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Mosby’s Confederacy for the Mac!

As John Singleton Mosby, one of the Civil War’s most interesting and dynamic leaders, you are charged not with leading vast armies into battle, but with commanding small bands of skirmishers, scouts and guerilla fighters on opportunistic missions to scout, ambush, steal supplies and harass a larger and better armed force of Union soldiers, in this game of turn based strategy and real time tactical combat.  Mosby’s Confedracy is available on Shinyloot, and then after purchase simply follow the video Instructions to play the game.

Missions and their objectives are randomized, so you’ll need to approach each game differently, carefully planning your strategy for success. You draw your soldiers from local towns, then through hard won battlefield experience transform them into fighting men “ scouts, cavalry, rangers and riflemen. Between battles you’ll invest in local towns, so they can serve as field hospitals, stables and munitions caches, helping to keep your forces fit and able to fight, and remain confident and supportive of your ongoing efforts, by willingly supplying men to fight for your cause – and as the war rages on this becomes increasingly challenging.

Download the wrapper from the gamepage up here…

Reversion Chapter One: The Escape for the Mac!

I got 5 games ports in the queue but because of some more issues under the hood (I cannot add/upload screenshots at the moment for example) I will post one for tonight.

You know Brokensword? Then you might like Reversion as well! The cool thing is that the first Chapter “The Escape” is free of charge! Just as the fan remake of Broken Sword 2.5 which is free as well. Another great thing about the game is that you can choose out of 7 languages! Spanish, English, Portugese, French, Italian, German and even in Chinese! So many people can play the game into its native language. The smart thing of the developers is to release 2 chapters. One free (this one) and the second part “The meeting” which is $5,99 on Shinyloot and for which will be a port available as well. So where are you waiting for? Chech out the trailer below for the gameplay.

You wake up in a hospital with no memories… You are in Buenos Aires in year 2035 and the city is under the control of a military organization. Suddenly, you realize that your life is in danger and that you need to escape as soon as possible. What are you going to do?

Get the free game wrapped up here…

Free game: Puzzle Moppet

I found this one under the free games of  ShinyLoot. Puzzle Moppet is as the name already says a very nice and highly rated puzzle game. Guide the Moppet through the vast and eternal void of space, solving puzzles ranging from the delightfully docile to the devilishly devious. Get this free  game on shinyloot up here…

Save the Moppet from itself. The Moppet is lost and alone in the space wilderness, feeling sad and depressed. You are its only hope. Can you help?  The sun blooms as the clouds slowly roll by, a rising sea breeze howls softly as it roams the void. Immerse yourself in the lonely tranquility of this mysterious other world.

go to the game page up here…

Hotel: Special Edition added to the game cataloque!

I added the first Shinyloot Mac game to the cataloque tonight called: Hotel: Special Edition! This Mac game was already released quite a while back, but I now added the to our site catalogue as well.

Reveal the great mystery that lies behind high walls of the Bellevue hotel! A medieval castle, now a luxury hotel holds secrets beyond the wildest imagination. For detective Bridget Brightstone of NYPD, this is a once-in-a-lifetime investigation!

Go to the game page up here…

ShinyLoot joins as game sponsor on!

ShinyLoot joins as game sponsor on!

Good news, we have another game sponsor who joined the crusade. The new sponsor is ShinyLoot! ShinyLoot is a game distributor (with about 300 games at the moment) focused on especially Indie games and more, which contain no DRM or in a few cases uses a serial. They claim to be anti-DRM which is in my opinion THE way of thinking, just as does. You can read their complete vision about it up here…. Their game collection contains Windows games from which quite a number for the Mac as well. Because they are indie focused, they have quite a number of games in their collection and Gamersgate doesn’t have. So this is a nice extra besides Gamersgate and They will sponsor me as well (just like Gamersgate and games so I can test and use them to port those to the Mac.

I made a banner on the blog sidebar to show they are an official sponsor now. Welcome aboard ShinyLoot!