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Porting Kit developers needed!

Porting Kit developers needed!

We want you! Yes that’s right. To make Porting Kit more and more a free professional app, we need really your help. You love coding and want to help the Mac community to play more Windows games, Windows apps, or even games/apps which aren’t even possible to run on Windows anymore? Then we need you! We are only a few guys who invest their limited time and efforts into an amazing app to serve all Mac users to be able to play their favorite Windows games and apps on your Mac.

What do we seek? Someone who has skills for:
– Electron
– AngularJS
– LESS ( (LESS is the new of a CSS derived language)

If you have skills for 1 or multiple above and invest your talent into Porting Kit, then please contact Vitor using out contact form in Porting Kit.

What do we offer?
– A few more friends :D
– Ability to grow in your skills :)
– a physical or financial token of appreciation once in a while.
– A never ending gratitude  of an enormous group of Mac users who love to play their games/apps on their Mac

Please contact us when interested and want to invest in an amazing app with tons of potential. Many many thanks in advance!

Heart of China for Mac

You like old school adventures? Heart of China for Mac is in that case good news! From the breathtaking splendor of 1930 Asia, three strangers are about to set forste on and adventure that will span an entire continent. She is daughter of a ruthless American land baron, facing death somewhere in the lush mountains of central China. He is a down-on-his-luck pilot with only three days to rescue her.Relive this classic! You can get this DRM free Windows game on which you can install in Porting Kit to play it on your Mac. Have fun!

Game description Heart of China for Mac:
Together they will travel the crowded streets of Hong Kong, cross the blinding snowfields of the Himalayas and ride the fabled Orient Express… all on a journey of life, love and death that could only begin in the Heart of China. Their guide to freedom is a shadowy master of stealth and cunning from a far away land.

Install is Simple:
1. Get Porting Kit or Crossover if you don’t have it yet.
2. Then download the setup file from Heart of China from GOG (Remember to download the “offline backup setup files” into your download folder.
3. Then in Porting Kit search the game in the library –> server tab and click install.
4. After installation of the game, “exit” the GOG installer.
5. Click “Play” to start the game! Have fun!

Go to the Heart of China game page for more info up here…

Love the work we do? Become a Patron… and get extra Tiers!

Heart of China for Mac

Massive update action from Old wrappers from “X11” to “Mac driver”

Massive update action from Old wrappers from "X11" to "Mac driver"

Because of compatibility with Mojave and coming Catalina, there needs to be a Massive update of old ports to newer engines and change from “X11” screen handling to “Mac Driver”. This has some Pro’s and Cons, and that’s why I need to need your input as well. As you may have noticed I Have done the past week a Massive update action with over a 150 ports and I am only half underway, changing the input from x11 to Mac Driver + rechecking the setup file name (if changed) and the description (mentioning the “offline backup setup installer” for games).

Where do I need your help?
Because of the massive update of the games database to Mac driver, I cannot test all games again. That would take ages, and my time is already limited. Most games should work just fine with the update or even better (to much better)! But some games will have regressions as well (performance issues or even don’t launch). That part I need to know. If you run into issues (with a new port installation) that the game doesn’t run anymore, or has regressions, please let me know using contact form. Then I can take a look and do an update of that specific game (if I can fix it).

Other news is that we making last changes before a new update of Porting Kit with some fixes. Catalina OS support in Porting Kit is still in Progress and we are waiting for Codeweavers for their Catalina ready public Wine release.

Thanks again making Portingkit a better place.

Catalina OS 10.15.x update + other good news!

Catalina OS 10.15.x update + other good news!

Dear fellow Porting Kitters :) I have some great news at the Porting front. It looks like Codeweavers, with their Crossover 19 beta release have tackled the 32-bit/64-bit problem. They found a way to translate the 32-bit processes to 64-bit processes with as far as tested not much performance loss. This awesome news means that Porting Kit will “drive along” with this success when the final Crossover 19 release is there and the Engine is accessible for Porting Kit use. Even when that’s done, there might be some other challenges, but the main thing will be finally there. So if we are lucky we can start the new year with a fully Catalina ready Porting Kit where you can keep playing your 32-bit games in the latest Mac OS. If you can’t wait, you can get Crossover up here…  and use it along with Porting Kit when it’s Catalina ready. So when you want to keep using Porting Kit for the the time being, don’t update  to Catalina yet!! Only brought the good news :)

Other good news, we most likely found the bug causing the main exe found after having played a game for a while. Cause is in most cases that you got a pop-up about updating Wineskin to the latest version and when choosing “yes”, it caused the problem, when choosing no, you could keep playing. We are working on the fix, so in the next Porting kit release (coming really soon) that issue is addressed.  With this fix and others, Porting Kit will be a quite stable again.

