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GOG version of Mafia 2 added to Porting Kit!

For the ones owning Mafia 2 om I have good news, I made a source available for those people :) Have fun!

Install is simple:
1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
2. Then download the setup file from Mafia 2 from GOG into your download folder.
3. Then in Porting Kit search the game in the library –> server tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the GOG installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game! Have fun!

Game Description:
Mafia with a mature and compelling narrative that will immerse players like never before. From the mean streets of Little Italy and Chinatown to the dizzying heights of its glittering skyline, find out if you have what it takes to be somebody in the city of Empire Bay. Immerse yourself in a violent criminal underworld in an all-consuming quest to become a man of honor.

Go to the Porting Kit game page for more info up here…

Mafia 2 for Mac

Porting Kit 2.9.420 update released!

Porting Kit 2.9.420 update released!

Normally we only do updates of Porting Kit, but for this update I make an exception because it contains a fix for a major bug (user.reg override) which affected many game ports in Porting Kit. If you ran into an issue running a game-port in Porting Kit, then this bug might be the cause of it. In order to fix the problem for those games, you need to update porting Kit  to latest version (Porting Kit menu in upper bar –> “check for updates”, and after update reinstall the game.

Whats new in this update:
 Improved: Video card device ID detection
– Improved: Video card memory size can be detect automatically in case the computer has a single video card using OpenGL
– Improved: Video card memory size can be detect manually in some cases (Intel Iris, Intel HD, NVIDIA GeForce 320M and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M)
– Improved: Video card type detection for Intel GMA
– Improved: Google Analytics report in case no video card data can be detected
– Improved: Google Analytics report in case no video card memory size can be detected
– Added: Google Analytics use message
Fixed: user.reg override should work properly again

Enjoy the update!

Gwent Directx11 only, drops support Directx9.

Some sad news for the Gwent fans. It seems that Gwent dropped support for Directx9 in their recent version of Gwent. It’s now full Directx11. I tried to find a workaround, and thought I found one by switching back with an older version of the game (v22). Unfortunatly after getting hope when I saw it boot up, I got a message ingame from gwent that “this” (older version) is not supported…

In other words, the fairy tale that Gwent Works for Mac using Wine has ended for now. I tried to do some tweaks, which unfortunately has no use to revive the game. We need some more Wine development supporting Direct11, this may take quite some more months until it is that far. So the Gwent fans unfortunatly have to wait again…

Keep an eye on the blog coming time for updates

Most Wanted Sale: Over 150 most wishlisted games up to 85% off!

Most Wanted Sale: Over 150 most wishlisted games up to 85% off!

150+ deals up to 85% off in the Most Wanted Games Sale! Many out of ten gamers agree: a healthy wishlist is key to a happy lifestyle. Case in point, we just launched a sale on over one hundred fifty of the most wishlisted games and DLC on GOG.COM.

 That’s not the only reason to have a wishlist – give a few pointers to your friends, family, and rich internet strangers; accidentally send it to all your contacts (oops); or if you’re waiting for the sale, which you are, we’ll let you know when it’s time to spend some cash (it’s now).

Go straight to the Promo page up here…

Wrapper update Civcity Rome and Myst URU Chronicles!

Wrapper update Civcity Rome and Myst URU Chronicles!

We do wrapper updates al the time, but when there are some significant updates we try to post them on the blog as much we can. So here the update for Civcity Rome ! The game needs core fonts, but the Porting Kit somehow failed the fonts trick into the wrapper, which caused you not to see the fonts in-game. With the latest Porting Kit version this is solved! So update Porting Kit (using the top bar menu –> check for updates) to fix the issue.

Myst URU Complete Chronicles had an issue concerning launch probably cause in one of the installer updates of This is fixed to now and doesn’t need an Porting Kit update. Refresh the server tab and make sure the setup file is in the download folder and install the game and play

Go the to Porting Kit page for Civcity here… and otherwise up here…

Tighter ties with Gamersgate again.

