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PES 2018 will not work for now on Mac (64bit + Directx11)

Here a small post before it rains requests and questions. As you may know PES 2018 (Pro Evolution Soccer) has just been released for PS4, PC etc. (not Mac). So it’s quite obvious to think that it will be released for Porting Kit soon as well, besides, PES 2016 and PES 2017 are also available in Porting Kit right? Wrong! Yes, PES 2016 and PES 2017 are available in Porting Kit, but Konami Switched from Directx9 to Directx11 and went from also 32bit to 64bit only…

This means no PES 2018 for Mac for now, because Directx11 and 64bit Wine is still limited supported, an still will be for quite some time. ETA when it does? 1 year? 2 years? We will found out when time passes by. But, one comfort, you can still enjoy the game in earlier releases (2016/2017).


Porting Kit 2.8 Released!

Wow, a lot has happened, but Porting Kit is advancing more and more with great features and now also in beauty in Version 2.8! You can now change the themes to a couple of other ones like the “Boxer Dark Shelf” or the “Boxer Classic Shell”, to make your Porting Kit look awesome! You can do that in the Porting Kit Settings. We also show pages instead of one giant list of games. This will safe memory and improves speed. You can update your Porting Kit manually using the top bar “Porting Kit” button and then “Check for updates”. Enjoy!

There has been changed too much too tell under the hood, but you can read that all extendedly on the release notes…

Porting Kit 2.7 released!

Hello everyone! Here is VitorMM! I’m here to talk about the last Porting Kit release, which is filled with news. The last time I posted about an update was almost three months ago, with PK 2.6, so there are plenty of things to talk about.

One of the main news is that we are moving all the Porting Center features to the Porting Kit slowly. Eventually, the Porting Center is going to be fully replaced by the Porting Kit. With that, features that belonged to PC will keep evolving in the same rate as PK features.

We also had some problems with Steam, Origin and Uplay during that meanwhile. In case you missed that, you must have the Porting Kit 2.6.84 or superior to install a port with any of these guys. From that version on, PK should check the method to install them on our website, so DRM clients should not need any PK updates to work (for now, at least). Also, we finally managed to have out first 64Bit GOG Galaxy port, which was a great achievement :)

Due to lots of hard work, one of the focus during that transition was to keep PK stable as stable as possible, and so we did. Most of the changes in 2.6 were improvements and fixes, so the Porting Kit can give the best experience as possible.

That’s what you heard! Porting Kit 2.7 have a legacy version release as well! And it comes with a great new for legacy users: with a new method developed by me, delivering the legacy version releases should be much faster now! So Porting Kit Legacy won’t be as outdated as it was before!

Now, be aware: the last Legacy release was almost one year ago. I’ve made a few tests in the Legacy version. It’s functional, however I can’t say if it’s completely stable yet. So if you see any error, or anything abnormal in Porting Kit Legacy, let we know in the forum or by mail ;)

That’s it! Thanks for reading and until next time!

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

And in case you use macOS 10.6 or 10.7, get the Legacy version instead, right here…


Uplay games fixed!

Another awesome news! Because of an update of Uplay, all the Uplay games didn’t work anymore because of the Uplay client had massive font and GUI issues. Luckily we have not much Uplay Client games, but still there are a few very popular ones. Although that problem itself is not fixed, we found out a workaround with an older Uplay client version which made the Uplay Client work again and won’t update to a later version automatically :D

This fix have been applied now on al Uplay games! So now you can play the awesome games like: Anno 2070, Silent Hunter IV, Assassin’s Creed Revelation and Rayman Legends and others again!! I tested Anno 2070 and Rayman Legends, and they all work as attended again. Enjoy!

Also now I am writing anyways, make sure you update to latest version of Porting Kit (new update since yesterday), because it has another bunch of nice updates (not required for the Uplay fix but recommended).

GOG Galaxy is up and running again and 64bit version as well!

Great news! With the latest Wine staging + a tweak we made GOG Galaxy alive and kicking again! Yep, the latest version is working and I updated the existing GOG Galaxy wrapper with the fix and works very nice. GOG Galaxy is has still a few small bugs from which one is that at startup it says it couldn’t update, which s not an issue because you are already running the latest version.

Whats very important and a milestone on Porting Kit and is the first 64bit application is reality!! Yes we made a 64bit GOG Galaxy port where you can experiment with 64bit games. One is already  working “Gwent” (for which we will make a separate post). So yes we are all excited! Please let us know your positive 64bit game results so we can check and add these games to the database as well.

Get the GOG Galaxy (32bit) and GOG Galaxy (64bit) here… and here…

Red Alert 2 Porting Kit video tutorial + many more!

On request we made past weeks dozens of instruction videos to make people more familiar with Porting Kit. The Porting Kit is out of itself quite easy to use, but to embrace the new comers, we made video tutorials where the game gets installed from scratch into Porting Kit. Because Red Alert 2 is one of the most popular ones, I made a very clear install tutorial (see below) which can of course also be found in the port itself.

