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About a 100 port fixes and adjustments!

About a 100 port fixes and adjustments!

Yes, that’s right, after getting some input about about a change in the register naming in Wine about “DirectDrawRendering” we had to make changes for many dozens of ports. This have been done yesterday including a lot of cosmetic and other changes in the ports. These changes were especially important for older games like, Pharaoh, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, some Star Wars Ports and many others. So if you experienced issues in running these games, then please reinstall the games again using your “offline backup setup files” from your game library.

All the ports which have been updated will have an “updated” badge. So please check if the game you recently installed and didn’t work, is working now after the change. Don’t hesitate to sent an e-mail when you have issues with running a game using the existing ports in the Porting Kit database.

New Porting Kit 4 Beta (4.0.50) release!

As you may know already, we are working hard on Porting Kit 4.0 Beta. We reached now version 4.0.50 and implemented so extra features and fixes. We want to move (copy) the best functionality and tools to Porting Kit 4 which are are already on Porting Kit 3.0. Options like the install mod/patch option, which with this release is added to Porting Kit 4 Beta. Check out the changes below for the full change log. The update will be done automatically from Beta version 4.40. So if you haven’t seen an update notification, please check you Porting Kit version and when your version is below 4.0.40 then redownload the PK 4 Beta from the Porting Kit website… 

– Added extra measure against GOG Galaxy installers
– App icons should be stored in separated files
– Adding CrossOver tab to the header
– Install Patch/Mod option added
– Button replacement to kill processes replaced with prompt
– PK4 shouldn’t randomly crash in case it’s running inside a read-only volume

When you run into bugs or issues contact us using the contact tab from Porting Kit 4.0. Enjoy!

News regarding Apple Silicon (M1 chips) Macs with Porting Kit and Big Sur.

News regarding Apple Silicon (M1 chips) Macs with Porting Kit and Big Sur.

This post will clear up some clouds about the recently developed situation with Apple Silicon (Macs with a M1 Chip/Non-intel). Last week Apple released their new line with Mac’s with the new M1 chips and since last week available in the Apple Store/Mac resellers. So many people bought these Macs because of their performance and other benefits. However! The raising question is, will Porting Kit and the games work these Macs with Apple M1 chip? 

The answer is “no” at the moment, and “yes” in the near future with the coming WS11WineCX20.0.2 Engine and Big Sur 11.1 (read 11.1 and not the active 11.0.1). How everything will work on these chips still needs be tested. What we do know is that Crossover will support it and while we are using the open source engines of it, it will work on Porting Kit too, but only with Big Sur 11.1. So if you have the 11.1 Beta, then only the WS11WineCX20.0.2 or higher engine is required. Due to some issues with the Basic WS11Wine20.0.0 Engines at crossover itself, we haven’t created an CX20 engine yet for the Porting Kit but WS11WineCX20.0.2 will be created for sure if not only for the Apple M1 Silicon Macs. This engine will be released soon. About the performance of the games on these Macs with M1 chips, we still need to test thoroughly, we do not know how every game will react on it using the Rosetta 2 emulation built into Big Sur.

If we read the report of Codeweavers, then it looks very promising, but not everything is “Alleluia” yet. Games may “Lag” and Codeweavers is working on finetuning the process. We from the Porting Kit Team will purchase an Mac Mini M1 Silicon Mac to test the games as well. We hope starting the testing within a few weeks because the Mac still needs to be ordered and we also need the CX20.0.2 Engine to be able to test it on Big Sur 11.1. We will start testing with the most popular games. We want to remind you all that playing all games on Apple M1 Silicon Macs is still a long road to go and if you were planning  to buy a new Mac and want to be certain to play your games, maybe buying an Intel Mac to get through the coming years (while we work on supporting Apple Silicon in Porting Kit), isn’t the worst idea.

Eventually Apple will also drop support for “Rosetta 2” within a few years, and then Codeweavers need to find a different solution which is most likely the Hangover project which seems to be on it’s way, but still a lot of work in process.

Conclusion, yes a lot is going on, and we might be a bit optimistic, but there is a lot of work which still needs to be done. Stay tuned on the blog for updates about this and the release of the WS11WineCX20.0.2 engine.

Sea Dogs  – City of Abandoned Ships port update!

I got an e-mail about a crash bug in Sea Dogs  – City of Abandoned Ships. When investigating I found out that this had to so with a custom (WS9) engine which is not compatible for Catalina OS 10.15+. So we applied the “wine patch” in a custom WS11 engine so the crash won’t happen on Catalina 10.15.x+ anymore. We are happy that this game is now also Catalina/Big Sur and higher proof :) So if you own the game, then install it in the updated port in the Porting Kit game library, and enjoy the game!

– New custom WS11 engine so the game will work now on Catalina OS 10.15.x and up

Go to the porting Kit game page here… 

Call to Power 2 port update!

I saw that there was a bug for the game Call to Power 2 for Catalina OS/Big Sur+ (uses 32->64 WS11 engine). So I checked it out and fixed the problem. The game wouldn’t launch with the WS11 engine because of regressions, but as mentioned fixed that issue. so if you own the and you ran into issues, then please reinstall the game using the new port update in the Porting Kit game library.

– Fix regression for WS11 Engines. Will work now on Catalina OS 10.15.x and up

Go to the porting Kit game page here… 


New Porting Kit 4.0 Beta (4.40) with auto update feature!

