become a Patron of Porting Kit!

Calling to assemble the troops! We need your help! We want to make Porting Kit better and better and want to develop it more and more to handle more and more awesome features. A lot of cool things are in the pipeline to be added, like multiplayer support between Porting Kit users, Full PS4 Controller support, Linux version of Porting Kit, special content for Patrons, of course many more cool game ports and many many more.

To get this done, we need your support. Maintaining Porting Kit is a very cost taking thing, and as it all started as a hobby project, Porting Kit is way ahead with hundreds of thousands of users. All needing of bandwidth and hosting of files like engines, installers and other stuff which makes Porting kit function as it now does. Vitor and I are putting a lot of our free-time and effort trying to make you as comfortable as it can be for using Porting Kit. And you can help :)

Become a Patron for only $1,- (or more) to support our work in order to maintain our course for Porting Kit, and get added to our Special Thanks page. This for starters, many more stuff will be added for Patrons shortly as for more special features which will be only available for Patrons. The Forum will be prepared for Patrons as well :)

Join us in our crusade and become a Patron! Many thanks in advance!

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive released for Mac and Linux announced they will sell the game Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive native for Mac and Linux! Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, the tactical gunslinging classic, has recently received an update that brings new content plus several convenient improvements. Here’s the rundown:

– Help Cooper, Doc, and Kate save a town from outlaw scumbags in a new mission designed to be the game’s demo.
– Mac and Linux support added!
– Additional language options added: English, French, German, Spanish (both for the demo and main game), Italian, Russian (main game only)
The game is now 80% off until July 16th, 5pm UTC. If you haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and give it a shot. Or two.

Get this Mac game on up here…

Game port updates!

Game port updates!

As I already mentioned in the past. If there a re no new games added for a week, it doesn’t mean we stand still. There is always lots of things going on and fixes are implanted. Past weeks I did some important updates and fixes here mentioned below:

  • Guild 2 –> Fixed GOG installer screen (couldn’t see the “install” button).
  • Torins Passage –> Updated to the latest ScummVM version of instead of DOSbox.
  • Kings of Dragon’s pass –> Fixed “Installer failed” problem because of  updated GOG setup file and new path.
  • Red Alert –> fixed .net 2.0 getting stuck issue some people had.
  • Star Wars Dark Forces 2 –> fixed expansion game Mysteries of the Sith (black screen)

If you had trouble with one of the games in the past, then reinstall the game and start the fun! Or if you want to check them out as well, then they are waiting for you!

Ziggurat free for 48 hours!

Week Two of #SummerGaming opens with a ZIGGURAT giveaway – it’s free to keep! The Painkiller-ish, Hexen-ish, frantic first-person shooter ticks all the boxes – that means magic, powerups, tons of weapons, badass bosses, carrots. All that in a rogue-lite package with more replayability than you can shake your wand at. The giveaway lasts 48 hours until June 13, 1 PM UTC.

There’s still plenty of time to unlock a free copy of Sunless Sea (spend just 5$ in the sale) and RiME (pick up 20$ worth of games). To help you with that, we’ve added even more games to the Sale lineup, including FAR: Lone Sails, Mages of Mystralia, Mainlining, and Commandos.

Go to promo page for the free game up here… updated your personal library, download the “Offline Backup game Installer”!

It looks like updated their game library encouraging the GOG Legacy client. However, this are not the files Porting Kit uses. You need the “Offline backup game Installer” file(s). Using the GOG galaxy setup files will result in install failures. So make sure to use the “Offline backup game Installer” only! We will implant a feature in Porting Kit that recognize the wrong galaxy files and will ask to download the correct ones.

I already asked them to at least expand the option, so you can see the file instantly so you are able to download it. Summer Sale up to -90% for 1000+ titles and free Xenonauts for 48 hours! announces their summer sale up to 90% discount for 1000+ Titles! announces: “We don’t like sand. It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating, and it gets everywhere. That’s why every year we prepare something that will keep people away from the beach for long – the hottest Summer Promo around! Over 1000 games up to 90% OFF so it’s great opportunity to pump your revenue up!”

“Our biggest annual sale starts today, 15:00 CEST and we want you to get ready. It will last for 2 weeks, feature over 1000 games, and include very exciting giveaways. What’s more? Stretch goals are back! Spending 5$ a user will get Sunless Sea for FREE (20$ to get RIME).”

Free Xenonauts (Mac) for 48 hours:
Saving the world ain’t simple, Xenonauts (Also for Mac) recaptures the original X-COM: UFO Defense gameplay for all its depth and complexity – a highly recommended play for curious fans of the X-COM reboots and series purists alike. The Xenonauts giveaway starts June 4th, 15:00 CEST and will last 48 hours until June 6, 15:00 CEST.

Go to the promo page on up here…

Red Alert and Red Alert 2 Wrapper update!

Red Alert and Red Alert 2 Wrapper update!

Update 6-June-2018:
We fixed an Engine extract failure which some people experienced. That should work properly now with latest update yesterday. So if you experienced the issue. Try again and it should work fine now.


I have done lots of stuff for Porting Kit this weekend. Lets start with Red Alert and Red Alert 2 :)

Red Alert:
Red Alert was working quite well already but had after longer game-play a habit to crash or loose the mouse capture in especially multiplayer or skirmish games. That problem is addressed in the latest Wrapper update of Red Alert and works stable as never before! If you have Red Alert installed then it is is required to trash the wrapper in Porting Kit on your local tab, and reinstall it on your server tab.

Red Alert 2:
Red Alert 2 has a long history as well with all kind of changes from stability also due to Origin’s updates. You may have read the news I fixed the Origin Client issue earlier last week. Now this past weekend I took the time to test the latest Winestaging engine and it seems to run remarkably good. I earlier used a specific mod and extra files to get some better performance, but still it would crash regularly. I tested with the latest Wrapper update and I played 1.5 hours in a row without a single crash. It even doesn’t require any manual actions (adding files or using mods). So finnally we have a stable build of this game. Eager to check it out? Get the C&C Ultimate collection cheap here… and start play this game again!

Go to the Red Alert game pages here… and here…

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