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Thief Gold for the Mac!

A very nice port for tonight! I already successfully ported Thief 2 – The Metal Age and the popular Thief 3 – Deadly Shadows games, and I am glad to add the first one of the series as well, to make it complete! Thief Gold includes Thief the Dark Project and the Gold update (three new campaign missions which deepen the plot and five new types of enemies). This game is this weekend on sale on for only $3,99, so get it now when it is cheap! I posted below a game play video of the training tutorial to view the game play. Enjoy the game!

THIEF™ GOLD is a first-person perspective stealth game. It was the first game to use light and sound game play mechanics – different surfaces cause varying noise (for example carpets are quiet and ceramic tiles are very loud). You can use sound to your advantage – it’s not only your main source of information on how close your enemies are but you can use it to distract them, for example by throwing objects. With unscripted levels, and objectives and paths altered based on difficulty settings, THIEF™ GOLD can give you hours of non-repetitive game play.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

RHEM Trilogy for the Mac!

Well, none guessed the game trilogy for tonight (or didn’t found Broken Sword 2 worthy to comment for). Anyway I hope you will like the RHEM Trilogy. Those games really remind me of Real Myst, exploring everything and solving puzzles. The next Episode (Rhem 4 – The Golden Fragments) is already available for for Mac, so if you like it, then you can get that Mac game from Gamersgate as well. I created a video for this trilogy which will explain all the steps to play those 3 RHEM games on your Mac! You can check the video tutorial below. Enjoy!

“By the time you see this message I will have been long gone from RHEM. If fate has kept you a prisoner here I can offer you the opportunity to return to your own world. But I will need your help. In RHEM is a letter I have written to my brother. If you help me get this letter to my brother ZETAIS I can help you get back to your world.”

Download the Wrapper from the game page up here…

Wrapper update World of Tanks Part 2!

I heard some disturbing messages of heavy frame-drops in the last Wrapper update, but in sniper view the frames were good again. This seems to happen with especially higher level tank games. thats why I probably never noticed it with my level 1 and level 2 tanks before. When I tested it with my Level 3 tank, it gave a massive drop as well. So i checked it out, and it has to to with the graphic enhanced driver.  So when I turn this off, the glitches are back for Nvidia and Intel Graphics cards, but frame rates are fixed in that case, and even better then the Wrapper before the frame drop Wrapper. So this Wrapper update has an bright side.

If you however always play level 1 + 2 tank battles, then you can turn the graphics enhanced driver on again doing: Right-click wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> screen settings and select the “3d boost” select-box on. Then start the game and the glitches are gone again but  remember: frame-rates are worse again for level 3 and higher battles.

Tip: To prevent downloading the whole game again in the new Wrapper, you can simply move the folder content from the old Wrapper to the new one. Simply right-click old Wrapper –> show package content –> c_drive/program files -> move the WOT game folder to the desktop –> right-click new wrapper –> show package content –> c_drive/program files –> move game folder from desktop to the  new wrapper location. The double-click wrapper –>  advanced –> browse –> navigate to the game folder and select the game launcher and click choose. Now you start WOT again  using the double-click on the wrapper.

Download the updated wrapper up here…


Giants Citizen Kabuto for the Mac!

Giants Citizen Kabuto is a very popular good old action game which is still available on It took me some testing and tweaking and research to get the game running very nicely on the Mac. For this game I even made a specific video about how to to get the game running and how to tweak it so you can play it in 1920×1080 screen resolution! If it is not enough, the game is on sale this weekend with 50% off, so get it while it is cheap! Enjoy the video instructions below!

Space castaways, the Meccs piloted their ship through space, looking for their missing friends. If you haven’t guessed already, they ended up on the Island. Faced with yet another unscheduled layover while on their way to Planet Majorca, the Meccs decide to make the best of their temporary home. Just their luck – the natives are already embroiled in their own little war, and the Mecc visitors are most unwelcome! Meccaryns… Sea Reapers… Kabuto… One island isn’t big enough for the three of them.

