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FIFA: The Video Game that Changed Football

FIFA by EA Sports, without a doubt, has changed football. The rise of the computer game from a simple soccer simulator to a global behemoth that influences and teaches the sport of football almost defies belief. Few could have anticipated that FIFA International Soccer, which debuted in 1993, would become the cultural juggernaut that it has become, more than 25 years after its launch. It is now a big part of 24/7bets online betting due to its popularity.

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Have You Seen These Casino Movie Classics?

The allure of the bright lights, potential fortune and luck of the draw intertwine in both cases. Maybe that’s why some of the most memorable of all Hollywood films involve the casino scene. If you call yourself a movie buff or casino fan, then you really can’t miss these classics. 

If authenticity is what you crave in movies, then this poker classic from 1998 should land on your short list. A young Matt Damon (circa 1998) tries to make bankroll to enter the World Series of Poker – all to get a good friend out of debt. Real poker players have praised the realistic components of the film, from the hands people play to their poker tells to the lingo they use around the poker table. The movie introduced poker to a new generation of watchers, years before online poker became mainstream. 

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Latest update issues Porting Kit 4. Update keeps hanging. (resolved)

Update has been reverted. and will now be investigated. So issue resolved for now. Will be tested before new update.


Another quick heads up. There seems to be something going on with the latest update. It keeps hanging in the update part. Do this work around the issue:

Turn off the wifi/internet then launch Porting Kit, go to the library tab and turn wifi on again. Then refresh. Then you see all the ports and functionality is back again.

We are taking action on this bug asap. Keep an eye on this blog for updates. We are working on top priority for a proper update screen where you can see the process and see all the changes what have been done since the last update. Thanks for bearing with us.

Next-Gen Sports Games Get Subtle, Concrete Improvements.

Besides checking team news and looking at the odds on Betway, most sports lovers are inquisitive about how the games will look like on a new console. Not that they are expected to be different or more powerful. On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite, as sports gamers normally portray closed, fixed environments that must have a perfectly smooth performance in every version. As such, most sports games are generally stable and reliable whatever system you play them on.

Taking games like NBA, FIFA, and Madden as an example, they’re already running at 60fps on native 4K, Xbox One, and PS4 pro. That’s a rare achievement for most games on those machines. When it comes to PS5, and the Xbox series x, 2K, and EA had to develop new ways to make the next generation better than the current one. PS5 has taken a different approach in terms of making the new hardware.

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Why Ports Will Always Be Important for Older Titles

Another year passed, and another year of progress on porting efforts is now firmly behind us. Gearing up for what comes next, we’ve spent a lot of time playing older games over the holiday break, which made us think about why these games are still so great. Ports are just as important in this realm as they are for newer titles, maybe more so, but why is this?

Gamers Going Back to Their Roots

For most gamers, nostalgia plays an enormous part in keeping old games popular. This was the case for older PCs and consoles, and as this research from Betway shows, it’s even true for more modern systems like smartphones. Looking at this research, the recent popularity of some of the earliest smartphones games illustrates this point.

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Merry Christmas!

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Populous 3 – The beginning wrapper update

I heard that there was an issue with the Populous 3 regarding that main exe path. So I checked it out, and yup, it seems that GOG changed the main exe path from “populous – The beginning” to “Populous 3”, so I needed to adjust that. Now that’s fixed, the port should work again as attended in PK4.  PK3 has already a “safety” build-in which recognizes changes and fixes paths automatically, but that wasn’t build-in into PK4 yet. This is still on the todo list.  So if you own the game and you ran into issues in PK4, then please reinstall the game using the new port update in the Porting Kit game library.

– Fix main exe path (was changed in the latest update of the installer)

Go to the porting Kit game page here… 

Weekly Sale: INDIE GEMS UP TO 90% OFF

Weekly Sale: INDIE GEMS UP TO 90% OFF started today there Weekly sale with up to 90% discount of especially native Mac games and some Windows games for we have ports available in Porting Kit. We will name couple of the Natave Mac games and end with a few Windows games for we have ports in the database. Shall we?

Lets begin with a very popular one like Disco Alysium with a nice discount of -25%. But yes you are right, let’s talk big discounts like 75% to 90%! Alright there we go: Steamworld Dig with (75% off) and good old Bastion or Pinstripe (-80%). Now let’s go to even higher discounts like to popular State of Mind with 85% discount, and with the final blow of 90% off: The Deponia series: Deponia, Deponia 2 and Deponia 3 and Deponia 4!

Yes, namely Mac native Mac games this week promo, but hold on, we still have 2 Windows games for we have a Port available in Porting Kit: Torchlight with 70% off and Forager with a reasonable 33% discount!  Both of the games are testing and working in Catalina OS 10.15.x as well. For those 2 counts that you need to download the “offline backup setup file(s)” from your game library into your download folder and use portingkit to install them so you can play them on your Mac. Oh and yes…still SIP disabled for now. Enjoy!

