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Alexander the Great Wrapper update!

Alexander the Great was long on the todo list to update and where to make an update of the game page as well (as one of the Startopia pages).  So I updated both the Wrapper as the game page now. The Wrapper has the latest wineskin version and performance improvements, some bug fixes + new icon. Enjoy the new Wrapper!

– Speed improvement
– Some glitch bug fixes.
– New Icon

Download the new wrapper up here…

Alexander the great

Jagged Alliance Back in Action released for Mac!

I found out when I was busy on the Gamersgate Summer sale blog post, that Jagged Alliance Back in Action (which is now 75% off at the moment), is released for Mac as well now! So this is great news! If you purchased the game in the past on Gamersgate and used my Windows Steam wrapper, this game will be automaticly also be visible and playable in the Mac Steam! I also adjusted the game page now on my site to the Mac version. If you don’t know where the game is about, then watch the trailer below!

Jagged Alliance Back in Action is a contemporary remake of the latest title in the much-loved Jagged Alliance series of turn-based mercenary-themed strategy games. Designed from the ground up to offer a modern gaming experience, Back in Action showcases an updated isometric 3D look and interface, highly detailed character models and a variety of new gameplay features.

Checkout the Mac game page here…

Seven Cities of Gold released for Mac!

Here another good old Classic released on In Seven Cities of Gold you step into the role of Christopher Columbus and chart a course to an unknown world of discovery, exploration, and conquest! The Commemorative Edition of Seven Cities of Gold is a remake of the 1984 classic, featuring enhanced graphics and sound.

As a fledgling 15th century explorer you have been given a mandate by the Spanish Crown to set sail for the New World and establish new settlements for the fortune and glory of Spain. You will have complete control over every aspect of your expedition – from the initial provisioning of your voyage, to the construction of forts and missions on newly discovered continents. Key to your survival will be how you interact with the native population of the New World – negotiate with a tribe’s Chief to establish peaceful trade ties or wipe out entire villages and plunder their resources.

Get this classic on for only $5,99 up here…

seven cities of gold

Battle Isle 4: The Andosia War for the Mac

Battle Isle 4: The Andosia War is a good old strategy game, just as his predecessors in Battle Isle Platinum, where most of the games in that serie works in Crossover (Wrappers are coming soon). Many people know the game Battle Isle from their childhood and love the game-play. Here is the chance to play it on your Mac!

The year is 345 N.A. on the planet Chromos, a civilization that once boasted a flourishing society ruled by the Council of the Wise. Power struggles, corruption, war – that is the reality on Chromos now and, with the Andosia War, the Battle Isle saga continues with new features to the series by bridging the gap between turn based and real time combat.

Download the Wrapper from the link below and when you have OSX Mavericks, you have set these settings first. Then install the version of Battle Isle: The Andosia War into the Wrapper and set the start executable to bitaw.exe as the video shows below and launch the game and set your resolution and GFX settings. First time you launch the game resolution aren’t correct, so just quit the game and from that time it will launch in your native resolution normally. Have fun!

Download the Wrapper up here… and follow the video instructions below.

Desktop Dungeons released for Mac!

Desktop Dungeons is a quick-play, roguelike-like puzzle game that gives you 10-20 minutes of dungeon-crawling action per serving. Casual players can enjoy endless coffee-break gaming sessions in infinitely random dungeons, while hardcore enthusiasts can unearth the game’s subtleties and tackle challenges of unrealistic viciousness. Down all paths lies frequent death, easy accessibility and the urge to play just one more dungeon. Checkout the trailer below to get introduced.

Some cool features:

  • The perfect coffee-break game: Fight your way through fantasy dungeons in as little as 10 minutes.
  • Never the same thing twice: Each dungeon is randomly generated, yet winnable.
  • Explore the finely-tuned gameplay as you learn more and more impressive ways to beat vicious bosses and unlock new items, gods and heroes to play.
  • Prize-winning awesomeness: Classic roguelike play re-imagined as a unique single-screen puzzle adventure that won Excellence in Design at the 13th Annual IGF Awards.

Get the game on up here…

Panzer Tactics HD for the Mac!

I ported a game which looks a bit like it a few months back called: Tank Operation: European Campaign and has some aspects of Panzer General 2 also. Well in Panzer Tactics HD you face the same WW2 challenge. Experience history first-hand and join the Soviet Red Army, the German Wehrmacht and the Western Allies. Choose from the three challenging historical campaigns with more than 30 missions and additional scenarios. This game is Steam a game, so you need a Steam Wrapper for it to play. The Steam Wrappers you need to use is: Steambuild1bX11 which can be found in the Steambuild Wrapper folder.

