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Wineskin update issues in Porting Kit –> (Resolved)

Wineskin update issues in Porting Kit  --> (Resolved)

Update: 19:00 – Wineksin verison has been roled back. Everything should be working normally now. If you don’t get a message with an update after restarting Porting Kit, then force the update using “check for updates” using the top bar Portingkit menu. We are working on a workaround to implement Wineskin after all.


Two days ago a new wineksin version has been pushed which has some nice fixes inside, reducing the CPU usage and fixing the main exe issue with an existing port which was already installed for a while. Unfortunatly the Wineksin update creates a new issue using specific engines causing installation to hang on wrapper “creating wine prefix”.

We are investigating the problem and tonight there will be an forced update to roll back the Wineskin, so it prevents any issues. Meanwhile we are investigating what is going wrong with Wineskin and how to fix it.

Bear with us!

Big Sur and Porting Kit 4.0 Beta and Testers!

Here a quick heads up regarding Big Sur and Portingkit 4.0 Beta and testing. Lets handle those subjects in differend parts:

Porting Kit 4.0 News:
We are finally getting to point, that a Beta release will follow within weeks! It will be at first a basic (refined) application without all kind of extra’s then that it can  install games from the database and create custom ports. This app will be really interesting for Catalina and up because of the way it handles security and can be used SIP enabled. Besides that the app will be available for download as a dmg file instead of zip file, where you have to move the app to the apps folder. It’s signed and noterised, so no extra security settings are required to manage. I will put in a new blog post when the Beta is ready for download. We would really urge you when this happen to test it on your systems and give us feedback regarding bugs and issues.

Big Sur News:
Big Sur is coming very soon and we are getting ready for it. I tested about 12 games in one of the latest beta’s and it all seems to work similar as in Catalina so far. So I am positively suprised how it works so far without big issues. Of course there a few small hickups, but not that big that it gives us big headeaches. When the BETA of PK 4.0 arrives we would like to start with beta testers who want to check their games and games from the database on Big Sur, so we have a good picture of the problems in Big Sur regarding games so we can fix them. There will be no need for registering as beta tester, so everyone can help us out :)


More news will follow soon…

Big Sur OS 10.16, don’t update yet!!

Big Sur OS 10.16, don't update yet!!

Yeah, I am sorry for quite a late reply regarding the Mac OS 10.16 – Big Sur update. Normally I am quit early regarding Mac OS updates, but I was not able to react yet on this subject. But now we are, I can tell you that Big Sur has some challenges, also with Rosetta and such. We want to be fully certain, that things work properly in Big Sur.

Because of all the changes Apple makes lately it is extreme hard to follow-up, especially while we are a team doing this in our freetime. We all have jobs, and wives/children and or girlfriends which consumes a lot of time. So also for Catalina OS 10.15 we were (although we had a “workaround” solution with SIP disabled) a year behind. Because now we have finally a solution for Catalina to have it SIP enabled (with Porting Kit 4.0 where the beta will be released very soon), Big Sur arrives again with it’s own challenges. Then we have soon another problem because Apple drops Intel chips and starts with its own chips….(yeah challenge after challenge). About that part we don’t have a solution yet….luckily we are a year further when this starts to be a big concern. So lets hope in the meantime we will get a solution for that and we eagerly look at Codeweavers to do magic for that matter.

Summed up, don’t update to Big Sur yet, if you have access for preview versions and such. We are very busy with PK 4.0 which will be a must have with all the new enhancements, especially for Catalina OS 10.15 (SIP enabled), and Dean (Wineskin) will be testing a new CX engine in Big Sur, to have Wineskin and Porting Kit Running in there.

We keep you posted in this. Meanwhile enjoy Porting Kit on Mac OS Catalina 10.15 and below :)

New Porting Kit 3.x install and usage video tutorial + Sneakpeak Porting Kit 4.0!

