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Blackhole for Mac

Blackhole for Mac

BLACKHOLE for Mac is an award-winning hardcore platformer with over 15 hours of story-driven sci-fi comedy and gravity-twisting puzzles. BLACKHOLE includes the free Challenge Vault DLC.

When the crew of the spaceship Endera is sucked into a black hole, it seems like the end. Fortunately, the ship crashes on Entity – an unidentified object resembling a planet. After the crash, the first member to wake up is the guy who makes coffee for the crew – you! There’s no one around and your only ally is Auriel, the ship’s computer’s sarcastic A.I. Together, you’ll need to come up with a plan to fix the spaceship, save the others and become heroes of planet Earth by closing the black hole once and for all. It won’t be an easy task, because the mysterious caves, lost cities, towering mountains and deep forests are full of tricky, gravity-defying puzzles and deadly traps.

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Odallus The Dark Call for Mac

You like good old platform games? Then I have some good news: Odallus The Dark Call for Mac is added to Porting Kit! Works perfectly! You do need to set v-sync “on” in the game launcher to avoid screen-tearing, but then it works native Windows! Enjoy!

The old gods have forgotten this land. No one could save our people when darkness started spreading and collecting human souls for its army. Odallus is a classic exploration/action game, inspired by Ghosts’n Goblins, Demon’s Crest and Castlevania. Player takes place of Haggis, a warrior tired of fight who must wield his sword once more to rescue his son from Darkness.

•    Eight levels open to exploration
•    Stunning 8-bit graphics
•    Dark fantasy atmosphere
•    8+ hours of gameplay
•    50+ types of enemies

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

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odallus the dark call for mac

Worms Revolution for Mac

Good news for the Worms fans! Worms Revolution for Mac is added to Porting Kit! The games worms great on even my low-end Intel HD 5000 gfx card Macbook Air. The game port includes the Windows Steam install so you can add the serial after login into the Windows Steam. Then it’s a matter of downloading and play! Have fun!

Worms Revolution is the latest game in the classic turn-based strategy series to come to the PC, featuring exciting new features and beautiful 3D graphics whilst retaining the classic 2D gameplay that fans love. Choose to play the extensive single player mode which features both campaign and puzzle missions or dive straight into multiplayer warfare via online or local play. For the first time ever see the inclusion of dynamic water, physics objects and worm classes! Customise your experience by choosing what classes you play with, what they look like and even how they speak!

  • Class Acts! Choose from 4 different classes: Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy. Players can unlock a total of 16 worms (4 of each class) to form their teams. It’s possible to take any combination of classes into a match.
  • Customize Your Worms! Customize your worms using a variety of hats, glasses, moustaches, gravestones, victory dances, soundbanks, and for the first time ever, trinkets!
  • Extensive Single Player Mode. Battle your way through 32 single player campaign missions. Fancy exercising your brain as well as your brawn? There are 20 puzzle missions waiting for you!
  • Includes a Level Editor. Create new environments for you worms to battle in and destroy.
  • Stunning New Landscapes. Fight to the death across 4 unique environments: Beach, Sewer, Farmyard and Spooky.
  • Multiplayer Battles! Experience local or online battles with up to 4 players. Choose from 3 different game modes: Deathmatch, Forts or Classic mode.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

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Worms Revolution for mac

Rayman Legends for Mac

Tonight another Uplay game added to Porting Kit! With Rayman Legends for Mac you will have tonnes of Platform fun! Rayman Legends is the sequal of Rayman Origin. If you liked that game, then Rayman Legends will be definitly a welcome suprise in your game collection!

Michel Ancel, the celebrated creator of Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil and the Raving Rabbids, returns to unleash his innovative creativity on this new entry into the Rayman franchise. Rayman, Barbara, Globox and the Teensies discover a mysterious tent filled with a series of captivating paintings. As they look more closely, they notice that each painting seems to tell the story of a mythical world. While focusing on a painting that shows a medieval land, they are suddenly sucked into the painting, entering its world, and the adventure begins. The gang must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day and discover the secrets of every legendary painting.

