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Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt for Mac

We secretly had it already added to Porting Kit for about 1.5 weeks, but we needed to add a fix in Porting Kit first. Now we have done it just, we can finally officially release it on the blog: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Mac! I tested the game on bot my high end Macbook Pro (intel) 2019 and on Apple Silicon Mac Mini (16 GB) and it works very well!! You need Porting Kit 4 beta to install and play the Witcher game. I also made a video of this one, you have to forgive my clumsiness with all the controls, but you will notice it runs pretty well on my Apple Silicon Mac Mini :)

Basic Portingkit Install Instructions GOG games:
1. Download the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offline backup setup file(s) into your download folder.
2. Always read the notes of the game description first for additional steps!
3. Go to the library server tab and select the game you want to install and click: Install
4. Portingkit will create the wrapper and locate your setup file in your download folder
5. The installation of the game will start, run through the install wizard.
6. After installation, exit the installer (don’t run launch the game).
7. Porting kit will say it has finished successfully.
8. Go to your local library tab and select the game and click: play
9. Enjoy the game!

Game description:
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the RPG epic with a mature, non-linear story that reacts to your decisions, a vast open world with a living ecosystem, dynamic and tactical combat, and stunning visuals, is available on!

Go to the Porting Kit game page up here…

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DXVK Support is there for Porting Kit 4 Beta!

Great news! I made a separate post for this, but it’s important to explain, because DXVK support (Directx 10+11) is there!!! Yes that’s right, so this means big Directx11 titles will come to Porting Kit!!!!! And tonight we will make a massive introduction of the feature by releasing the port for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition!! I will make a video of the tutorial and that the game even works great on Silicon Macs!!

Important to note is that DXVK/Vulkan support works only in Porting Kit 4 Beta and not in Porting Kit 3! Porting Kit 4 will be the main Porting Kit app and Porting Kit 3 will eventually be fased out when all the functions (which PK4 is missing) from PK3 are migrated.

New version of DXVK released – OnePerDay

Porting Kit 3 master wrapper issue. (resolved!!)

As promised, issue has been resolved! Ports can be created normally again in Porting Kit 3 without issues.


Since tonight, there has been a change on the wineskin master wrapper, this caused for issues for Porting Kit 3 (not Porting Kit 4 Beta). We are working to fix that.We will let you know on the blog. when its fixed (probably tonight) If you have Mojave or Above, then I would recommend to use Porting Kit 4 beta anyways.

Download it from the Porting Kit website up here…

Porting Kit 4.1.0 release with Apple Silicon support!

Yes! Finally! We talked about it in the past about the Apple Silicon Macs support in Porting Kit. Codeweavers already builtin the support in CX20.0.1 and CX20.0.2, but with Wineskin RC2 and with the special built of CX20.0.2 engines (great work Dean!) in combination with Mac OS Big Sur 11.1+ we finally can play Windows games on Apple Silicon Macs using Porting Kit 4 Beta!

Wow, does all the games in the Porting Kit database work on Apple Silicon?!
Well, many of them do (especially the more newer games) but some older ones won’t. It requires a lot of testing to see what games work on the Silicon Mac and which don’t. Besides that you have to understand that Apple silicon support is still in the works at Codeweavers, and besides that Rosetta needs improvements as well and is in the improving process. So this will fix a lot of things in the future as well.

Whats tested and how do I know which games do not work on Apple Silicon?
We are working on a system that when we tested a game “not working” on Apple Silicon Macs, that it will show it. For the ones we don’t know now it’s still experimental and will come through time and testing clear. Remember what does not work now, may work in the near future with new engines and Better Rosetta2 support in new Mac OS updates.

Minimum Requirements for Apple Silicon:
– Mac OS 11.1+
Porting Kit 4 Beta (4.1.0)

We tested these games so far:
– Metal Gear Solid (works)
– Caesar 3 (works)
– Empire – Rise of a middle Kingdom (works)
– Zeus & Poseidon (works)
– Fallout New Vegas (works)

– Rollercoaster Tycoon (does not work)
– Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 (does not work)

Feel free to test yourself and let us know what works for you and which don’t. Some ports may need special tricks to let to work after all. Everyone who has Porting Kit 4 will receive the update message :) Have fun!

Another (install this time) bug with Porting Kit Beta 4.0.66 (resolved!)

With release of Porting Kit 4.0.68 this morning, the installation bug in Catalina has now been resolved.


Sorry again, after a fix of the last bug of Porting Kit Beta 4.0.65, we have another bug now. This time regarding installing. You will get a “kernel32″ error message with every port you install. We are aware of the bug and expect it to be fixed today as well. We promise to do some better testing next time releasing an PK 4 beta update :)

For the ones who can’t wait to install a game, then please download Porting Kit 3 (if you not have it installed already) from the download page. But again we hope to have this fixes a.s.a.p.

Porting Kit 4.0.65 released!

After the fix of Porting Kit 4.0.65 (see last post about that) we are delighted to announce another Porting Kit 4 Beta version (4.0.66).  Besides some cosmetic fixes it also contains a few updated  FAQ items, it has a few extra features. I will discuss the “Custom EXE creator” option and the “Theme chooser” in preferences.

Custom Exe Creator:
When you in Porting Kit 4.0.66 right-click on a local installed port (on the left) then you have an option to create a “Custom Exe”. What is a Custom exe? Well, for example when a specific game has a specific config .exe or you want to set a specific exe for a Mod you installed, then you may want that short-cut in the Porting Kit. You can do that simply by right-clicking the specific port and choose the “custom exe” option, then name it, and then select the specific exe you want to use. After clicking ok, the exe has been added into Porting Kit.

