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Over 25 Steam wrapper updates with Steam Store/Chat fixes.

Good news. I updated over 25 Steam games wrappers which contains fixes for the Steam Store and Steam Chat! I already talked about that 2 weeks back, and made then a few updates, but now over 25 most popular Steam Wrappers have been updated. It is always hard to maintain changes which the Game Client publishers do (Steam/Origin/Uplay/GOG Galaxy). And we always try to keep up, but this is not always possible due to Wine developing (not fixed in Wine yet) or due to lack of time (we not getting to it to fix because of lack of time).

Anyways, I worked down the list from popular games to less popular games. The Wrapper upgrades do not only contain fixes of Steam, but may also improve performance and have bugfixes. If your game(s) is/are in the list I advise to backup the existing wrapper somewhere and delete it in Porting Kit and reinstall the updated port. Enjoy!

List of updated Steam wrappers:
Max Payne
Max Payne 2
Elderscrolls III – Morrowind
Sniper Ghost Warrior 2
Southpark Stick of Truth
Call of Duty – World at War
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Payday the Heist
Payday 2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
NBA 2k14
Sid Meier’s Civilization 3
Knights of Honor
Company of Heroes
Hitman IV – Blood Money
Stronghold Collection
Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander 2
Supreme Commander – Forged Aliance

Have fun with the updated wrappers. The ports will contain an “updated” badge in the Porting Kit.

Imperialism and Imperialism 2 Wrapper updates!

Two more wrapper updates from 2 game classics: Imperialism and Imperialism 2! Both games have now one of the latest Wine engines, and for Imperialism 2 the setup mismatch has been fixed and….the music/error pop-ups problem has been resolved! Thats’s of course great news. With this fix the game is now fully playable without limitations. So if you own the version of the games already, download the  “offline backup setup” files and install the games on the server tab in Porting Kit or use the install links on the website.

Imperialism changes:
– One of latest Wine Engines
– better perfomance
– Fix when Imperialism 2 was in download folder that setup was recognised.

Imperialism 2 changes:
– One of latest Wine Engines
– Setup mismatch fixed
– Bug popup screens/no music fixed!
– better perfomance

Check the game pages on Portingkit here… and here…

Steam Chat en Store Fix getting implemented on Steam ports!

Great news! As you all may know now Windows XP is not supported anymore by Steam. Because of that the Windows version needed to be set to Windows 7 which came with a bug that the store and chat functionality, didn’t work with the Windows 7 version of Steam. This has luckily been addressed in the latest W10 engines Gcex has created for Porting Kit and Wineskin. I managed to update some popular Steam Wrappers already, but it may take a bit to update all Steam wrappers. I hope to have them all done within about 2 months.

Steam Wrapper updates + Fixes:
– Age of Empires 2 HD
– Age of Empires 3 Complete
– Steambuild 1
– Steambuild 2
Bully (Works now also on Intel HD/Iris)
– Company of Heroes
– Warhammer 40K – Dawn of War
– Warhammer 40K – Dawn of War Master Collection
– Warhammer 40K – Dawn of War Soul Storm
– Alien Breed 3D Trilogy

If you have one of these games already installed and want the steam store and Steam chat fixed, then consider a new install of the port. The fixes will be automatically implemented when you  trash the old port and reinstall. Enjoy! A new list of Steam Wrapper updates will follow weekly.

Might & Magic V – Tribes of the East wrapper update!

On many many request I finally found time to look into this port, and fixed the massive performance issue. The port is running in good speed now. So if you own the Heroes V bundle game already (contains Heroes V and Hammers of Fate + Tribes of East DLC), then you can download the Tribes of the East DLC  “Offline backup setup” file and bin files from your game library into your download folder and start the install on the server library or click install on the porting Kit game page… . If you don’t own the game yet, you can buy this game DRM free from the game shop.

Wrapper changes:
– Latest Wine engine.
Slow performance (fixed)
– Small bug fixes

Check out the Porting Kit game page up here…

Wrapper updates: Stronghold Crusader 2 and Trails in the Sky SC and Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

Here a quick post of a few not unimportant games. Both games have separate fixes.

Stronghold Crusader 2
– Updated to latest Wine engine
– Fix of launching the game.
– Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Trails in the Sky SC and Trails in the Sky the 3rd:
– Launch fix. Games needed now to launch with a config file, when this is not saved/set, the game wouldn’t launch. Config as set as main start .exe now.

