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Anno 2070 Wrapper update

There was a strange bug on the Anno 2070 Wrapper that for some the wrapper crashed when logging into Uplay. The wierd thing was, there was not a good reason why it would crash. So I tried some stuff and somehow I got it working. It seemed to work also for another guy with the issue. So here we are!

– Fix for error at launching Uplay

Download the new Wrapper from the game page up here…


Rome Total War 2 released for Mac!

Great news! Rome 2 Total War is now released for Mac! This is great news for the ones who were struggling with the game port, and now can play this game native on their Mac’s. The same happened for Shogun 2 Total War a while back and Napoleon Total War. I wonder how long it will take when Medieval 2 Total War is added in the list as well :) Anyway, this at least means the port is not needed anymore, so I adjusted the game page to the native Mac one. Enjoy!

Emperor Edition is the definitive edition of ROME II, featuring an improved politics system, overhauled building chains, rebalanced battles and improved visuals in both campaign and battle. In addition, Emperor Edition includes all content and feature updates made available for ROME II since its launch in September 2013. These include Twitch.TV integration, touchscreen controls, new playable factions and units, and Mac compatibility. The Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack and all Emperor Edition content and features are free, via automatic update, to all existing ROME II owners.

Checkout the updated game page up here…

Anno 2070 Wrapper update!

Great news! Because of an tip from Sebastian Leitner, who told me that Ubisoft did some changes with the game and with Uplay, which makes the game runs very nice! He said that the game runs almost native Windows and only had a soundbug which I solved with this Wrapper update. I tested the game myself and I agree it runs quite well. I made a new video tutorial as well for the game + some gameplay to show the performance. Enjoy!

– Better performance
– Soundbug fix

Download the new Wrapper from the game page up here…

Anno Online for Mac!

Quite an unusual post for an online game, but I didn’t knew that Anno online works for the Mac. Normally more advanced online games need Windows software installed before it works properly, but Anno Online is fully browser based (or at least Mac supported).

I tested the game a bit and it works just fine as it should be. I advise to use safari because of the “full screen” option which hides most other stuff except for the address-bar, which makes the game experience a bit better. I notify also a little bit better performance in Safari as well in comparation with Firefox. Playing the game is very simple. Just go to the Anno online website and login with your uplay account (I at least did) or other account options. Then login, and play! Thats it. For some visuals of the game, check out the trailer below. Enjoy!

Worlds of Magic released for Mac!

Worlds of Magic (early access) is now available for the Mac. Play single player, Co-Op or multi-player in this fantasy game. Check out the trailer below for some game-play.

Worlds of Magic is a 4X turn-based strategy game. Players can explore and conquer an almost limitless number of procedurally generated universes, using military and magical power to overcome their foes. Found cities, raise armies, research and cast spells, hire powerful heroes, and create powerful magical artifacts. All will help you in your bid to become the supreme Sorcerer Lord.

Get this Mac game on Gamersgate here…

Land Grabbers for the Mac!

Tonight a free full game called Land Grabbers! This game is already for the iPhone and iPad, but its much nicer to play it with a mouse on you Mac! Besides that…its free!! Simply download and extract the wrapper and double-click it to play! Have fun!

Get ready to spend hours glued to your computer, capturing the enemy fortresses and the surrounding land, and forming militias! This game is a unique genre to the world of casual games, but combines classic elements of strategy, simulator, and resource management games. Get ready to play forty five gripping levels in the woods, in the desert, the snow and even on the lava covered moon! Three different difficulty modes will challenge even the best strategy experts. Indeed you’ll need to master various tactics and strategy.

Download this pre-installed game wrapper up here…

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI for Mac

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is now ported to the Mac on! Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI is an turnbased strategy game in the old chinese dynasty period. I played the tutorial a bit and seems to work just fine except that the graphical little video’s get skipped. So it is pure gameplay ;) Game is tested on Intel Graphics and on my Nvidia 640M iMac. I will make a video tutorial with some gameplay later today, but made the wrapper available already. Have fun!

Before downloading the Wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher. Then download and extract Wrapper below –> Get and download Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI from  –> double-click wrapper –> install windows software –> navigate to the Gamersgate setup file and double-click on it –> then the install wizard will appear –> install the game –> at the end of the installation click “Exit”. Now double-click the Wrapper and play! Have fun!

Rediscover an ancient civilization with an explosive history in the most stunning edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Set during the end of China’s Han Dynasty and the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D., RTKXI presents the most visually-captivating evolution in the history of the series. Blurring the line between video games and art, RTKXI features visuals evocative of classical Chinese ink-paintings along with debates and duels rendered in real-time 3D animation.

Download the Wrapper up here… or when you use Crossover, the CrossTie here…

I will make a video tutorial with some gameplay later today

BC Kings for the Mac!

BC Kings is now ported to Mac! BC kings is a strategy game in the way like Age of Empires and Empire Earth, but then with a few extra dimensions. The game is in the time writing, now 80% off (only $0,90) and really worthwhile. Game works in my tests on my nvidia 640M iMac, native Windows! So get the game on Gamersgate for dirt cheap and follow the instructions below! Have fun!

Install is simple:
1. Make sure Porting Kit is installed before install.
2. Get BC Kings  (=steam serial) if you don’t own the game yet.
3. Install the Windows Steam into Porting Kit using the install button on the Porting Kit page.
4. Then login into steam, activate the serial and download and play the game! Yep, thats it! Have fun!

Game Description:
BC Kings features several new elements not commonly found in strategy games. In addition to gathering resources, training an army and defeating the enemy, you will have to solve adventure and role-playing elements as well. The campaign is built around the epic story of the brave hero Mradin, and his trusty old friend Giesnik. As you complete the main objectives, you’ll run across several side-quests where you can earn Shell-coins that can be spent on upgrading your main characters. Along the way to victory you’ll figure out the biggest mysteries of all time, like the purpose of Stonehenge and the mystery of the Yeti, and much more…

AI War Collection released for Mac

AI Wars has an unique blend of 4X and grand strategy thinking at the galaxy-map level with RTS mechanics and tactics at the planetary level. AI War Collection Includes the base game, AI War: Fleet Command, and the DLC Pack consisting of: AI War: The Zenith Remnant, AI War: Children of Neinzul, AI War: Light of the Spire, AI War: Ancient Shadows, AI War: Vengeance Of The Machine, and AI War: Destroyer of Worlds. Checkout the trailer below for some game-play. The entire collection is normally $19,99 but at the moment of writing only $6.79 for this week! So get it cheap while you still can.

Go forth into the galaxy, steal AI technology, recapture those planets you must in order to achieve your ends, and save what remains of humanity. But draw too much attention to yourself, and the full might of the AI overlords will come crashing down. The inattention of the larger AI is our only hope: a small resistance, too insignificant even to be noticed by the AI central command, has survived. These are the forces you will command. The AI sub-commanders will fight you to the death when they see you — but your glimmer of opportunity comes from quietly subduing those sub-commanders without alerting central processing to the danger until it’s too late.

Get this AI War Mac game collection on up here…

Heroes Chronicles Video Tutorial!

As promised! Here the video tutorial of Heroes Chronicles: All Chapters to see the visual instructions how to play this game on your Mac including some game-play! I also updated the original blogpost of Heroes Chronicles with the video now so new people can watch the video as well.

Enjoy the game and the video instructions!

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