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Yes no it’s time to buy the games you wishlisted! With as staring sale of 80% off: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! But this is just the top of the iceberg, over 2500 games are on sale. Go to and browse to the sales or check your wishlist for the discounts of your favorite games! This is the time to get your game collection in your posesion. Use for the windows games which are in the Porting Kit 4 game database to install it and play it on your Mac! Happy shopping!

Go to the GOG website up here…

Worms Armageddon wrapper update! Fixed for Catalina 10.15.x and above and now also fullscreen!

Great news for the Worms fans. While the Mojave OS users could only play the game windowed and When you even had Catalina 10.15.x or Big Sur, you couldn’t play the game at all! Now, you can play this game again full screen and on Catalina and Big Sur! This was the fix you were waiting for! Enjoy this one!

Simply install the game using Porting Kit by searching the updated game on the library tab in Porting Kit. Make sure you downloaded the offline backup installer of Worms Armageddon from you account game library. Oh, and if you don’t own the game yet? It has at the moment 50% discount!

– Full screen fix
– Compatible now for Catalina 10.15.x and 11.x Big Sur!

go to the porting Kit game page up here…

Weekend sale with up to 90% discount!

Weekend sale with up to 90% discount! has another cool weekend slae with up to 90% discount! With loads of native mac games and lots of Windows games for which we have a port available in the Portingkit database!

Lets start with some native Mac games. We have for example: Valhalla Hills with a 90% discount or Grand ages Medieval  with an 80% discount. Or if you like RPG then maybe Rezrog (-70%) might be something for you. Or if you like simulation, then Project Highrise (-60%) and Project Mars (-66%), might be very interesting as well.

Then for the game ports available in the database, oh boy, o boy, good news for the citybuilder/strategy games lovers, because we have, the Caesar series, and Pharao + Cleopatra, Zeus + Poseidon and Empire of the Rising Sun which are also tested and working in Big Sur in discount with 50% discount. But those are only a few! I am not even talking about rollercoaster Tycoon, Locomotion, Tropico series and Patrican….yes, lots of good old strategy games are now in discount. So why waiting, and click on the link below to see the whole sale!

Check out the whole sale up here…

Serious Sam – 1st Encounter free for 48 hours + 1500+ deals with up to 91% discount!

Serious Sam - 1st Encounter free for 48 hours + 1500+ deals with up to 91% discount!

Great news! Serious Sam – 1st encounter is temporairly free (48 hours) on on! And while you there anyways, if you have some games on your wishlist and want to buy those cheap, check out the discount for you games, because there is a good change that it has a high discount at the moment in the 1500+ deals sale which is going on at

When you grabbed the free Serious Sam – 1st encounter, use porting kit to install the game on your Mac and play this classic. Oh, and when you have an issue with one of the games in the database on Catalina OS 10.15.x, always let me know so I can take a look and fix the issue.

Go to the page to check out the sale up here…

Grand RPG sale on with up to 90% discount.

Grand RPG sale on with up to 90% discount.

With over a 180 with up to 90% discounted RPG games on sale, makes it another tempting weekend to get your wishlisted games :) I will name a couple of popular and high discounted ones starting with some native Mac games:

Like Baldur’s Gate Enhanced and Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced with 50% off. Then with the same discount we have Icewind Dale Enhanced (-50%), Devinity: Original Sin 2 and Tyrany: Gold Edition. Then to the more higher discount of 60% Pathfinder: Kingmaker Explorer and Pilars of Eternity and with  66% we have the Bards Tale IV! Then with even 75% some great classics as: Never Winternights Enhanced Edition and Torment Tides of Numenera and Wastlands 2! Those are just a few of many great classics with much discount.

Lets go to the games for which I have a port available in the Porting Kit database. I only name a few, if you doubt if I have a port for it in the database then search the Porting Kit database manual for the game. Lets start with of the least discounts of 49% off: The Temple of Elemental Evil! Then with 65% off Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2!  Then getting more serious with 75% of Dragon Age – Origins and the recent ported Shadow Run games: Shadow Run – Dragonfall and Shadow Run – Returns! Then finally in this promo post I present Ys 1 + 2 (-70%) and YS Origin with a very nice 75% off. Enjoy the sale!

Go to the Promo page with all the sales up here…

Weekly Sale: INDIE GEMS UP TO 90% OFF

Weekly Sale: INDIE GEMS UP TO 90% OFF started today there Weekly sale with up to 90% discount of especially native Mac games and some Windows games for we have ports available in Porting Kit. We will name couple of the Natave Mac games and end with a few Windows games for we have ports in the database. Shall we?

Lets begin with a very popular one like Disco Alysium with a nice discount of -25%. But yes you are right, let’s talk big discounts like 75% to 90%! Alright there we go: Steamworld Dig with (75% off) and good old Bastion or Pinstripe (-80%). Now let’s go to even higher discounts like to popular State of Mind with 85% discount, and with the final blow of 90% off: The Deponia series: Deponia, Deponia 2 and Deponia 3 and Deponia 4!