Download the wrapper from the game page here…

POD for the Mac!

[Update 29-March: Fixed the slider now]

As game port for today I have POD Gold (only $5,99 on! This good old science fiction racing game has 32 tracks and 16 customizable cars with a well-implemented vehicle damage system. Play single player or multiplayer with split-screen with your family or friends! Check out the game play trailer below to get an impression of the game.

Customize your own turbo-charged machine and prepare to rip through futuristic environments, subterranean tunnels, abandoned canyons, and surreal post-nuclear landscapes. Link up to eight simultaneous players, just to make things more intense. But be warned: miss a hairpin turn, spin out at 180 miles an hour – make one small mistake – and you’re vapor. And there’s no going back. You’ve got to win the race or die.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

Pinball Pro – Big Race USA Wrapper update!

Another Wrapper update! Pinball Pro – Big Race USA had only a CrossTie and not a Wrapper. So I created a Wrapper for this one as well + a branded icon. Now you can enjoy the game too, when you don’t own Crossover. Have fun!

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…

Big race usa

Red Alert 2 Wrapper update!

Finally a Wrapper update after many months. In this Wrapper there is a mayor performance improvement and I can even play in 1024×768 without noticing lagg on my Nvidia 640M iMac! This Wrapper should also address some installation troubles like “executable not found” when trying to install the game into the Wrapper. I tested the game with the First Decade version, but normally the 2 CD versions should work as well. Enjoy!

– Much better performance (as it should be)
– Should fix some installation troubles
– New branded icon

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…


Incoming + Incoming Forces for the Mac!

Tonight a good old action game called Incoming forces! This game includes “Incoming” as well, which makes the bundle complete so you can now play as Alliens or Humans. Both games were famous for fast-paced action, hordes upon hordes of enemies and incredible, cool and satisfying gameplay – this pack is perfect both for hard core action shooter gamers. Tons of fun included. I strongly advise you to buy Incoming forces on I found a nice gameplay trailer which shows particularly the “Air Gameplay”, which is just one of the modes you can play, besides on land vehicles. Enjoy the game!

Prepare for one of the most action packed-shooters in PC gaming history! Every level is full of enemies and targets for you to destroy! In the first game you will battle alien forces intent on wiping out the Human civilization. As a soldier you will use various vehicles and defend vital bases on Earth against the invaders’ forces. In the second one you will become a soldier of the alien species and protect your home world from the forces of the Human armada.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

World of Tanks Wrapper Update!

Good news, I heard there was an update of the game World of Tanks. So I checked it out and tried to update the Wrapper as well, with great results!! Was abel to fix the glitches on my Nvidia Card iMac, so there was no black hangar and glitchy tanks anymore. In-game the glitches were fixed as well! Played about 5 battles without any glitches or troubles. I even had in some rounds on some moments over 100 fps (with video settings set to minimum)!!! So where are you waiting for?!! Get that Wrapper now, its free!

– Fixed in-game glitches for Nvidia (most likely Intel graphics as well)
– Performance improvements

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…



Battlefield 2 for the Mac!

On many request! Battlefield 2 for the Mac! Game works great, altough you have to set the “landscape” to low in the ingame video settings to avoid small shadow glitches, but for the rest it runs awesome! Get the wrapper straight away from the game-page. Check the video below for the game play!

Lock and load, soldier! Head out to the frontlines of the 21st century with the original Battlefield 2™ plus the Battlefield 2: Special Forces™ Expansion Pack and the two Booster Packs. Unleash the fury of an awesome arsenal in massive online battles featuring the franchise’s legendary multiplayer warfare. Choose an army and enter the fray with laser-designated bombs, wire-guided missiles, sniper rifles, and much more. Roar onto the battlefield in tactical fighters, main battle tanks, four-wheel drive assault buggies, and other advanced vehicles. This is no minor skirmish—this is the ultimate collection of high-tech warfare on the modern battlefield.

Download the wrapper from the game page here…