Yes finally, great news! As promised the Porting Kit 4.0 update with automatic updates feature from now on! So make sure you have this “4.40” version and you will be updated automaticly from now on! This process will be done automatically, so there is no “check for updates” (yet). Beside that great feature also the maintenance mode is now visible in Porting kit 4.0, so you cannot install for example the Origin Source because the port is in maintenance/not working temporarily at the moment.

New Features:
– Automatic update feature
– Maintenance mode visible now

Get this new critical up from the download page up here…

Porting Kit 4.0 public Beta 2 is out!

Porting Kit 4.0 public Beta 2 is out!

Edit 1-11-2020 —> We managed to fix the advanced issue bug! We hear good sounds now that it is finally fixed. Please let us know in the comments.

You can download the updated PK4 Beta on the Porting Kit download page up here…


Edit 1-11-2020 —>  advanced bug has been partly resolved. We are working hard to resolve that bug. It also doesn’t seems to be for everyone. We really advice to use PK 3.0 next to the PK 4.0 beta in the meanwhile until we resolve the bug.


You probably have seen it when launched the Porting Kit 4.0 Beta today. A message that your Beta is out of date, but when you click update, nothing happens. Yes that’s right, Porting Kit 4.0 has no automatic update function yet, so you have to redownload the new beta manually from the download page… or directly here…

– Fix for “advanced greyed out” issue.

It seemed a lot of people were experiencing an issue where they couln’t advance through the “advanced” part because it was greyed out. This was caused by an authorization window which asked for access to the desktop. However, this window was or not coming, or accidently set to no, which caused again that you couldn’t advance as well. This as been addressed and shouldn’t appear there anymore.

Link Collor bug after installation.
Another small bug was that in cases after instalaltion of a port, the links in the port description turned darkblue instead if light blue.

Fix wineprefix fail.
Another bigger bug which also seems to appear in Porting Kit 3 for some people: is the wine prefix creation part, It could hang there for ages for some people. This should be addressed too now.

We hope to have the automatic update feature in the Beta very soon, but untill that time, you need to manual download the latest version of the Beta from the Porting Kit download page.

Get your latest beta up here…

Porting Kit 4.0 Public Beta Release!

Finally! after many months a completely revamped, build from scratch in Electron we present Porting Kit 4.0 public Beta release!! We will sum up the changes below:

  • Completely revamped and build from scratch in Electron!
  • Completely Apple Signed and Noterised (secure and adjusted to Mac OS)
  • No more need for disabling SIP, it will will work with SIP enabled so your Mac will be secure.
  • Wineskin beta is used now with it’s many fixes and features like the fix for high CPU usage of the wineskin launcher.
  • Cross platform because of Electron and Linux version will be introduced in the near future.
  • Makes many intelligent features possible like: Chat, Multiplayer LAN option (VPN), automatic Wrapper updates, and so on!!
  • And many other stuff :D

Porting Kit 4.0 is extremly advised in Mac OS Catalina 10.15.x and Big Sur 16.x/11.0. But it’s also advised for Mojave and lower, but when running into issues for these older Mac OS versions, you can switch back to Porting Kit 3.0.

Porting Kit 4.0 is in public beta, and may contain a few bugs. A few small bugs are known and will be fixed soon in the next public Beta. Because it’s a beta we love feedback if you run into technical issues in the usage of Porting Kit. Port related things can always be reported seperatly.

I made a video tutorial of the simple installation and usage of Porting Kit 4.0 Beta. Enjoy and download the new beta right now up here….!!!!

Crossover 20 released!

Great news! Crossover 20 is out! It has a lot of improvements (Wine 5,0) and even promises Directx11 support! This is something Porting Kit cannot offer yet because Crossover uses DXVK 1.5.2 including with some aditional patches which Porting Kit does not have (yet). I am not sure which Directx11 games work, but you will find out yourself soon enough. So even if you only want to support the Wine project, I really recommend you Crossover 20 the rest is a massive bonus. They have a total new branding as well. Check out the change log below.

20.0.0 CrossOver – October 13, 2020

  • Core Technology Improvements:
    • Allow application ranking within CrossOver.
    • CrossOver 20 includes Wine 5.0, with 3,400 improvements, and selected patches from recent Wine with benefits to many popular applications.
    • Revise branding and visual appearance.
  • Chrome OS:
    • Dedicated support for Chrome OS using containers.
  • macOS:
    • Support Big Sur (macOS 11).
    • Improve support for Steam and Steam games.
    • Support for DirectX 11 games.
  • Linux:
    • Allow CrossOver to upgrade itself.
    • Refresh distribution support.

Get Crossover with 30% Discount using the “portingover” promocode up here… 

Porting Kit 3.0 update + PK 4.0 Beta news!

Porting Kit 3.0 update + PK 4.0 Beta news!

A quick heads up regarding PK 3 and the the PK 4.0 Beta. Things are going fast and before you know it it’s the end of the year and Big Sur will be released. Well about Porting kit 3.o we had an update 3.0.49 fixing a few things. see below.

  • Fixed: Contact Us tab should work in macOS 10.15+
  • Removed: Error message in macOS 10.15.4+
  • Added: Method that replaces engine in case it’s needed

For the Porting Kit 4.0 alpha we are at 4.0.15 and we are almost there for a beta release to the public. We are getting e-mails with people who are eager to get their hands on it, and I have to say, they are absolutely right. Although it still doesn’t contains all the features as PK 3.0 has, its a neat, and clean and especially, Apple singned and noterised, SIP enabled ready, which makes it also secure, and working without the need of doing all kind of extra stuff. And yes, its about a week or 2 away for public release! More info about the extra features will be revealed on the public beta release!