When you own the games already, download the “offline backup setup files” from your game library into your download folder, and search the game in the Porting Kit and click “install”. or go to the Porting Kit game page up here… for Stronghold Crusader 2 and here for Trails in the Sky SC and Trails in the Sky the 3rd. Click the “Install now” button there.

Don’t own the game yet? Get the games on here…and here…

More Wrapper updates!

More Wrapper updates!

Some more wrapper updates, especially .exe mismatches. Thanks for letting us know! together we can keep this great app up-to-date for all game ports. If you experience that your setup file of the game isn’t recognized automatically, then let is know so we can fix that. Besides setup mismatch fixes, there are a few extra wrapper updates fixing some separate issues those will be explained below.

Setup Mismatch fixes:
Rayman 2
Rayman 3
Tzar – Burden of the Crown
Unreal Tournament 2004
Quest for Glory 1, 2, 3
Space Quest 4

Other wrapper updates:
Darkest Hour (setup mismatch and latest Wine engine containing bugfixes and speed improvements)

Wrappers update: Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Warrior Within, now Intel IRIS/HD compatible!

Great news! With the latest development of Wine a bug which made it not possible to play Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Warrior Within (both now 66% off!) on Intel Iris or on Intel HD, has been resolved! I updated the wrappers with the fix and i tested the games with success. Enjoy these  classics!

Whats new:
– Now compatible with Intel HD and Intel Iris Macs
– Some other bug fixes and performance improvements.

When you own the games already, download the “offline backup setup files” from your game library into your download folder, and search the game in the Porting Kit and click “install”. or go to the Porting Kit game page up here… for Sands of Time and here… for Warrior within and click the “Install now” button there.

Don’t own the game yet? Get the games with 66% discount (it’s on sale now!) on here… and here…

Lots of Wrapper updates!

Lots of Wrapper updates!

And some many more Wrapper updates! updated a lot of setup file names which caused some setup mismatches. Also there was a game which has been changed from DOS version to SCUMVM version. Besides that some other games needing and update to work proper again. If that is enough we updated all the Steambuild wrappers to the unofficial WS10 engine which fixes the Steam Store and Steam Chat with friends. This unofficial WS10 is not applied yet on all Steam games because not all games work properly in the WS10 Engine, so through time we hope to update all Steam wrappers with the fix, but until now we first need to meet up some challenges/bugs to resolve. Stay tuned!

So here a bunch of games received an update:

Setup mismatch fix updates:
Settlers IV
Settlers V
Caesar II
Heroes of Might & Magic 2
Star Wars Rebellion

DOS => ScumVM Fix update:
– Phantasmagoria

Other Wrapper Fixes:
– Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty
Rune Classic
Might & Magic 8

Enjoy the wrapper updates! And oh, get the games cheap up to 90% off while you can on the still running Spring Sale on!

Some port updates and news and coming soon games!

Some port updates and news and coming soon games!

Here some news from our side. It’s bin for all of us a busy period, and Apple doesn’t makes it easy on us to come along with all of their changes, which causes issues we needed to resolve. So here a couple of things going on.

We managed to do some wrapper updates yesterday:
Age of Empires 3 (fixed an expansian of The Asian Dynasties).
Gothic 2 (fixed the setup recognition in the download folder)

New games coming to Porting Kit very soon:
– About 4 more strategic command games
– Bioshock 2 Classic
– Europa Universalis 2

Game port removed:
– Production line (64bit only now, not supported/ported yet, hope in not to long to re-add the game)

If you run into issues with a specific installation, or if the setup file names seems to be changed, please let us know in the contact form. We will try to adjust/fix this as soon as possible. We rely on you guys because we cannot test all 1000+ games regularly, so we need to know it from you guys if you run into it. Thanks in advance!

Brother in Arms Earned in Blood and Hell’s Highway also added to Porting Kit!

A bit late, because they were already added the same week as Road to Hill 30, but Brothers in Arms – earned in Blood and Hell’s  Highway are now available in Porting Kit as well :) Brothers in Arms brings you back to WWII in a true story. Especially the Hell’s Highway episode has the best graphics and makes this game a must have for any WW2 shooter fans. The games are available on and one of the limited games I really played from start to end. Especially for Hell’s Highway, a medium to High-end Mac is recommended. The other 2 runs very smooth on even low-end Macs :)

Get the new added games on the specific game pages here… and here… ow and while I am busy anyways, Road to Hill 30 here…

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