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Boulderdash Remake for the Mac!

Another nice remake! Who doesn’t know Boulderdash from the MSX/Commodore 64/Atari/Gameboy? There is a free remake of the game for Windows. Now play it on your Mac! Beat your highscore in this game and enjoy the old times! Have Fun! Simply Download and extract and play! I even made a little video of it, see below!

In Boulder Remake (aka Boulder Dash Remake) you play as a person in a cave who must find all the diamonds in the cave and then make it to the exit before time expires. This is much easier said than done. It is a very dificult game. There are many obstilces to overcome. Some of which are: Balls can fall on you. Items can case after you. And of course there are barriers.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

Hitman 3 Wrapper update!

Tonight also a Wrapper update of Hitman 3: Contracts! An action game which proceeds from the previous parts: Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, which I ported as well.  Play as agent 47 and fulfill all kind of assignments you get in the game. I tested the version as well now and works great. This Wrapper update contains some speed improvements and a new Icon. Enjoy!

– Some Speed improvements
– Small bug fixes
– New Icon

Download the new Wrapper up here…

hitman 3

Monkey Island 3 – Curse of Monkey Island for the Mac!

In The Curse of Monkey Island Guybrush finds himself at sea floating on a bumper car. He ends up at Plunder Island where Elaine and LeChuck are battling. The battle ends with LeChuck being killed, but of course that doesn’t stop him. Afterwards, Guybrush proposes to Elaine with a big diamond ring he found in LeChuck treasure hold. Elaine accepts, but as soon as she puts on the ring Guybrush learns that it is cursed and Elaine turns into a gold statue. Guybrush has to find a way to undo the curse on Elaine, but at the same time he has to battle LeChuck, who has returned from the dead and wants to marry Elaine.

Get this Mac game on up here…

Wings of Fury Remake

Here another cool Remake! Remember Wings of Fury on the Amiga/DOS/Commodore 64/Gameboy?  There seems to be a free remake from Bullet Software for the game! Now play it on your Mac using my game port! Check out the game play in the video below to refresh some good old memories.

It is 1944 and the world is at war. Europe is ablaze with a conflict that engulfs her like the flames of hell, leaving a path of destruction wherever it burns. The Far East, too, is being consumed by a furious struggle for dominance. In the Pacific theater, the allies face an enemy possessed of great skill and a relentless determination. As the tide begins to turn in favor of the allies, the enemy struggles ever more desperately to maintain the footholds it had gained earlier in the war.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

Turrican Remake for the Mac!

And the remakes are falling as meteors from the sky! Today a remake of a good old Amiga classic: Turrican! Remember Turrican on the Amiga? There is a free remake (T2002) for it now for Windows by Pekaro Software. The remake looks amazing and has many extras! Now play it again on your Mac! Check out the video below of the remake to refresh your memory of the game.

T2002 is a Windows and Game Boy Advance remake of the famous C64/Amiga game Turrican featuring original graphic, sound and music by courtesy of original producer Factor5 and composer Chris Hülsbeck. The first level resembles the original. After that we provide completely new levels. Can you beat our infamous alien level?

Get the full game Wrapper from the new game page here…

Asterix and Caesars Challenge for the Mac!

Here another remake which I will do regularly between the normal commercial game ports. This time a remake of the Classic Asterix and Obelix! This beat em up game which has a lot away of Double Dragon, but then with romans and tigers and gladiators and such.  It’s free, and simply extract and play! Share it on your facebook or google+ account because a lot of remakes will come as an extra bonus for the fans! Below a video of the gameplay of the fan made game!

Caesar has built a mighty palisade around Asterix’ village, so the villagers stay in. To show Caesar that they can freely go wherever they want, our two friends set out on a journey across all countries in the Roman empire, bringing back a souvenir from each, so they can mock Caesar’s palisade. Asterix and Caesar’s Challenge is a pretty good Beat’ Em’ Up. Graphically, it doesn’t just have a good resemblance with the comics. It’s completely identical to them, and includes cutscenes, showing pages of the comic, along with the cover of it, so you know from which book that area’s taken from.

