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Trackmania Nations Forever Wrapper update!

I had a question about Trackmania Nations Forever and created an update with a newer engine and I was surprised by the performance and sound fix when testing it on my new (Intel Graphics card) Macbook Air. So I created another full game Wrapper download, which you can download below. Have fun!

– Updated Wine Engine
– Works on Intel HD Graphics
– Some sound fixes

Download the new updated Trackmania Wrapper up here…


Men of War Wrapper update!

Here an update of the Wrapper of Men of War. Here also counts: The engine isn’t changed, only a new Icon and an update Wineskin version. This job including new icon has been done by Ian Pickert. Hope everyone loves the new icon as well :) Ian added that also for this game that it works on his Intel HD 4000 Graphics Macbook as well. Have fun!

– Updated Wineskin to 2.6.0
– New branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper up here…

Men of War

Live for Speed Wrapper Update!

On request, an update of Live for Speed. Live for speed is a very cool racing game in the way of Race07 and BMW M3 Challenge. This update contains the latest version of Live for Speed and contains an updated Wine version as well. The update is as the old one a full Demo version which can be unlocked to the full version in the game itself. Have fun!

– Updated to latest version
– New branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper up here…

live for speed1

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Wrapper update!

It seemed that the latest wrapper had camera issues which caused to freeze the screen. I returned thats why back to the old wrapper. I switched back to Wrapper only to save bandwidth for this popular kind of games so I can use that with the coming new Application. So you still need to download the latest demo version from the Truck Simulator 2 site and install it into the Wrapper and play!

– Fixed Camera freeze issue
– Wrapper only (to save bandwidth)

Download the Wrapper from the game page up here…

eurotruck sim 2

Gray Matter Wrapper update!

I am back from holidays, so I can do some porting stuff again. It’s late here now so I can’t do much today, except to make a little start with a Wrapper update of a game which has been released on too now called Gray Matter. The version needed an extra tweak in the Wrapper in order to make the install Client to work, so I implanted this into the Wrapper and re-uploaded it. In not very long all will be much easier, but for now you can simply download the Wrapper and install the game into Wrapper and play! Even more cool is that untill tomorrow (about 24 hours left) the game is 60% off and now only $3,99! So, get Gray Matter cheap now you can. Enjoy!

– Compatible with the installer

Get the Wrapper from the game page up here…

gray matter

Sudden Strike 2 Wrapper update!

This amazing strategy game is very popular on, however the file is about 800 MB large and it was hosted on Filefactory which late gives only trouble. Besides that, the free download takes a few hours to download. I found an alternative file host which will do the big file trick for the time being before the new application gets launched (that will make all those big wrapper downloads unnecessary). So, for the ones who gave up when they saw the long download time, here a re-chance to download this amazing game! Have fun!

– Updated Wineskin version
– Much faster download speed on new file-host
– New branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper up here…

sudden strike 2

Amiga Wrapper update!

Amiga isn’t dead as many people think. At least not in the Amiga fan’s hearts, and not on the Mac! Because we still have the Amiga Wrapper!! This Project took me a couple of weeks to accomplish and for me very important as I grew up with it. It’s always nice to hear from people that they were looking for this application everywhere and finally stumbled on it on my site. Check out the project page to see the demonstration video for good old times. This Wrapper is one of the 3 Premium games on my website and can be obtained when becoming a Silver Premium Member and a proof of purchase of Amiga Forever (Because of the licensed ROMS). The valued Edition is already sufficient. Enjoy this amazing Wrapper!

– Tested and works even on OSX 10.10 Yosimite!
– New Icon

To get premium go up here…

amiga 3

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Wrapper update!

On request, and he was right that this game was drift away a little bit to the background: an update of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Wrapper. I preinstalled the game back into the wrapper so it is a simple full download of the Demo game which can be unlocked to the full version using a serial of Gamersgate (not a Steam key). If you have the Steam version, then use Steambuild1 of the Steam Wrappers.

– Latest update of the game
– Full demo Wrapper download
– New icon

Get the new Wrapper from the game page up here…

euro truck sim

Alexander the Great Wrapper update!

Alexander the Great was long on the todo list to update and where to make an update of the game page as well (as one of the Startopia pages).  So I updated both the Wrapper as the game page now. The Wrapper has the latest wineskin version and performance improvements, some bug fixes + new icon. Enjoy the new Wrapper!

– Speed improvement
– Some glitch bug fixes.
– New Icon

Download the new wrapper up here…

Alexander the great

Spellforce Platinum Wrapper update!

I saw this one on sale on (80% off), so I thought by myself, hey this game needs an update of well because of the age of the Wrapper. The old wrapper wasn’t updated for the setup client, needed a new Icon and the latest Wine engines fixed a load bug as well. So here we are, the new Wrapper update for Spellforce Platinum!

– Updated for version
– Some load/save bug fixes
– Latest Wineskin version
– New icon

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…

Spellforce platinum

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