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Porting Kit 2.6 released!

Hey, hey, hey! Here is VitorMM! I’m here to talk with you about the new Porting Kit version: Porting Kit 2.6!! That may seem too soon since the last version was PK 2.5.61, however that’s a very special release. There were some small changes since 2.5.45, but PK 2.6 brings many changes!

1- As one of the most important changes, PK now has a requirements list, which check if your PK version is updated enough to use a certain feature. In that way, we are going to avoid problems with outdated PK versions, and created ports will always have the minimum needed to work.

2- Another improvement is that the DRM scripts now come from our server instead of being hardcoded in PK. In that way, we are capable of updating them in real time, and keeping ports that depend of DRMs always working. That should give an end to PK updates focused in making Origin or Uplay ports work again.

3- Also, PK 2.6 and its next versions have the intention of replacing Porting Center, so the Porting Kit now can also be used by WSI Developers to upload ports, now in the new extension, the WSI2. Eventually, Porting Center will be dropped, and the Porting Kit will be our only application. Only PK 2.6+ is capable of downloading and installing WSI2 files, but they will give us much more possibilities to improve PK ports.

4- And at last, PK 2.5.61 and PK 2.6 are the first PK versions to use our fourth server API, giving us more possibilities when showing the server list, so as soon as we can release Porting Kit Legacy 2.6, the oldest server API still active (our second) will be dropped, so every Porting Kit version before 2.4.205 will stop working. That also applies to our third server API, but that one should be kept for a longer time, giving everybody time to update.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

And in case you use macOS 10.6 or 10.7, get the Legacy version instead, right here…

Mass Effect Wrapper update!

Great news! The Mass Effect port got an update this weekend. I managed to fix the cut off conversations in the game :). Besides that I managed to get Mass Effect 2 working as well, so you can expect a release of that port as well! The WSI in Porting Kit is updated now, so if you install (or re-install when you already have the game installed) then the fix will be implanted!

– Fixed in-game cut-off conversations

Check the game page here… 

Porting Kit update 2.5.45

Porting Kit has regulaire updates with all kind of small fixes features. Most of the time we only put news posts on big releases or important bug fixes, and this time it’s because of important bug fixes. Because for the ones noticed, steam wrappers had some serious error messages, because of Winetricks and installer downloads which failed. This is fixed in the latest version, so make sure to update your Porting Kit to latest version! You can do that manually in the Porting Kit top menu. Tip to select the automatic update select box in preferences to always go with the flow :)

Important fixes:

  • Fixed: Debug mode now is only runnable for Wineskin ports (which is the only case where it works)
  • Fixed: Checksum errors shouldn’t appear if a file is only available in WebArchive
  • Fixed: Most Uplay ports should work again
  • Improved: PK should try to download a DRM installer three times before giving up

If you want to see the whole list of changes the past time, check here… SSL Secure! SSL Secure!

Two days ago the website looked really messed up for almost a day, this time the cause was some cache issues, because now is officially SSL secure! Yes, this to show the is save for all visitors :) If you still see the website messed up, then please clear your browser cache to see the website properly. In Firefox, Safari and Chrome you will notice the green “secure lock” now in front of the web-adres.

Enjoy browsing the secure website!

Crossover 16.2.0 released for Mac & Linux!

Crossover 16.2.0 released for Mac & Linux!

Crossover users attention please! There is a new update (v16.2.0) of Crossover waiting for you guys (Linux and Mac users). For the ones who don’t know, Codeweavers (the developers of Crossover) are the biggest contributors of the “Wine” project and makes it possible you can enjoy the Windows games in Porting Kit and Crossover.  Support the project by getting a copy of Crossover. Below you can find the important changes of version 16.2.0! Enjoy the new release!

  • Application Support:
    • CrossOver now supports Outlook 2013.
    • Bugs with Quicken updates have been fixed.
    • Connection issues with Outlook 2010 have been fixed.
    • Bugs activating Office 2013 in some circumstances have been fixed.
  • Wine Update:
    • CrossOver 16.2.0 includes the final release of Wine 2.0.
  • Performance Enhancements and Other Improvements:
    • We have made improvements to our Performance Enhanced Graphics which should improve performance with a variety of games.
    • Windowing behavior on macOS will be faster and more reliable in some circumstances, including cases where productivity-style applications make use of OpenGL.
    • Bugs with copy / paste have been fixed on macOS.

Check out the whole change log up here…

Website recovered from D-DOS Attack

Website recovered from D-DOS Attack

The past 16 hours was under a constant D-Dos attack which ended in a total block of traffic to by the hosting party. Luckily with the help of greengeeks support team we have cloudflare fully functional for the site so that gets more protected against these evil attacks.

We hope we can put a period of attacks behind us now and get into more calmer waters. Thanks for all the patience past day while we were working on fixing the issue.

Shadow Tactics Blades Of The Shogun released for Mac

Shadow Tactics Blades Of The Shogun released for Mac

Japan – Edo Period; 1620. Five highly specialized assassins fight for the Shogun in his war against conspiracy and rebellion. Take control of this deadly team and sneak through the shadows between dozens of enemies. Choose your approach when infiltrating mighty castles, snowy mountain monasteries or hidden forest camps. Set up traps, poison your opponents or completely avoid contact. You decide, in Shadow Tactics Blades Of The Shogun!

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Man O’ War: Corsair released for Mac

Man O' War: Corsair released for Mac

Do you like the Mount & Blade series? Do you like Sid Meier´s Pirates!? Are you a Warhammer Fantasy Fan? If you answer is “yes” more than once, you should seriously consider this game. It´s still early acces though and a bit rough around the edges. Updates will make it only better.

A captain in Man O’ War: Corsair can sail the coast of a huge continent in the Warhammer world. Visiting over 50 ports from Erengrad to Sartosa, the sea is yours to explore. A heroic adventurer does not only have enemy ships to contend with. The deep and unexplored oceans hold terrifying creatures that few see and live to tell the tale. These deadly creatures emerging from the deep sea will chill blood and drop jaws in equal measure. The wise would attempt to flee but those brave enough to tackle such creatures will be famed throughout the world. Watch the trailer up here…

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Spellforce Platinum for Mac

Spellforce Platinum for Mac

Spellforce Platinum for Mac was already added to Porting Kit, but had no Cross-Tie yet for Crossover, so that one is added now as well!

In their greed for a long forgotten power, thirteen of the most eminent mages of all time have caused the world of EO to tumble into chaos and destruction. Enter this world beyond imagination in an epic adventure spanning time and continents. Indulge yourself in a world full of magic, battles and adventure, where the courage of one may decide the destiny of many. Lead your armies through spectacular battles and experience thrilling adventures.

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Red Alert Wrapper update

Red Alert Wrapper update

I heard that Red Alert had some regular crashes, so I looked into it and was able to make it far more stable. Experienced no crashes yet at the moment (played 3 levels) for testing. Also it seemed that CNCnet had an update and needed an update for .net2.0 as well. Those two fixes combined made this update.

I also updated the Cross-tie for Crossover with automatic download and install of Red Alert. So that Crosstie will have exact same features as the Porting Kit has.

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