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The Guild 2 Wrapper update!

Because I received a couple of requests to look into the Guild 2 Wrapper, I managed to fix a couple of things when updating it. First I added directplay support, which normally should give multiplayer functionality in combination with hamachi. When trying, make sure firewall is turned off otherwise you cannot see or join a multiplayer game (multiplayer is not tested by functionality is there now). Second, I fixed a mouse bug, which regularly moved the person somewhere else then you clicked. Last but not least it fixes a couple of graphical glitches + a slight performance improvement. Have fun!

– Mouse bug fix
– Slight performance improvement
– Small graphical glitch fixes.
– Directplay support included.
– New Icon

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…

the gild 2

Etherlords Wrapper update!

Another Wrapper update by Ian Pickert concerning Etherlords. This Wrapper update fixes especially problems for Intel Graphics Macs ( a C++ error when launching, and there was a lot of screen flickering when playing the game) Besides that the wineskin version is updated to 2.6.0.

– Fixes for Intel graphics (Flickering & C++ error on launch)
– Updated to Wineskin 2.6.0
– New Icon

Download the updated Wrapper from the game page here…


Thief 3: Deadly Shadows Wrapper update!

I got an e-mail of someone who mentioned the version of Thief 3: Deadly Shadows didn’t work in the Wrapper. It seems the wrapper wasn’t updated yet for the new installer Client of I fixed that in this updated Wrapper. So if you had troubles installing it as well, or you want to play the version of Thief 3 on your Mac. Get the Wrapper from the game page mentioned below and install the game into the Wrapper and play! Enjoy!

– install client fix

Go for the updated Wrapper up here…

thief 3

Monkey Island 3 (Curse of Monkey Island) Wrapper update!

It seems the older wrapper had an issue with changing discs further on in the game. Playing in windowed mode and force eject the cds/disc images didn’t do the trick as well. So I searched around for a hardisk installer or something, and my eyes fell on the free CMI Launcher, which will replace the original launcher with more options including the option to install it on hardisk so you don’t need the CD’s! I now implanted the Launcher in this new Wrapper so you can simply install the game into the Wrapper and play without the CD’s.

Intructions: Download and extract the wrapper from the game page –> Put in drive/mount CD1/Disc image, and doubleclick the wrapper –> a launcher appears and choose “options” –> click on the “Run CMI from harddrive” –> this will ask to install CD 1 (CD install takes about 10 minutes and gives no processbar so be patient) –> Then it will ask for CD 2, install that too –> then it will say installation is finished –> close the options and in the main launcher choose “Play Full Screen” and up you go! I will also make Video Instructions of the process above tonight!

– Fixed switching disc issue with HDD install option
– New Icon

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…

Monkey Island 3

Robocraft Wrapper update!

Another Robocraft Wrapper update.  This one especially who still didn’t know how to update the game. So here it is. The game is free and real fun! Enjoy the new Wrapper!

– Contains latest update

Download the new Wrapper up here…


Trackmania Nations Forever Wrapper update!

I had a question about Trackmania Nations Forever and created an update with a newer engine and I was surprised by the performance and sound fix when testing it on my new (Intel Graphics card) Macbook Air. So I created another full game Wrapper download, which you can download below. Have fun!

– Updated Wine Engine
– Works on Intel HD Graphics
– Some sound fixes

Download the new updated Trackmania Wrapper up here…


Men of War Wrapper update!

Here an update of the Wrapper of Men of War. Here also counts: The engine isn’t changed, only a new Icon and an update Wineskin version. This job including new icon has been done by Ian Pickert. Hope everyone loves the new icon as well :) Ian added that also for this game that it works on his Intel HD 4000 Graphics Macbook as well. Have fun!

– Updated Wineskin to 2.6.0
– New branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper up here…

Men of War

Live for Speed Wrapper Update!

On request, an update of Live for Speed. Live for speed is a very cool racing game in the way of Race07 and BMW M3 Challenge. This update contains the latest version of Live for Speed and contains an updated Wine version as well. The update is as the old one a full Demo version which can be unlocked to the full version in the game itself. Have fun!

– Updated to latest version
– New branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper up here…

live for speed1

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Wrapper update!

It seemed that the latest wrapper had camera issues which caused to freeze the screen. I returned thats why back to the old wrapper. I switched back to Wrapper only to save bandwidth for this popular kind of games so I can use that with the coming new Application. So you still need to download the latest demo version from the Truck Simulator 2 site and install it into the Wrapper and play!

– Fixed Camera freeze issue
– Wrapper only (to save bandwidth)

Download the Wrapper from the game page up here…

eurotruck sim 2

Gray Matter Wrapper update!

I am back from holidays, so I can do some porting stuff again. It’s late here now so I can’t do much today, except to make a little start with a Wrapper update of a game which has been released on too now called Gray Matter. The version needed an extra tweak in the Wrapper in order to make the install Client to work, so I implanted this into the Wrapper and re-uploaded it. In not very long all will be much easier, but for now you can simply download the Wrapper and install the game into Wrapper and play! Even more cool is that untill tomorrow (about 24 hours left) the game is 60% off and now only $3,99! So, get Gray Matter cheap now you can. Enjoy!

– Compatible with the installer

Get the Wrapper from the game page up here…

gray matter

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