Install instructions:
Get the Wrapper Steambuild1bX11 from the Steam Wrapper Folder mentioned earlier. Extract the Wrapper and do the following extra action: rightclick wrapper show package content –> wineskin –> screen settings –> click “override” and set the resolution to full screen (See screenshot). Then close wineskin and double-click the Wrapper to  login into the Windows Steam. Then get the game from Gamersgate and use the serial to a activate and download the game in Steam. When the game is downloaded, launch it and play! Check out the introduction trailer below to get introduced. Game works awesome!

Download Wrapper here…, and buy the Steamkey up here…

Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Ceasar for the Mac!

Maybe some of you already know the great strategy game Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greek. It seems that last week a new folloup of the game is released called Hegemony Rome: Rise of Caesar. This game will put you (as the game name describes) in charge of Caesar himself, in a great campaign conquering the lands. This game is Steam a game, so you need a Steam Wrapper for it to play. The Steam Wrappers which are present at the moment, won’t work with the game, so I added a new Steam Wrapper called: Steambuild1bX11 which will and can be found in the Steambuild Wrapper folder.

Install instructions:
Get the Wrapper Steambuild1bX11 from the Steam Wrapper Folder mentioned earlier. Extract the Wrapper and login into the Windows Steam. Then get the game from Gamersgate and use the serial to a activate and download the game in Steam. When the game is downloaded, launch it, and you will notice that the first time it takes about 1 minute to launch the first time (and about 30 seconds the times after that using my Nvidia GT 640M iMac) and will first show the top bar of your Mac osx. To fix that, you have to make the game full screen and change resolution in the game options. When doing so, I suggest to lower the resolution to improve better performance and adjust the advanced graphics as well to “this settings” for even better performance. The game runs fine for me in this settings but this shows that this game will run quite slow on low-end macs with only 256 mb gfx cards. So 512mb GFX card is not luxery here. Check out the introduction trailer below to get introduced.

Download Wrapper here…, and buy the Steamkey up here…

Demigod for the Mac!

Today another RPG mixed up with strategy game called Demigod! I played the game and works in awesome speed on my Nvidia 640M iMac and tested as well skirmish as tournament games. The game works fine in the Steambuild1 and Steambuild2 Wrapper. So get Demigod from Gamersgate and use the serial to activate in the Steam wrapper and download and play the game! Below I put in the anouncement trailer which show you some gameplay. Have fun!

Demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing elements. Choose from several Demigods, each poised for battle with their own unique capabilities and awe-inspiring powers. Vanquish other would-be gods as you gain levels, increase in power, unlock the power of mystic artifacts and slowly battle your way closer to joining the Pantheon.

Go for the Wrapper to the game page here…

Jagged Alliance: Flashback released for Mac!

Most people know the Jagged Alliance Series. Jagged Alliance and the popular Jagged Alliance 2. I even ported Jagged Alliance Back in Action! If that was not all, there is even a free online version of this game. having said this, yesterday  Jagged Alliance: Flashback is now released and added to the series as well. This game is native available for Mac. So go to the Gamersgate page here and buy the game and use the serial to actiate it in the Mac Steam. Have fun! Checkout the game trailer trailer below.

Take control of your own band of mercenaries, lead them into battle and manage your resources wisely. Fight back for freedom, sector by sector, turn by turn. Like the original Jagged Alliance series, Jagged Alliance Flashback gives you the choice to use your preferred tactics and build your squad around it – rush in with heavy armed troops or take the high road of distance shots and sniping.

I made a game page of the game on my site as well up here…

Bionic Dues released for the Mac!

Bionic Dues, a tactical turn-based roguelike where you command a squad of mechas to liberate a besieged city, has arrived on No one expects a buffer overflow in a city’s robotic population. For reasons unknown to us meatbags, the robotic populace of Port City has gone absolutely mad. This robotic rabble rousing is costing the Maxitrode Corp. millions of tourism dollars because being in the middle of rioting robotic rampagers dismatling a city is never on the itinerary. Your squad of Exo pilots has been called in to deal with electronic menace once and for all. You’ll have to be quick about it as the corporation in charge of the city has set you up the bomb to raze the city to contain the robotic riots. Don’t let the nukes drop! Check out the trailer of the game-play below!

Bionic Dues is a tactical, turn-based (hooray for turn-based!) roguelike where you pilot a squad of Exo pilots to liberate the besieged Port City from a robotic riot. Pilot mechs, gather loot, visit the black market for more equipment, and even discover advanced versions of Exos while taking on more than 100 missions.

Seize your copy of Bionic Dues for $4.99 (50% off the full price) until 9:59 AM GMT on 22nd May 2014, DRM-free, on!

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