Here a new video tutorial with the old in and outro about how to install games ( and Steam) in Porting Kit with Porting Kit 3.x. It also gives a sneakpeak of Porting Kit 4.0 which is coming very soon as Beta. Porting Kit 4.0 does not need SIP disabled and is notorised and signed, so Catalina security ready :). Besides that Porting Kit 4.0 will be more stable and will have way more possibilities.

This video tutorial has been especially created because of the recent extra step of selecting the setup file which is recently required to prevent bugs of Catalina security. Enjoy the tutorial!

Porting Kit website…
Porting Kit help page….

Grand RPG sale on with up to 90% discount.

Grand RPG sale on with up to 90% discount.

With over a 180 with up to 90% discounted RPG games on sale, makes it another tempting weekend to get your wishlisted games :) I will name a couple of popular and high discounted ones starting with some native Mac games:

Like Baldur’s Gate Enhanced and Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced with 50% off. Then with the same discount we have Icewind Dale Enhanced (-50%), Devinity: Original Sin 2 and Tyrany: Gold Edition. Then to the more higher discount of 60% Pathfinder: Kingmaker Explorer and Pilars of Eternity and with  66% we have the Bards Tale IV! Then with even 75% some great classics as: Never Winternights Enhanced Edition and Torment Tides of Numenera and Wastlands 2! Those are just a few of many great classics with much discount.

Lets go to the games for which I have a port available in the Porting Kit database. I only name a few, if you doubt if I have a port for it in the database then search the Porting Kit database manual for the game. Lets start with of the least discounts of 49% off: The Temple of Elemental Evil! Then with 65% off Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2!  Then getting more serious with 75% of Dragon Age – Origins and the recent ported Shadow Run games: Shadow Run – Dragonfall and Shadow Run – Returns! Then finally in this promo post I present Ys 1 + 2 (-70%) and YS Origin with a very nice 75% off. Enjoy the sale!

Go to the Promo page with all the sales up here…

Portingkit update 3.0.42 and fix engines download Mojave and below.

Portingkit update 3.0.42 and fix engines download Mojave and below.

Original Wineskin Website down:
Porting Kit 3.0 got an update fixing a few things. It seems that the original Wineskin website is offline for a while which caused problems in Porting Kit downloading Wine Engines for Mac OSX Mojave and below. So if you had earlier a message “This engine is not available” then this problem has now been resolved with the latest version of Porting kit.

New Portingkit update enforced:
So make sure you update to the latest version. Porting Kit has enforced the update to Porting Kit, but check the version in “About porting Kit” that the version is 3.0.42. We are not sure how long the issue was present, but it might be over a month. So if you read this and you had this issue the past weeks, then please retry installing your game, because the prblem has now been resolved.

Porting Kit Legacy retires:
Porting Kit legacy has been there for a long time, but has been harder and harder to maintain and prevents further development for Catalina and up. Also because the usage of the app dropped wide under the 1 percent, so there are just very few people using it anyway. The Porting Kit Legacy app can still be downloaded, but will not be supported anymore. Also the big download link for Porting Kit legacy is gone, but is still available.

Porting kit 4.0 development is making process:
Progress of Porting Kit 4.0 (Works SIP enabled) is under heavy development and the basics are almost in place which means in not too long there will be a beta available which is especially interesting for Mac OS Catalina users :)

Check the new download page of Porting Kit up here…

Portingkit forum turned off for now because of spam, will be reopened with Porting Kit 4.0.

Portingkit forum turned off for now because of spam, will be reopened with Porting Kit 4.0.

Here a quick heads up. As you may have noticed, the forum has been a victim of massive spamming. It didn’t matter have massive the security was, it was a nightmare. There was lately an spammer making 100.000 forum posts!! That made us decide to turn off the forums because it was a nightmare to maintain it.

So tonight the forum will be turned off and if there are issues or questions please use the contact form so you can contact us instead of the forums. We will try to answer the emails as much and as fast as possible. The forums will be reopened with Porting Kit 4.0 and with a massive security to avoid the problems we had now. Porting Kit 4.0 is well underway and hope to have a first beta very soon.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates!