Besides Red Alert 2 we created over 25 other video install tutorials for like: Grand Theft Auto 2, Anno 1602 and Commandos 2 and Commandos 3 and many more!

We will add many more videos coming time so if you have any requests, mail it to us so we can prioritize the creation of the videos.

All Steam games fixed!

All Steam games fixed!

Great news! In follow-up of the recent incident in the steam client after their latest update which broke the Steam client in all  the game wrappers in Porting Kit. We now fixed all Steam games past 2 days. So all Steam games have an updated wrapper available in Porting Kit now. If you have Crossover, the problem is fixed as well in their latest update. See also previous blog post.

How do I implant the fix for my Steam game?
The fix is in the updated wrapper in Porting Kit. So you have to trash your non-working Steam game wrapper in Porting Kit and have to re-install the game by searching the game on the server tab (refresh the list first using the refresh button) which will be marked “new” (if you check today :P, after 2 days that stamp will be automatically be removed in Porting Kit) and then install it again. Saved games might get lost in this process. Also because we needed to update the Wine version to the latest version, the game may improve speed and stability. It also may occur because of the Wine version change that in a few occasions the game may run into some issues, it previously didn’t had. If that’s the case, notify us immediately so we can take a look into the problem and fix it.

This “fix” method is only for people who had the Steam wrapper already installed before the Steam update problem occurred. If you install the game for first time, then the Steam game will just work right away as attended. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we depend on Wine and we don’t have control over the changes/updates Steam/Uplay/Origin do in their game clients which may break the client in Wine. We can only try to fix it as soon as we can when they occur.

The Porting Kit/ team.

Crossover 16.2.5 released with Steam fix. 

Good news for the Crossover users. Codeweavers released an update (V16.2.5of their Crossover product which fixes the Steam issue + a few other things. So if you have Crossover and you have Steam, apps installed, then those apps should run again without problems after update. Find below the latest changes:

16.2.5 CrossOver – July 12, 2017

  • Application Support:
    • Fixed a bug which caused Steam to crash on startup.
    • Fixed a bug which caused Heroes of Might and Magic to freeze on startup.
    • Fixed a bug which caused certain Excel 2013 documents to load very slowly.

If you don’t own Crossover yet, and are interested, then try Crossover for 14 days up here…

Steam ports are temporarily unfunctional

Update 13-7.2 (VitorMM)
Since we gonna take a while updating the Steam ports to use the latest Staging engine, I’ll explain for those who prefer not to wait: how to install any of our Steam ports with Wine Staging 2.12. Firstly, you need to update the Porting Kit to the latest version (at the moment it’s 2.6.127, but in case you are seeing that in the future, it may be any superior version as well). Now open the description of the game that you want to install and press More -> Advanced installation. A process very similar to the normal installation will start, but in the end you gonna see a dialog with options for chaging some of the installation parameters (engine, DRM clients and X11/MacDriver). Change the engine to WS9WineStaging2.12 and press Ok. That should install the port using that engine instead.

There is no warranty that this is going to work for any of the Steam games, but it’s the best try until we can update them all. Age of Empires II HD is the only Steam port updated so far to use the Wine Staging 2.12 engine.


Update 13-7 (Paulthetall)
There is a fix available implanted in Wine Staging 2.12 which addresses the issue. I will update some game ports with the engine which will also update the game port itself. About the main problem itself, it looks like a Steam issue, not related to Wine. So this may be fixed by Steam itself with an update, or we will add the Wine staging 2.12 engine update to all Steam games to adress the issue which may cause cause some issues with a couple of games (which needs to be reported when experiencing issues). Or we will update the Engines one by one with some testing (takes longer).  Anyhow, hold on, we are working on it.


Valve just released a new update for Steam, and its latest version has stopped working in Wine. The WineHQ community is working on a patch to fix the issue:

We are also trying to find solutions that may work in old Wine versions. In the meanwhile, if you have a working Steam port, DON’T ALLOW IT TO UPDATE. Once the port starts the update download, press Cancel and then launch the port again. It should run without downloading the update. If it tries to download the update again, cancel it and wait until we have a fix for the problem, or turn-off your Wi-Fi (or unplug your ethernet port if that’s the case) while playing the game. If you let Steam update, wait for future instructions.

If you want to install a Steam port, wait until we can find a fix and update the Steam installation script with it. We gonna keep you all informed.

Dishonored for Mac Gameplay video!

Since a long time I made a gameplay video of the Dishonored game! The performance of the game is great on even a medium-end iMac as my Intel Iris. Imagine how it runs on high end Macs! I played the game already for 1.5 hours, so yeah, for RPG lovers this game is a must have. I explain in the video a little bit the installation process, but will be mostly gameplay.

Go to the game page to play it yourself up here…