Uplay ports updated to latest version of Uplay for best experience!

With joy I can report that all Uplay game ports has been updated to latest Uplay client for best game experience :) The following game ports has been updated:


New versions of game ports + more Wrapper fixes.

New versions of game ports + more Wrapper fixes.

The past week I have done a lot of game fixes and new game ports. I will mention first some game port fixes and new versions of existing game ports. Lets start with the game fixes shall we?

Seven Kingdoms ==> Fixed launch issue. Gave a white window and didn’t launch anymore because the game didn’t work with the Mac display driver.
Dark Reign + Expansion ==> fixed the “Main exe couldn’t be found”
Diablo + Hellfire ==> Launching of game more stable.

Then we have a bunch of versions of existing Game ports:
Secret Files – Tunguska
Secret Files 2
Secret Files 3
Lost Horizon
Hitman IV –  Bloodmoney

These new games are tested and optimized for Mojave. Enjoy the version of the games.

Steam client issues after Steam update + workaround

I love, why? It has offline installers. Yes they have GOG Galaxy, but they offer the offline setup files where we work with in Porting Kit. The Advantage? Not dependent on cliënt updates. Well, that exactly happened again with the Steam client. They change stuff which breaks things and voila, stuff is not working properly again. There has been 3 more times in the past where we had to do massive changes to make Steam games working properly again in Porting Kit.

The problem (now):
When you update your Steam client for an existing steam game port or installing a new Steam game port, you will be able to login, but the Steam window content will be black/or white… Menu’s are available, but the window content is black/white. As well for your library, the Steam Store, and other tabs.

The Workaround:
Luckily we found a few workarounds for this issue.  We start with the easiest one for the ones who have already a game installed and did the steam update. When you launch Steam you see in your top bar of your Mac screen a Steam bar icon. Right click it and select the game to launch it.

Or you can also use: “Small mode” using the “view” tab. Then it shows your library with the games you have.










The second solution counts also for new installed games:
It takes a bit extra effort, but this solution is allround. Go to te local port in porting kit after installation or when installed already. Then click “more” => “Wineskin tools” ==> “launch wineskin” => “advanced” ==> and there you find the info mentioned in the screenshot below until the text “sandbox”. The last part “-Applaunch xxxxx” is the part you need to add extra. For Age of Empires 2 HD for example that is “-applaunch 221380” (without quotes). You can find the app ID for your game in your browser when you go to the specific steam page for example:

So use the App ID number of the specific game to add the -applaunch flag. Make sure there is a space between the “sandbox” and the  “-applaunch” as mentioned in the screenshot. This last fix will result that when you launch the game/steam the first time, it will automatically come with the notification to install it. Accept it, and let it install the game. When installed, you can use the first fix mentioned using the Steam icon in top bar to launch it, or close steam and start it again using the play button. When you launch Steam, when the game is already installed, it will start the game instantly. When this issue is addressed in Wine, we will apply the fix in all the Steam game ports as well. We keep you informed!

Portingkit website technical issues! (Resolved!)

Edit: The Portingkit website is back online again and the Portingkit application should work properly again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Here a quick heads-up.  The website experiences some technical issues (ERROR 403 – Forbidden) since yesterday evening. We are working on the problem as we speak. The technical issues will also be experienced when installing new games from the database of the Porting kit application. So installing new games needs to wait until the problems are fixed.

In short, we keep you posted and hold on! :)

Great news!! There is hope in the horizon for Catalina OS (and successors) without need for using a Virtual Machine!

Great news!! There is hope in the horizon for Catalina OS (and successors) without need for using a Virtual Machine!

Dear fellow Porting Kit users. Here an update of the massive impact having change which Apple is gonna do changing from 32-bit to 64-bit only OS. As you have read in earlier posts, we were already looking for solutions to make Wine possible after the change to 64-bit only, but these were very complicated and had massive impact in the way of use of Porting Kit. All seemed to look dark and void and far away.