Portingkit bug Winetricks Fixed + new Portingkit version!

Portingkit bug Winetricks Fixed + new Portingkit version!

A quick heads up, in Porting Kit there seemed to be a bug recently with Winetricks. So if there was a specific game needed winetricks to work, most likely these games wouldn’t launch/start or function properly. This has been fixed yesterday. So if a specific port was not working recently after install, then make sure that you update Porting Kit now and retry.

Fixes and improvements in 3.0.38:

  • Fixed: App Translocation shouldn’t be automatically disabled in Catalina (because it can’t)
  • Fixed: Winetricks path fixed for Wineskin
  • Fixed: Added precaution to avoid setAppearance: exception
  • Fixed: Adding Catalina precautions while downloading and installing extra files, and while running installers
  • Fixed: Winetricks installation
  • Changed: Copyrights should be stored in the wrapper Info.plist file
  • Fixed: While copying the master wrapper, it should be cleaned from App Translocation issues

Portingkit 4.0 news:
Development of Portingkit 4.0 with loads of new features and possibilities and multi-platform is ongoing. Basic installations already works and we hope to give a sneak peak of the new version soon including the capabilities.

Porting Kit update 3.0.30 released!

Porting Kit update 3.0.30 released!

As you all may know we are working hard on Porting Kit 4.0 which will be completely rewritten and also has way much extra possibilities and features and is written in a multiplatform source-code which will make a Linux and even Windows version of Porting Kit possible. But before this New version can be released (within few months) we have Porting Kit 3.0 having some major bugs. So we made a few fixes past days and will do 2 more before the full focus will be on Porting Kit 4.0. Below the fixes implemented with version 3.0.30.

Properties window:
The update of 2 days back fixed the bug which could apply/save the “properties” window of an installed port (spacing).

Mac driver selection:
Another way important fix is that the X11 driver was selected at all times even when Mac Driver was set on the server side. In most cases Porting Kit would use the Mac Driver anyway, but in some cases brought up some bugs which could causes games not to function properly. That issue is fixed, and If you installed past 2 months a game and is not function very well I recommend to check (more –> wineskin tools –> open wineskin –> screen settings –> select the mac driver instead) and change it to Mac driver or reinstall the port.

Installer is not forced in forefront anymore:
Yes, it may have been annoying but Porting Kit forced the installer to the forefront which made it not possible to do something else (with good reason) because the installation process needs to be closed properly or there will not be a “play” button to start the game. So all Porting Kit Installer windows needs to be closed first. Sometimes an installer window still hides behind the Porting kit, so that’s why. But on the other hand some installers flicker (like Red Alert 2 ) when the window is forced to front. So that makes the installation a bit more responsibility of the user now to close it properly :)

Porting Kit should move itself to the Applications folder if App Translocation is happening:
Translocation is a real curse on the Mac, and cause of crashes and freezes and other bugs, so the best simple way is simply move the Porting Kit app to the Apps/application folder at all times.

Custom Exe’s Fixed:
Another recent bug was that you could run custom exe’s using the quick menu on the left of the library (local installed ports), but when you clicked it first and then on “play” it would only launch the main game (not the DLC/Setings/Custom exe). That has now been fixed :)

Now these bugs are fixed, full attention of development will now go to Porting Kit 4.0 instead of 3.0.

If you didn’t got the message for the update yet, then do it manually using Porting Kit top menu –> check for updates.

Check the release notes up here…

2 more video tutorials installing Red Alert 2 and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds in Porting Kit on Mac OS Catalina.

I made 2 more video tutorials while installing Red Alert 2 (frist Decade DVD version) into Porting kit in Catalina and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds ( version). The video shows also some basic install info of Porting Kit preventing unnecessary bugs and issues. In Porting Kit 4.0 those issues will not be there because then the app will be signed and noterised and some other stuff. All focus now is on PK 4.0 so we need to “live” with the existing bugs at the moment. If you have issues with Portingkit make sure to check this Porting Kit tutorial page…

The games work great and check them out :)