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Re-volt video tutorial

Because I like the new/updated Re-volt game, I also made a video tutorial for this game as well :) Have fun!

you don’t have the game yet? Get it on (download the “offline back setup files”) and search the game in the PK database and install the game and play!

Tomb Raider Underworld gameplay video on M1 Apple Silicon Mac Mini.

As promised earlier, a gameplay video of playing Tomb Raider Underworld for Mac on my M1 Apple Silicon Mac Mini. It shows the install and what settings you need to choose for best gameplay. Including some standard commentary from me of course :)

Enjoy the video!

Fallout 4 gameplay video on an Apple Silicon Mac Mini

As promised, I would make an gameplay video about Fallout 4 on an Apple Silicon Mac Mini. So here it is :) When interested playing the game in Porting Kit,  search the game in the Porting Kit app and install the Steam port, or check out the game page here…

The video contains some instructions about the settings of the game including some gameplay until you are in the Vault 111.

Enjoy the video!

Syberia and Syberia 2 port updates and new videos (works also on M1 Apple Silicon Macs)

Great news! Now you have obtained Syberia (or when you are quick to get it now freely!) and Syberia 2, you can play this game on Big Sur and if you have an Apple Silicon Mac, play Syberia and Syberia 2 on that as well! You can find the 2 ports in the Porting Kit game library.

I even made 2 videos about that (Syberia and Syberia 2) playing the games on my M1 Apple Silicon Mac Mini. I like the second video the best myself :) Check them out below:

New video tutorial about: “What is Porting Kit?”.

Because we regularly we get questions about what Porting Kit does and is, we made a video introduction about it. Watch it below. It shows the link between Porting Kit and Wineskin and the opensource code Wine. It’s just over a minute long :)

Metal Gear Solid released on + added in Porting Kit!

Awesome news!!! Yes I couldn’t believe it myself as well. Metal Gear Solid has reached the Shelves on!! Tonight I added the Source to Porting Kit and the day after tomorrow I will focus on Metal Gear 2 :) And yes yes, I will also look into the MSX version and to the other Konami collection of Contra and Castlevania. But first things first! Metal Gear Solid! Oh, I love the game and played it a lot in these days and in a matter of fact recently as well.

Update –> I added an extra exe for the VR missions as well now :) So after installation of the game you will see 2 icons: 1 for the main game and 1 for the VR missions.

And because the version was launched last friday, I added the source today as well + a brand new video tutorial! Yes thats right, and not just a normal video tutorial, no, a video with a a sneakpeak of Porting Kit 4.0 in Mac OS Big Sur 10.16! Yesseree, and you will love as much as I do. The beta is way close for release and only needs some finetuning before the beta will be released for the public!

Oh, and the game will of course work and install in Porting Kit 3.0 as well. Enjoy the game and enjoy the video and I have to say….get this game instanly on and start playing! :)

New Porting Kit 3.x install and usage video tutorial + Sneakpeak Porting Kit 4.0!

Here a new video tutorial with the old in and outro about how to install games ( and Steam) in Porting Kit with Porting Kit 3.x. It also gives a sneakpeak of Porting Kit 4.0 which is coming very soon as Beta. Porting Kit 4.0 does not need SIP disabled and is notorised and signed, so Catalina security ready :). Besides that Porting Kit 4.0 will be more stable and will have way more possibilities.

This video tutorial has been especially created because of the recent extra step of selecting the setup file which is recently required to prevent bugs of Catalina security. Enjoy the tutorial!

Porting Kit website…
Porting Kit help page….

2 more video tutorials installing Red Alert 2 and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds in Porting Kit on Mac OS Catalina.

I made 2 more video tutorials while installing Red Alert 2 (frist Decade DVD version) into Porting kit in Catalina and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds ( version). The video shows also some basic install info of Porting Kit preventing unnecessary bugs and issues. In Porting Kit 4.0 those issues will not be there because then the app will be signed and noterised and some other stuff. All focus now is on PK 4.0 so we need to “live” with the existing bugs at the moment. If you have issues with Portingkit make sure to check this Porting Kit tutorial page…

The games work great and check them out :)

Updated Red Alert 2/Origin client video Tutorial!

As promised to some people having confusing how to installed Red Alert 2/Origin, here a quick updated Tutorial how to install Red Alert on your Mac. I Mention in the video this older version of Origin is temporarily and we are working on a supported updated version of Origin on the Mac. But until the updated port is finished, you guys have to do it with this more out dated version of the Origin Client.

Enjoy the video and I hope this tutorial will take away any confusion of the installation of the Origin Client in Porting Kit and the game itself.

C&C Tiberian Dawn update + video tutorial!

Awesome news!! We finally made the free C&C Tiberian Dawn stable! Earlier the port was crashing regularly which was made it quite annoying in longplay. but now those horrors are over! With the latest update, the game is steady and stable! Yes that’s right, play this awesome classic again on your Mac including multiplayer options and all extra goodies! Considering that this free game port was part of the “Premium/VIP” games set, please consider donating to the project (thanks in advance!).

To make it even more complete, the game got a clear video tutorial including some gameplay to show every step from scratch to end how to play it in a few simple steps on your Mac! Enjoy!

Ge this game on the Porting Kit page up here…