Gamersgate has been lost out of the picture for some years because the ties were lost for quite a while. But with their new Sales manager they are back and ties are back in good shape. So I will be adding more Gamersgate source games and updating Gamersgate ports in coming time. I already updated 25 ports past weekend and adding a few old ones, which I had not added yet to Porting Kit. I will put on a post + video tonight for the first new Gamersgate port.

Gamersgate is one of the biggest online digital games store on the net and with over 3500 games in the game catalog, it even exceeds the number of which is growing more and more as well! So if you search a Windows or Mac game, certainly check out the Gamersgate sales as well for the best price!

Check out the existing Gamersgate ports here…

Dungeons 2 free for 48 hours!

GOG’s Chinese New Year Sale is nearing its end, but not without a bang! If not for the hundreds of offers and Flash Deals up to 90% off, if not for all these Steam games going DRM-free via GOG Connect, then drop by for a second helping of freebie!

Feeling like a modern take on Dungeon Keeper? We’ve got you. Grab a free copy of Kalypso’s native Mac game: Dungeons II on – the DRM-free dispensary of joy and prosperity.

Get your free copy withing 48 hours up here…

THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 – free for 48 hours + China New Year sale up to 90% off!

THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002  – free for 48 hours + China New Year sale up to 90% off!

Come by the front page and grab King of Fighters 2002 – free for 48 hours, until February 15, 2 PM UTC. A classic NeoGeo arcade fighter, King of Fighters 2002 is beloved for its broad roster of fighters and intense competitive gameplay, earning it a spot in the “Top Ten Video Game List” by Japan’s arcade-gaming magazine, Monthly Arcadia. This Game is available native for Mac, so this means download and play.

The free game action comes with the Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival… regardless of what you call it, it calls for celebration! And so GOG brings hundreds of deals on games you should play in The Year of the Dog up to 90% off. Remember Flash Deals? They’re back on! Relive the anticipation, the satisfaction, that feeling when you get a ridiculous deal right before it’s gone. Flash Deals come and go every hour!

Check out the deals on up here…

Some game port fixes.

Some game port fixes.

Maintaining so many game ports is quite intensive, especially when changes seems to appear regularly in the game installer, or Winetricks, game clients (Uplay/Steam/Origin/GOG Galaxy). The problem is not only fixing them, but also discover them when they are there. That’s why your help is so important, to notify us when things stops functioning in the Porting Kit forum or contact form.

There seems to be a couple of problems active:
Asks for internet connection, (while its already there), which has a solution now and is being implanted at the moment, most Origin games will work now, but a final check still needs to be done. (matter of 2 days at the most to fix all Origin games)

GOG Galaxy (Gwent):
Well, we only have 1 GOG Galaxy game (Gwent), but yeah if the game client is messing around, then there is no use for it… We are working on the problem, but solution is not there yet. CHeck blog regularly for updates.

GDIplus issue:
Some games had a graphical glitch with the GOG installer. You couldn’t click “install” (Install button gone) so installing the game would not be possible. Most games are now fixed from that bug, but if you see/run into one, let us know asap, so we can fix those specific game(s). Check for fixed games in the ratings tab (latest games) list.

Some game port fixes past days:
Settlers 2 Special Edition
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Heroes 3
Heroes 2
Chris Sawyers Locomotion

48 Hour givaway of Carmageddon TDR 2000 for free!

Great news, is giving away another free game! This time a 48 hour giveaway of Carmageddon TDR 2000! This gift is part of the release of the game on including the Carmageddon: Max Damage game. That game is not possible yet to run in wine thus also not in Porting Kit due to Directx11. However the free Carmageddon TDR 2000, most likely is! I need to look into it, but looks like not that hard to do. At least WineHQ rates it gold. So get this game free now, and check the blog for the official adding to Porting Kit.

Max Damage, imprisoned for life, plots his escape. However, there’s the small matter of an army of police, hordes of gangsters and thousands of enraged inhabitants – all with homicide on their minds. To succeed, it will take a four wheeling genius with no morals, a killer instinct and a burning passion to escape.

Get this free game up here…

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