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Oddworld Strangers Wrath Wrapper update!

There are still a few dozen of games for which I had no back-up and the wrapper went lost because of the Open Drive issue last week. For those I am making new updated wrappers, for example Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD. Wrapper was missing and now I made an update of the Wrapper including a new cool branded icon. Enjoy!

– Updated Wine Engine
– New branded Icon.

Download the Wrapper from the game page here…


GTA 2 Wrapper update!

Nice Wrapper update for today! When I was busy with some file managing I thought ” Hey, lets recheck GTA2 with some newer Wine engines” and with an awesome result. Fixed almost everything to a native Mac game! Only minor issue left is when hosting a multiplayer game, that you cannot close/leave the “game room” without restarting the game. For the rest it runs great!! Enjoy!

– Fix intro movie
– Fix bug that game won’t start after opening GTA2 manager
– OpenGL mode (faster)
– Standard in highest resolution (1024×768 for GTA2)
– branded icon

Get the updated GTA 2 wrapper from the game page here…

gta 21

Tomb Raider IV + V Wrapper update!

Someone mentioned that he experienced a gdi.dll error message while installing the Tomb Raider IV + V into the Wrappers which indicates that the wrapper wasn’t provided with a install client fix. So I updated the Wrapper with a fix for that and updated the game for some better performance including testing the game on my Intel HD 4000 GFX card Macbook which worked great! So get the updated Wrapper and play these old classics again on your Mac!

– Updated Engines
– Glitch fix for some Intel GFX Cards
– Some small bug fixes
– client fixes
– New branded Icons

Get the updated Wrappers from the game pages here… and here…

tomb raidertomb raider 5

World of Tanks Wrapper update!

Alright, after many requests to look into the World of Tanks Wrapper for the latest 9.3 World of Tanks update, I proudly announce the new update! I have tested the new Wrapper on my Nvidia 640M iMac, on my AMD Radeon 6770M iMac and on my intel HD 4000 Graphics card Macbook Air, and I was amazed by the results. To start with the AMD Radeon 6770M iMac, I had depending on the game about 60-80fps and was as expected comparing in ealier wrappers. The Nvidia 640M iMac was the the one with the littlest improvements, but still about 40fps.  I was the most amazed by the performance of my Macbook Air with Intel HD 4000. I played 4 games in a row, with no issues and a average framerate between 40-50fps!! So yeah, the game is now also great to play with (the newer) low end Macbooks! Enjoy!

It seems the launcher process is still active after playing. You can off course end the process in activities, but there is a more easy way. After updating the game, change the start executable to worldoftanks.exe (right click wrapper —> show package content —> wineskin —> advanced —> browse —> navigate to game folder and select the worldoftanks.exe file mentioned and click choose. This launches the game straight away and avoids ending the launcher process after you exit the game.

– Fix white screen when zooming in WOT version 9.3
– Great performance on Macbook air Intel HD 4000
– No more freezing when returning to garage after a battle
– No more glitches as far I can see

Get the new Wrapper up here…


Battlefield Vietnam Wrapper update!

Here an update of Battlefield Vietnam Wrapper! In this update the game will run smoother and better. I also made a hand written instruction manual for the installation as well. It also will contain the latest Wineskin version including updated Wine engine. Hope you will enjoy the game as much as I do! Have fun!

– Better performance
– Updated Wineskin + Engine
– New branded icon

Download the new wrapper from the game page up here…


Anno 2070 Wrapper update

There was a strange bug on the Anno 2070 Wrapper that for some the wrapper crashed when logging into Uplay. The wierd thing was, there was not a good reason why it would crash. So I tried some stuff and somehow I got it working. It seemed to work also for another guy with the issue. So here we are!

– Fix for error at launching Uplay

Download the new Wrapper from the game page up here…


Anno 2070 Wrapper update!

Great news! Because of an tip from Sebastian Leitner, who told me that Ubisoft did some changes with the game and with Uplay, which makes the game runs very nice! He said that the game runs almost native Windows and only had a soundbug which I solved with this Wrapper update. I tested the game myself and I agree it runs quite well. I made a new video tutorial as well for the game + some gameplay to show the performance. Enjoy!

– Better performance
– Soundbug fix

Download the new Wrapper from the game page up here…

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophesy) Wrapper update!

Fahrenheit has got an Wrapper update today. The update contains an update Wine engine with Mac Driver support. This makes the game even more stable for different GFX cards. It also has a new branded Icon. Enjoy this amazing detective adventure game!

– Updated Engine
– some bug fixes
– New branded Icon

Get the new Wrapper from the game page up here…


Call of Duty 5: World at War for Mac!

Today a re-port of Call of Duty World at War to the Mac! I had a very old Wrapper, and now I have a Steambuild (Steambuild1bd3d) ready which can play this amazing game on your Mac. I played the game on my Nvidia 640M and runs quite neat! I tested a whole mission without any problems. A video tutorial + some game-play will follow in a few hours. Enjoy!

Simply Download the Steambuild1bd3d Wrapper, and login into the Windows Steam and add the Steam serial of the Windows game of Call of Duty 5 World at War and download and play!

The game’s return to World War II-era warfare reintroduces weapons and technology that have been seen in other games in the Call of Duty franchise, including the Thompson submachine gun, the M1 Garand Rifle, the Mosin–Nagant rifle, and the Panzerschreck anti-tank rocket launcher. The player gains access to these over the course of the game, but may only carry up to two weapons in addition to hand grenades. Weapons and ammo from fallen foes or friendlies can be picked up to replace weapons in a player’s arsenal. Players can also find weapons with additional attachments, including guns equipped with rifle grenades, telescopic sights, and bayonets.

Download the Steambuild wrapper up here…

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

The Wrapper of Dreamfall: the Longest Journey was so old that it didn’t had the fix for the install client. So I updated the game with a newer engine and a new branded icon. Enjoy!

– Fix for client
– Updated Wineskin
– New branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper from the game page up here…


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