Yes, namely Mac native Mac games this week promo, but hold on, we still have 2 Windows games for we have a Port available in Porting Kit: Torchlight with 70% off and Forager with a reasonable 33% discount!  Both of the games are testing and working in Catalina OS 10.15.x as well. For those 2 counts that you need to download the “offline backup setup file(s)” from your game library into your download folder and use portingkit to install them so you can play them on your Mac. Oh and yes…still SIP disabled for now. Enjoy!

Check out the whole sale up here…

The grand finale of GOG.COM’s Summer Sale goes supernova with the Hitman: Absolution giveaway!

The grand finale of GOG.COM’s Summer Sale goes supernova with the Hitman: Absolution giveaway!

The grand finale of GOG.COM’s Summer Sale goes supernova with the Hitman: Absolution giveaway, 7 game demos, and over 3000 deals up to 95% off!

Start your visit to the galaxy of games by redeeming Hitman: Absolution for free on the front page of GOG.COM before June 15th, 1 PM UTC.

Get the best deals on our recent DRM-free releases of  Supreme Commander Gold Edition (-80%), Supreme Commander 2 (-75%) ( source of Supreme commander series will be added to PK very soon).

The Summer Sale ends on June 15th, 1 PM UTC.

Go to the sale page with all the massive promos up here… Summer sale 27.May – 15.June up to 95% off! Summer sale 27.May - 15.June up to 95% off!

It’s bin a long time I made a post about a massive promo. Well until 15th of June there is a massive sale going on on with discounts up to 95% off! Get there native Mac games, or Windows games we have in the Porting Kit database which you can use to port to your Mac!

3000+ gaming deals
The Summer Sale on GOG.COM contains over 3000 stellar deals with discounts reaching up to 95% off. Start by shaping the matter of space to your will by building your own publisher bundles and unlocking additional discounts. Get an additional 5% off from your order when buying three games from a bundle or an additional 10% off from your order when buying 5 or more games. Rules of physics apply here, so when you already own some of the games from the bundle, they also count towards your extra discount!

Take a look at the sale up here… to get your wishlisted games way cheap :) Wintersale and Wastland 2 free for 48 hours! Wintersale and Wastland 2 free for 48 hours!’s Wintersale has started!! This does not only mean games for a bargain, but also the game Wasteland 2 free of charge for 48 hours!

See press release below:

It doesn’t matter if you can see the white caps of snow outside or if you are spending the holidays in a tropical paradise, the time has come for the annual Winter Sale on GOG.COM! Along with it, arrives a sleigh of great offers for DRM-free games, completion bundles, and freebies!

Start your visit on the front page by claiming a free copy of Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Digital Classic Edition. It’s the successful sequel to the first-ever post-apocalyptic tactical RPG created by now legendary game designer Chris Avellone. The game comes with a serial key for the original Wasteland from 1988 as a bonus goodie, so you get two games with just one click. This giveaway lasts until December 13th, 2 PM UTC.

Make sure you don’t miss any sales up here… and buy your wishlisted games cheap :)

Spring Sale on with 600 titles up to 90% off!

Spring Sale on with 600 titles up to 90% off! made a press release that their Springsale has started! This means up to 90% off on many Native Mac games and Windows games for which we have a port available in Porting Kit. So this is the chance to get games cheap and if you want to check out the Porting Kit and don’t want to spent much on it, then this is the time! Over 600 deals up to 90% off are involved. Enjoy!

Daily Flash Deals are back! More than 600 deals up to 90% off!
Green-spirited Spring Man thaws prices as he warms up GOG.COM’s servers with his sunny disposition. DRM-free digital store starts its Spring Sale with exciting daily Flash Deals and over 600 deals up to 90% off. 

Flash Deals are back with 24h discounts that bring you the best offers on selected titles. The first batch of games include Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (-60%), Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (-75%), Mages of Mystralia (-70%), Wizard of Legend (-40%), and Caesar 3 (-35%) with the next deals coming on Friday, 2 PM UTC.

Feel the spirit of Spring while playing the brightest role-playing gems like The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep (-20%), Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire (-34%), Kingdom Come: Deliverance (-50%), Tower of Time (-50%) or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY (-70%). Test your wits in outstanding strategy games including BATTLETECH (-40%), Surviving Mars (-40%), Stellaris and its DLC’s (up to -75%), Railway Empire (-50%), XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack (-80%), and more.

Embark on thrilling adventures in blockbuster titles like Darksiders III (-30%), Dead Space (-75%), Brother’s in Arms series (-75%), Mafia III (-75%), and many more. Or discover unique indie games for the likes of This is the Police 2 (-25%), FoxTail (-45%), Dead Cells (-20%), Hollow Knight (-34%) or Megaquarium (-30%).

Spring Sale will last until March 28th, 11PM UTC.