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Dishonored for Mac Gameplay video!

Since a long time I made a gameplay video of the Dishonored game! The performance of the game is great on even a medium-end iMac as my Intel Iris. Imagine how it runs on high end Macs! I played the game already for 1.5 hours, so yeah, for RPG lovers this game is a must have. I explain in the video a little bit the installation process, but will be mostly gameplay.

Go to the game page to play it yourself up here…

How to install a Patch/Mod in Crossover

On many request here a quick tutorial how to install a patch/mod in Crossover. There are 2 methods:
1. By putting a file into a game (mod) folder
2. Using an installer file.

Both options will be discussed in this short and informative video. Hope it will be a help in knowing more how to use the awesome program Crossover. If you want to check out more Crossover video tutorials, check out this page…

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Video tutorial: How to make your old Wineskin wrappers compatible with OSX 10.11 El Capitan.

I made a video about how to make your old Wineskin wrappers compatible with OSX 10.11 El Capitan. Hope this will help a lot of guys with their Wrapper problems. This video also promotes the use of the Portingkit and shows a bit how the porgram works. Enjoy!

When you have any questions or issues post it on the forum. We love to help you out with any issues.

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga Wrapper update + Video!

As you may know Star Wars™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga has been added to the Portingkit. It still had a music issue (no music at startup) and had not the DLC campaigns added with the executable set. It appeared that the executable needed to be set to “battlegrounds_x1.exe” to fix all this. I tested as well a level in DLC campaign as the normal campaign and even played a multiplayer game using Hamachi.

I made an updated video of the gameport to show how you can play it using the Portingkit including some gameplay. Works great! Enjoy this amazing LucasArt classic!

Get the Portingkit (if you don’t have it yet) up here…

Video Tutorial Industry Giant 2 + review!

Here the review + the video tutorial of Industry Giant 2 Gold. It took a bit longer because all the other work which needed to be done, but finally here we are. Alright, I added the video tutorial on the main game blog post and below so you can see the step by step instructions of the installation and everything around it. I played the game myself for about 30 minutes because I start straight with the campaign without the tutorial, so I lost track about what I primarily needed to do and went almost out of money :P While I was playing I could at least test some things, like speed, saving and loading and such. And the first thing I noticed was the software cursor which was “shivering” a bit. Not that worrying, but it might get annoying, so I found out if you turn off the software cursor in the in-game options, you get rid of that. For the rest the speed of the game is good, even in high resolution, so I was glad about that. For the rest I couldn’t really find any issues in the campaign mode what is notable worthy.

Then I checked quickly the tutorial which seems to work just fine, just as the “Endless Mode” where you can play endlessly the game without specific goals. Then I checked Multi-player and it seems the Gamespy Internet mode is not available anymore/closed. So I though lets do LAN instead? Bad idea, CRASH of the game! So nope unfortunately no LAN possibility.  I could the at least fix the crash when clicking LAN, but it won’t do anything. Then I tried the Skirmish mode option, and that one seems to work fine. You can play against up to 4 computer bots and challenge them against your abilities.

All counted the pro’s and the minuses I got up to 3.5 stars because of the LAN multi-player fail, which could bring that special extra experience and the shivering mouse cursor which can be of course fixed by de-selecting the software cursor in the options. Even with those minuses, there is still lots to be played with including Campaign, Endless Mode and Skirmish, which will keep you from the streets for a long time. Enjoy!

Wings Remastered video + review!

A little bit later then expected, but as promised here the video tutorial of Wings: Remastered Edition! Because of this extra post I take the opportunity to make a little review of the game as well.

For the Amiga fans Wings was the best WW1 Flight Simulator around and was very popular. And as an old Amiga fan I was thrilled to see the Remastered version arriving at I got the game. Ported it to the Mac and did some tests on my Intel Graphics HD 4000 Macbook with Yosemite and Nvidia 640M iMac and it works awesome. I launched the game and saw the startup videos as it should be, and got into the game menu. I created a pilot and started the tutorials. First the 3d simulation”destroy the balloon” mission and then the 2 non-simulator missions destroying the crates and bombing the 2 barracks. All 3 “Born to fly” successful! Then you can join the squadron and start the campaign. Your logbook starts and you get thrown at the one mission to another.

I really loved the 3d Simulation air-battles when I was totally outnumbered and downing one opponent another. I have to say it is much more easier to shoot down a plane then in the original Wings Amiga Emulated edition. But this might also be because I choose the difficulty level”easy”. While playing about 1.5 hours of game-play I am starting to be really glad of this port result, and giving this port a 5 out 5 rating. Not only because of the test result, but being an old Amiga fan might have helped a bit as well ;) Enjoy the game and really recommend this one!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wrapper update!

Here a video and Wrapper update of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! The game was “glitchy” in the past, but with the latest Wrapper the game is “playable” again in lowest settings. The video below shows the game-play a bit when you have a 512mb Nvidia GFX card iMac (which I have). Hope you enjoy the new Steam Wrapper.

– Fixed glitches.
– new Wrapper
– Better performance (still not the best)

Go to the game page up here…

Face Noir Video Update!

And as promised a video tutorial + some gameplay of  Face Noir on my Nvidia 640M iMac. If you like adventure games and action and a good story, then certainly check this one out. Have fun!

Get the Wrapper of the game on the Face Noir blog post…

Amiga Video Tutorial!

On request and it was on my todo list as well, to make a video tutorial about how adding WHDload games into the Wrapper. This will make it possible to play all your desired Amiga games in the Amiga Wrapper.

As already mentioned earlier, you need 2 things to enjoy this wrapper. 1.: Silver Premium Member and 2.: proof of purchase of Amiga Forever (Because of the licensed ROMS). Have fun!

More info about the Amiga project go here… 

New Video tutorial about playing Windows Steam games on your Mac!

As you already know I have a bunch of Steam Wrappers available on the site so you can play a wide range of Steam games. I only hadn’t a video tutorial about the steam wrappers specifically. So I made this video after all to show the differences where to download, which one to choose and all things around it. So enjoy this video and

Download the Steam Wrappers up here… or check the specific Steam game pages where it is told which version to use for that specific game. Feel free to test every game you have into those steam Wrappers and share with me your experiences with your Steam games. If they work in the wrapper, let me know, so I can test it as well and add those games on the list of, so everyone can enjoy these games as well!

Enjoy the video which I made on my birthday (yup I am 32 years young now), and have fun!

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