Check out the whole sale up here…

A Brief Overview of Ikibu Casino

A Brief Overview of Ikibu Casino

Ikibu online casino markets itself as a first-of-its-kind casino platform that offers an interesting adventure style gaming format to the players. You can participate in any of their featured races and earn seeds, which can later be exchanged for traded for bonus spins.

Although it’s a fairly new online casino, having been launched in 2016, it is already becoming a name to reckon with in the Internet gambling world. If you’re keen on learning more about Ikibu casino and its various features, positives etc., you can go through a detailed Ikibu review here.

Welcome bonus offer

It’s a well-known fact that online casinos are the next big thing in the world of gambling. And a large part of their success can be attributed to their unique marketing strategies, including the attractive welcome bonus offers run by them. Anyone who signs up with the Ikibu Casino for the first time can receive a welcome bonus of up to $ 200 and 100 free spins. This welcome bonus is broken down into two components, released at the time of the first two deposits. The first deposit earns you a 100% reload bonus of up to a maximum of $ 100 and 50 free spins. The second deposit earns you another reload bonus, but 50% of the deposit this time, up to a maximum of $ 100, apart from another 50 free spins. Please go through their wagering requirements before availing this bonus, as you might be required to bet a certain sum of money before being able to cash out your wins.

Variety of games

One of the biggest reasons why a large number of players are signing up with Ikibu Casino these days is because of the wide variety of games it offers. They are powered by multiple reputed game providers including Microgaming, Spigo, Quickspin etc. Majority of players who sign up with Ikibu Casino play online slots, ranging from some of the well-known classics to new age games like Immortal Romance, Monopoly on the Money, Zeus III etc. Progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah also draw great number of gamblers to this platform, because of the life changing wins they promise. There are live casino games powered by Evolution Gaming too.

Mobile gaming

Although Ikibu Casino doesn’t offer a mobile app for its platform right now, they have a very efficient mobile casino platform that can be enjoyed on smart phones, tablet PCs and all kinds of mobile devices.

Banking options

You can avail a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options at Ikibu Casino, including the popular ones like bank transfer, MasterCard, Visa, EcoPayz and many more. Any of these can be used for both deposits as well as withdrawals, without any fee. Please note, the minimum cash out amount at Ikibu Casino is $ 10, and you’re not allowed to withdraw more than $ 10,000 per week. However, Casino is willing to review and raise the maximum withdrawal figure on player to play basis.

Customer support

Their customer service is pretty efficient and is available through both live chat and email. While you can email them anytime, the live chat service is available only from 4 AM to 4 PM EST.

*Update* future plans Porting Kit!

*Update* future plans Porting Kit!

Hey Guys, here a quick heads up for the plans with Porting Kit coming time (coming 12 months). This also because their might be many questions regarding the 64Bit only transition of Apple of the coming Mac OS and the effect on it on Porting Kit and how further.

Well I can say we are working hard on the future of Porting Kit, to make the past 6/7 years not be in vain with our over a 1000 game ports. Mojave in combination of Porting Kit has some challenges itself as well and requires in many cases to turn on the “unofficial Wineskin” option (using the Porting Kit Preferences –> unofficial Wineskin selectbox). For example Dragon Age Ultimate has some massive performance issues when not using latest Wineskin version (TCCD process is taking lots of  CPU usage).

New updated GUI:
First change will be very soon (timespan weeks), that we change the GUI to a better overview one. The Local library will dissapear as an tab and your ports will be visible on the side, a little bit in the way of GOG Galaxy (picture link) has that implemented. So this saves confusion when you are in local tab or server tab. Now it will be more clear that your installed ports are now on the side bar and the server ports are in the middle/other side.

Linux version of Porting Kit:
Yes, it was whispered in the past, but after the new GUI, this will consume our most attention. A Linux version of Porting Kit. Reason 1, to expand the Porting Kit reach, but even more important, with the future in mind, we need a Linux version to be able to run a Mini Linux version in a Virtual Machine for the smaller 32-bit games. What that means I will explain below. For the Linux version we would gladly receive some help. Are you a Linux programmer? You love Porting Kit? You volunteer to help us out? please contact us (in this case Vitor) using the contact form and help us to make the Linux version ASAP. This would be a great help making the next step possible: Porting Kit Classic (32-bit Virtual Machine)

Porting Kit Classic and Porting Kit Future:
As the subject above already mentions, we gonna split up Porting Kit in 2 versions as it looks like so far. A Porting Kit Classic version which is a very small Virtual Machine with a 32-bit Linux/Porting Kit environment to play the more smaller 32 bit games. Think about titles like: Rollercoaster Tycoon, Heroes 3, Caesar 3, Pharaoh, and tons of other classics. The other Porting Kit will be 64-bit and run the 64bit games and Directx11 in combination with Vulcan (needs some more Wine love for Mac but when 64bit Mac OS will be a fact, this will ready or almost ready). More details on all of this will follow when time will pass.

Other implementations:
Other stuff which is also in the planning, and will be worked out between the projects, is Chat and Network support, so users of Porting Kit can play games with each-other using LAN/WAN support.

So again, if you have Linux programming skills and want to help out, let us know.