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Pushover Remake for Mac!

There are a lot of game remakes around. A remake should be only be made if it is really giving the feeling of playing the original game again. A lot of remakes are just junk and even destroys the good old sentiment of the specific game.  The Pushover remake doesn’t, and is one of those remakes which are just perfectly done by the developer, which is in this case IshiSoft. So, a big thanks to them who made this game freely available so I could port it to the Mac! Have fun!

Simply download the Wrapper  below –> Extract and play!

his crossover between puzzle, action and strategy was first released for Commodore Amiga, but was later on also released for Atari, DOS and SuperNES. This remake is just as cool as the original. If you were into it back in ’92, then you must not skip this one. If you’ve never played it, then this is your chance!

Download the free full game Wrapper up here…

Megaman Evolution for Mac!

For the Megaman fans I have some good news. I ported a free remake of the game called Megaman Evolution. This makes it two Megaman games on this site, next to Megaman Unlimited. Mega Man Evolution is a fan-made game, as the name says. You fight against robots who want you dead. Otherwise, the game is in the typical Mega Man arcade style. Below a video with some game-play.

Simply download the Wrapper and extract and play! The game is in Windowed mode (960×720 resolution), but you can change the resolution in-game to a smaller one if you like that more.

Download the Wrapper with the game pre-installed up here…

The Goonies Remake for the Mac!

Goonies was back in the time one of the best MSX games around, and this Remake is just awesome and put the game in a modern Jacket. This game would easily fit in an indie game which could be on sale on Steam or in and beat many junk platform games for which I wonder why the heck there are released anyhow? Well, this remake of the Goonies is freeware, so enjoy this game and a big hand for Braingames which made this game possible to play on PC and now on Mac using this game port! Feel free to check out the trailer to see what I am talking about. Enjoy!

This remake of the 1986 MSX classic by Konami was made by BrainGames. The game is based on the movie “The Goonies” and also features the soundtrack by Cindy Lauper. In this game you play Sloth and you are to rescue all of the Goonies and find the treasure.

Simply download and extract the Wrapper and double-click the Wrapper to play!

Download wrapper up here…

Donkey Kong Craze (Remake) for Mac!

Remember Donkey Kong 1 + 2 Remake on the Nintendo? Now play it on your Mac! Choose between a classic Donkey Kong remake, with all the original levels or Donkey Kong Kong 2! A game-play video you will find here below. Enjoy and have a great mothers day!

The Donkey Kong Craze game has been developed by the Acoders team as a sequel for the classic game featuring pretty much the same speeds and jumps, animations etc. to make it as faithful as possible to the original release. The game also includes scenes from the unofficial sequel called Donkey Kong 2: Jumpman Returns to give the avid players a taste of what’s going to come.

Get this amazing free game on the game page here…

Wings of Fury Remake

Here another cool Remake! Remember Wings of Fury on the Amiga/DOS/Commodore 64/Gameboy?  There seems to be a free remake from Bullet Software for the game! Now play it on your Mac using my game port! Check out the game play in the video below to refresh some good old memories.

It is 1944 and the world is at war. Europe is ablaze with a conflict that engulfs her like the flames of hell, leaving a path of destruction wherever it burns. The Far East, too, is being consumed by a furious struggle for dominance. In the Pacific theater, the allies face an enemy possessed of great skill and a relentless determination. As the tide begins to turn in favor of the allies, the enemy struggles ever more desperately to maintain the footholds it had gained earlier in the war.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

Knights & Merchants Remake for the Mac!

Many fans of the game requested the port for the Remake of the game Knights & Merchants. So I checked it out tonight! It seemed that both games didn’t work proper with the same engine so I was tweaking around until I found out that the remake seems to work fine without the original game installed (doh!)! So I made a full download port for the fans! So where are you waiting for?!

Simply download the remake Wrapper from the game page and extract and play! Check out the trailer below for the game-play and features of this remake!

Go to the game page for the Wrapper up here…

Turrican Remake for the Mac!

And the remakes are falling as meteors from the sky! Today a remake of a good old Amiga classic: Turrican! Remember Turrican on the Amiga? There is a free remake (T2002) for it now for Windows by Pekaro Software. The remake looks amazing and has many extras! Now play it again on your Mac! Check out the video below of the remake to refresh your memory of the game.

T2002 is a Windows and Game Boy Advance remake of the famous C64/Amiga game Turrican featuring original graphic, sound and music by courtesy of original producer Factor5 and composer Chris Hülsbeck. The first level resembles the original. After that we provide completely new levels. Can you beat our infamous alien level?

Get the full game Wrapper from the new game page here…