  • 4-Player Co-op Gameplay: up to 4 players can play at once. At any time if someone wants to leave or join in,
    the game will continue without interruption.
  • Auto-Murfy mode: A specific button on the controller allowing you to give orders to Murfy as you continue playing
    with your classic characters (Rayman or any of his friends).
  • Online Challenges: Connect with your friends through a variety of challenges that will test your skill and speed.
    Check the leaderboards to see where you rank around the world.
  • Rayman Rocks!: Jump to the beat of a drum, punch to the bass line, even zip-line during a guitar sustain.
    Timing and rhythm are the key to beat these maps set to music. See if you have what it takes to become a Platforming Hero.
  • 3D Boss Battles: The bosses have a big advantage over Rayman’s gang… an extra dimension! Dragons and other epic creatures can attack from all angles, so you’ll have to be on top of your game to defeat them.
  • UbiArt Engine Advancements: The UbiArt engine has expanded its abilities to now include 3D gameplay elements, a new lighting design, and a new rendering system which take Rayman’s award-winning graphics to the next level.
  • The Award-Winning Team Is Back: The legendary team of decorated artists, designers and composers are teaming up again to create new worlds, new characters and a new soundtrack.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

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Rayman Legends for Mac

Mega Man Unlimited added to Porting Kit!

Good news for the Mega Man fans among us. Mega Man Unlimited has been added to Porting Kit! This free fanmade game created by MegaPhilX, is working wonderful in the Porting Kit and will automaticly download and install the game. Have fun!

Megaman Unlimited is a Megaman fan-game in the classic 8-Bit NES style both in sound and visuals. It is similar to Megaman 3 and Megaman 9-10 in design philosophy. MMU is made by fans for fun. It is not related to the official series’ canon. We are not making money with this project, as the Megaman brand is the property of Capcom.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

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Hydorah and Maldita Castilla added to Porting Kit.

Great news! Two free games of games are added to Porting Kit and work just perfect :) I talk about Hydrorah and Maldita Castilla. Both games are good old classic games. One a horizontal space plane shooter and the other an oldschool platform arcade game. Really worth to check out. Have fun! The new game pages on Porting Kit can be found here… and here…

Hydorah: An evil force launched an invasion over the Omios star. Equip your ship, select a route and fight planet by planet against hordes of meroptians. Biomechanical enemies, space creatures, dangerous landscapes and climatic threats are waiting for you.

Maldita Castilla: The lament of a young witch has been turned into a key for demons into this world. Take on the King’s mission and guide Don Ramiro through the cursed lands of Tolomera in order to expel the evil that entered the Kingdom of Castile!

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

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Trials Legends for Mac!

Another nice free game added to the Porting Kit! You liked Trials 2 SE which is added to the Portingkit already? Then this free Trials Legends will be a nice add-on to that game as well! Revisit the history of Trials in Trials Legends, a new, free PC game that recaptures the classic gameplay of the original web and PC-based Trials experience from 2000 to 2005.

Trials Legends reprises 33 classic tracks from the early days of years 2000–2005 of Trials, and includes six bike models, 15 ranks to achieve, local scoreboards, a track creator, and a short history of RedLynx Trials games. The tracks are based on courses from Trials Basic, Trials Pro, Trials Construction Yard, and Trials Mountain Heights – games originally released between 2000 and 2005 as free-to-play online Java games and small PC games.

For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

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Free Gametop Game: Spoiler Alert for Mac!

Spoiler Alert is a fun platform game where you play the game in reverse. The game is normally priced $3 on Steam, but GameTop offers it free on the Mac using the Portingkit without any trials, payments, no malware/virus, no toolbars, no in-game ads or what so ever!!

When you pick this game up, it has already been beaten. The big bad boss is defeated, the coins are collected and the princess has been rescued. Why, oh why? Unraveling this mystery takes you through the entire game, from the last level to the first. You must uncollect the coins, revive the enemies and avoid nasty time paradoxes. In other words, you must uncomplete the game by playing it backwards.

Everything in this game is so familiar, yet so different and new. You have played it a thousand times before, and at the same time, you have never tried anything like it.

The game should work on all Mac configurations, and I tested the game for about 4 levels without any problems. The Portingkit will automatically download and install this game for you. Simple as that. For the basic instructions for the usage of the Portingkit, go here…

Get the Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Gex for the Mac!

Another cool new port added to the Portingkit: Gex! Played a level and works just fine on even my lowend Intel HD macbook air. Gex is a good old platform game from Microsoft.

His uncle modeled for a yuppie shirt logo, his Dad blew up in a NASA rocket, his busy Mom raised him in front of the tube. Meet GEX – a wisecracking gecko with a major attitude. With his blazing tongue, battering tail, and sharp wit, this outrageous reptile is ready to kill TV and movie rejects in a sidesplitting game of awesome intensity!

I added the game into the Portingkit and you can play the game on your Mac. For the basic instructions for the Portingkit installation go here…

Get the free Portingkit if you don’t own it yet up here…

Terraria released for Mac!

Some good news for the Terraria fans, because this game is released for Mac now! So if you have the game already on and it dind’t worked for you before with your low-end Mac, then this is your chance to play it after all. When you own the game on, then you can download the Mac version from your game library up there. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you haven’t got the game yet and you want to play the native Mac version, then get it here…