Get the Wrapper quickly from the game page here…

Alien Breed Remake for the Mac!

I have some great news! I was searching for some remakes of some good old games I knew. Guess what? I stumbled in loads of them! And I gonna port those as well to the Mac! I did some of them already in the past. Like Wings of fury 2, or Megaman unlimited or Spelunky 2008 and more. And now I gonna add lots of them more to the catalog as an extra!

Remember Alien Breed from the Amiga and DOS? Yes, that’s correct, I ported that one already. But let me tell you there is a free remake of the game! Now play the remake on your Mac!

Alien Breed Obliteration is a remake based on the Amiga classic ‘Alien Breed 92′, rewritten from scratch with subtle improvements and featuring 15 completely new levels! Alien Breed is a top-down sci-fi shoot’em-up game, with aspects similar to the film Aliens. Your mission is to blast your way to the heart of the alien invasion picking up ammo, keys, health, money and weapons along the way. Your ultimate goal of course is to find a means to terminate these nasty monsters for good.

Download the full game Wrapper download from the game page here…

World of Tanks 9.0 Update!

Edit: I updated the normal World of Tanks Wrapper (AMD version is still in tact) which is Intel/Nvidia optimized. (Has better performance and should fix a close/crash of game after a battle)

World of Tanks got an update a few days back. This update was especially focused on graphics. Well in Wine this can be a good thing or a bad thing, also dependent on the video card you have in your Mac. For AMD Radeon for example, it worked always good. Good FPS, no glitches, etc. On Nvidia and Intel it is a different story. Anyway, I got some questions about World of Tanks that the game crashes after one battle since the latest 9.0 update.So I looked into the matter and spent the whole night testing and tweaking. A thing I saw was the graphics tab was different. You can improve the graphics and Field of View (FOV) or decrease it, but the last one you should do to get some performance improvements.

In the end I created now 2 Wrapper flavors which is specialized on the specific GFX cards. With both my Nvidia iMac with 512mb and My AMD Radeon 670M I could play about 3 games in a row without any troubles. Yes, the wrappers aren’t flawless and you should check which wrapper works best for you. I created a game play video with the 9.0 version of WOT to show how it works at the moment. Enjoy!

You can find the new Wrappers up here…

Inviticus: in the shadow of Olympus for Mac

For tonight I have: Inviticus: in the shadow of Olympus. Invictus is a mix of rts and rpg genres. You begin your quest by selecting 2 heroes out of 10 (you can have 4 later) plus some warriors from different types of units (swordsmen, archers, spearmen etc or ever mythological creatures). Each hero has his own abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you like this mix of fantasy and RPG then this one might be something for you.

Caught in a bitter feud between spiteful gods, you fight for more than your life. Enlist Hercules, Achilles, Electra and the mightiest of heroes in your struggle for an eternal seat atop Olympus. In game you can recruit new members from over 30 distinct units like Gorgons and Harpies with abilities like turning flesh into stone and insidious poison. You can command the heroes in your war party at any time during battle and ask them for help.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

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Moto Racer 3 for the Mac!

Today I have a race game port called: Moto Racer 3 for you guys and girls! Its a really nice game, and even my little son likes it! The game has a broad range of gameplay modes from freestyle to superbike racing, so enough to keep you occupied for a lot of lonely nights! Check out the trailer below to get warmed up for the game!

Moto Racer 3 comes packed with more diversity than you could have ever thought possible in a single title. Ride superbikes at blurring speeds on authentic race tracks or venues in Paris, doing your best to avoid Parisian drivers. Hop onto an off-road motorcycle and powerslide through countless hairpin curves in motocross and supercross tracks, or try some freestyle, jump off the biggest ramp you can find and rack up points for the craziest mid-air tricks. Finally, beat physics into submission while riding an enduro bike and do your best not to fall off tracherous obstacle courses in the insanely difficult and satisfying trial mode. Moto Racer 3 has got something for everyone and does an admirable job at it, too! The Gold edition comes with tons of improvements, new tracks, new motorcycle models, crazy bonus vehicles and an enhanced graphics engine.

Download the Wrapper from the game page up here…