Theme chooser:
Yes it now possible to choose your theme as well in Porting Kit 4! Choose from the classic “Blue Galaxy” theme or the “Boxer Dark Shelf” or “Boxer Classic Shelf” theme. Click on the top bar using the Porting Kit menu, and choose “preferences” and then select your choice. Enjoy!

New Changes in 4.0.66:

  • Fixing Preferences window
  • Server app icons should be cached for better performance
  • Analytics step updated
  • FAQ updated
  • Refresh button in News tab should work properly
  • Reading local WSI files should work properly
  • Added right-click menu option to create new custom EXE (shortcut)
  • Fixed link colors
  • Underlines should appear in app descriptions
  • Now it’s possible to disable wrapper updates on PK’s userData.json file
  • Added Antivirus startup window

Check the new change log page of Pk 4 up here…

Porting Kit 4.0.65 update issue (visual bug) Resolved!

Problems are resolved. If you still have an issue with a black screen when you launch Porting Kit 4 Beta, then please re-download Porting Kit 4 beta from the download page which is version 4.0.62 and this will properly update to 4.0.66.


A quick heads up. There has been released a new version of Porting Kit 4: .0.65, which contains besides some new cool stuff, a bug that you cannot see the library anymore. We are working on the issue and expecting a fix today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can launch the ports meanwhile manually by going to the folder of the games username/apps/games folder and double-click the port icon.


About a 100 port fixes and adjustments!

About a 100 port fixes and adjustments!

Yes, that’s right, after getting some input about about a change in the register naming in Wine about “DirectDrawRendering” we had to make changes for many dozens of ports. This have been done yesterday including a lot of cosmetic and other changes in the ports. These changes were especially important for older games like, Pharaoh, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, some Star Wars Ports and many others. So if you experienced issues in running these games, then please reinstall the games again using your “offline backup setup files” from your game library.

All the ports which have been updated will have an “updated” badge. So please check if the game you recently installed and didn’t work, is working now after the change. Don’t hesitate to sent an e-mail when you have issues with running a game using the existing ports in the Porting Kit database.

New Porting Kit 4 Beta (4.0.50) release!

As you may know already, we are working hard on Porting Kit 4.0 Beta. We reached now version 4.0.50 and implemented so extra features and fixes. We want to move (copy) the best functionality and tools to Porting Kit 4 which are are already on Porting Kit 3.0. Options like the install mod/patch option, which with this release is added to Porting Kit 4 Beta. Check out the changes below for the full change log. The update will be done automatically from Beta version 4.40. So if you haven’t seen an update notification, please check you Porting Kit version and when your version is below 4.0.40 then redownload the PK 4 Beta from the Porting Kit website… 

– Added extra measure against GOG Galaxy installers
– App icons should be stored in separated files
– Adding CrossOver tab to the header
– Install Patch/Mod option added
– Button replacement to kill processes replaced with prompt
– PK4 shouldn’t randomly crash in case it’s running inside a read-only volume

When you run into bugs or issues contact us using the contact tab from Porting Kit 4.0. Enjoy!

News regarding Apple Silicon (M1 chips) Macs with Porting Kit and Big Sur.

News regarding Apple Silicon (M1 chips) Macs with Porting Kit and Big Sur.

This post will clear up some clouds about the recently developed situation with Apple Silicon (Macs with a M1 Chip/Non-intel). Last week Apple released their new line with Mac’s with the new M1 chips and since last week available in the Apple Store/Mac resellers. So many people bought these Macs because of their performance and other benefits. However! The raising question is, will Porting Kit and the games work these Macs with Apple M1 chip? 

The answer is “no” at the moment, and “yes” in the near future with the coming WS11WineCX20.0.2 Engine and Big Sur 11.1 (read 11.1 and not the active 11.0.1). How everything will work on these chips still needs be tested. What we do know is that Crossover will support it and while we are using the open source engines of it, it will work on Porting Kit too, but only with Big Sur 11.1. So if you have the 11.1 Beta, then only the WS11WineCX20.0.2 or higher engine is required. Due to some issues with the Basic WS11Wine20.0.0 Engines at crossover itself, we haven’t created an CX20 engine yet for the Porting Kit but WS11WineCX20.0.2 will be created for sure if not only for the Apple M1 Silicon Macs. This engine will be released soon. About the performance of the games on these Macs with M1 chips, we still need to test thoroughly, we do not know how every game will react on it using the Rosetta 2 emulation built into Big Sur.

If we read the report of Codeweavers, then it looks very promising, but not everything is “Alleluia” yet. Games may “Lag” and Codeweavers is working on finetuning the process. We from the Porting Kit Team will purchase an Mac Mini M1 Silicon Mac to test the games as well. We hope starting the testing within a few weeks because the Mac still needs to be ordered and we also need the CX20.0.2 Engine to be able to test it on Big Sur 11.1. We will start testing with the most popular games. We want to remind you all that playing all games on Apple M1 Silicon Macs is still a long road to go and if you were planning  to buy a new Mac and want to be certain to play your games, maybe buying an Intel Mac to get through the coming years (while we work on supporting Apple Silicon in Porting Kit), isn’t the worst idea.

Eventually Apple will also drop support for “Rosetta 2” within a few years, and then Codeweavers need to find a different solution which is most likely the Hangover project which seems to be on it’s way, but still a lot of work in process.

Conclusion, yes a lot is going on, and we might be a bit optimistic, but there is a lot of work which still needs to be done. Stay tuned on the blog for updates about this and the release of the WS11WineCX20.0.2 engine.