But there seems to be light in the horizon! Looks like the great Codeweavers team (Partner of Porting Kit/, also responsible for Crossover, has working on a Solution in Wine to still make it possible to run 32-bit games in Wine in a 64-bit only environment! Codeweavers made a blogpost about it here…. where they explain the progress and story around the whole issue with Catalina and 64-bit. But don’t upgrade just yet! I just want to point out the most important Wine part which Porting Kit use to run the games.

The changes required to overcome these challenges would entail changing behavior throughout Wine.  That would be an exceedingly large job if we attempted to do it manually. To pare that down by a lot, we rely on a tool that’s already central to governing Wine’s behavior: the compiler.  A compiler is a tool used by software developers to translate source code into the instruction byte sequences that CPUs can directly execute.  We have built a modified version of the standard C language compiler for macOS, Clang, to automate many of the changes we need to make to Wine’s behavior without pervasive changes to Wine’s source code.

First, our version of Clang understands both 32- and 64-bit pointers.  We are able to control from a broad level down to a detailed level which pointers in Wine’s source code need to be 32-bit and which 64-bit.  Any code which substitutes for Windows at the interface with the Windows app has to use 32-bit pointers.  On the other hand, the interfaces to the system libraries are always 64-bit.

There are places in Wine where it receives pointers to data from the system libraries and needs to pass that data along to Windows code.

This is a problem.  The Windows code won’t be able to handle the 64-bit pointers returned from the system libraries.  If we tried to just pass the pointer through as-is, the top 32 bits of the 64-bit pointer would be lopped off, resulting in a pointer that points to the wrong place.

So, we have to manually address such cases.  But first, we need to find them!  Doing so by poring over the code and considering each place where one pointer is copied to another would take way too long and be too prone to errors.  To that end, our version of Clang will flag such places in the code as errors during compilation, forcing us to fix them, but allowing us to be confident that the remaining code is correct.

Next, our Clang needs to recognize places in our code where 64-bit Wine code may need to call 32-bit Windows code, and vice versa.  It needs to compile our code in such a way that smooths that transition.  “Normal” Wine already had to do some of that, but this is much more extensive.  Our Clang generates “thunks”, small pieces of code which mediate a transition between two other pieces of code.  Where Wine’s 64-bit code needs to call 32-bit code from a Windows app, Clang generates a 64-bit-to-32-bit thunk.  Where Wine needs to provide an entry point for 32-bit Windows code to call what it thinks is a 32-bit Windows function, but which is actually implemented as a 64-bit function in Wine, Clang generates a 32-bit-to-64-bit thunk.  Those thunks manage switching between the two modes of the CPU.

With these tools (and some others), we have been able to make good progress!  But, unfortunately, not enough to be ready to release when Catalina is released.  Work continues!

So that’s awesome news indeed! The only thing is that we have to wait to have it finished. Until that time: Don’t update to Catalina yet! Ignore, postpone every notification to upgrade to Catalina for now. 

Portingkit and Wineskin fixes and Mac OS Catalina (64-bit only)!

Portingkit and Wineskin fixes and Mac OS Catalina (64-bit only)!

Since the unofficial Wrapper was integrated, there seems there have been some nasty bugs in Portingkit. Most of the problems were related on both sides having a few issues which ended up in some install failures. Most of them are now luckily fixed and Porting Kit is because of that much more stable now. Thanks to some good troubleshooting of Gcenx and Vitor, we have Portingkit way more where we want it to be.

Update upcoming 64bit only 10.15 Catalina:
Although the good news above, here also a status update of the coming of the new Mac OS 10.15 Catalina. We haven’t processed a lot yet because of lot’s work/business in out private lives. The first focus is a Linux version, which is in development, but is still in starting fase. So there is still lots of work to do. One thing is for sure, we will not make it when the New OS Catalina gets released. We will do our best to get a something “Virtual” around, but it will be quite later after the release of Catalina.

So if you still want to use Porting Kit after release of Catalina, make sure you turn off the the automatic update. Because if you update to Mac OS Catalina, 32bit will be totally dead and portingkit itself will open up fine, but the 32bit games will not launch anymore. “But if you create a 64bit engine, will the games then not work?” No because the games itself are still 32bit and calls one 32bit processes, which simply cannot be done anymore. Simply and plainly, Apple pulls the plug and it seems there is no way back…. So the advise!? Don’t update to OS Catalina if you love (older) games!!!