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Robocraft Wrapper update!

Another Robocraft Wrapper update. I already put it in place on the game page a few days back, but didn’t made a blog post of it yet. So here it is. It has some mayor speed improvements as well which I noticed when I played a couple of multiplayer games. Its real fun! Enjoy the new Wrapper!

– Contains latest update
– Fix for a crash with updating with latest game update.
– Updated Wine Engine

Download the latest Wrapper up here…


World of Tanks Release 9.1 Video Update!

Here a video of the gameplay on my Nvidia 640M iMac. I mentioned in the Wrapper update already about the gameplay, and here is the video to support it. I played 2 games in the video, and as you may find out the fps is a little bit dependent on the map as well and it also shows that the game doesn’t crash or freeze anymore after a battle on my iMac. So sit back and enjoy the video!

World of Tanks Wrapper Update!

World of Tanks 9.1 has been released with again some mayor GFX improvements luckily for us :) It seems that the latest Wrappers which I released last week doesn’t work anymore with the latest update, but the older Wrapper is working fine now again!

I had lots of internet issues at home so it took me 4 hours to get the update done. So sorry I am a bit later then I was planning. So finally at the end I tested the Wrapper on my Nvidia 640M and I was amazed by the speed. I even reached over 100 FPS in sniper mode and between 40-80 FPS average in game.  I was stunned! This because I never got those values on my Nvidia Mac. I don’t know how it is with Intel graphics Macs, but I am expecting same kind of results. I Played about 8 quick test battles. I was dead quite quickly with my bold approach…:P I had chosen some bad tanks to play with as well, because I heard regularly with full hits ” We didn’t even scratched them”, which was quite frustrating to hear!  Anyway, I am glad to announce the best performing WOT Wrapper until now! Have fun!

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here….


Robocraft Wrapper update!

It looks like that the game RoboCraft is starting to advance quite fast in development. I got a message in my mailbox about a new release with “Air Supremacy” update which makes it possible to fly around the map with your own created machine. I also took advantage of the update to remove my account info :-P, and update it to the latest version. I also changed the icon a little bit to make it even better. In short, download this new baby and make a brilliant design and start blow things op!

–  Update to latest version of the game
–  Improved icon

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…


World of Tanks Wrapper update!

Finally after a long while of failure and issues I have here finally a properly working World of Tanks Wrapper! It works quite well on my AMD radeon 512mb GFX card and have about 40-60 fps. So I was quite happy with it. The catch however is that it still works quite crappy on Intel Graphics and Nvidia cards. So it is only good playable for AMD Radeon cards only. But I hope to have an Intel and Nvidia wrapper soon as well. So check the blog regularly if there is an update for the Nvidia/Intel graphics Wrapper. Enjoy!

– Fix crash after a battle for AMD Radeon Macs

Download the AMD Radeon Wrapper from the game page up here…


18 Wheels of Steel Long Haul Wrapper update!

A new Wrapper update for 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul! It contains not many changes, but the file is hosted on mediafire now and the file is a zip file instead of a dmg file at the moment. Also there is a new branded icon and a new banner inside the Wrapper. Enjoy this amazing game!

– File is zipped now instead of .dmg
– New branded icon
– Hosted on Mediafire now

Get the new Wrapper from the game page up here…

Long Haul

Medieval 2 Total War Wrapper update!

There were some issues in the past with the gamersgate downloader. I fixed those in the past as well but since a while ago that fix blocked the game from being downloaded with the latest changes on the download client of Gamersgate. Well, I fixed that now (Thanks for letting me know), and  the message “Failed to sign in: An error occurred in the secure channel support” should be gone forever. So for the ones who experienced that problem, redownload the wrapper straight away!! Oh and I added a new paulthetall branded icon as well. Enjoy!

– Fixed Gamersgate download client issue
– New Paulthetall branded Icon
– Updated Wineskin

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…


Donkey Kong Craze (Remake) for Mac!

Remember Donkey Kong 1 + 2 Remake on the Nintendo? Now play it on your Mac! Choose between a classic Donkey Kong remake, with all the original levels or Donkey Kong Kong 2! A game-play video you will find here below. Enjoy and have a great mothers day!

The Donkey Kong Craze game has been developed by the Acoders team as a sequel for the classic game featuring pretty much the same speeds and jumps, animations etc. to make it as faithful as possible to the original release. The game also includes scenes from the unofficial sequel called Donkey Kong 2: Jumpman Returns to give the avid players a taste of what’s going to come.

Get this amazing free game on the game page here…

Far Cry 2 Wrapper update!

It seems that the Wrapper of Far Cry 2 was taken down from filefactory without any good grounds, and I had no back-up of it. So I re-ported the game today and added the new Wrapper on the Far Cry 2 game page. This new Wrapper has some speed improvements, small bug fixes and a new Icon. Enjoy the game!

– Speed improvements
– Small bug fixes
– New icon

Get the Wrapper from the game page up here…

far cry 2

Ship Simulator Extremes Wrapper update!

On request a Wrapper update of Shipsim Extremes. This Wrapper update should fix some bugs and contains a new icon. Ship Simulator Extremes is one of the best ship simulators ever created!

– Some bug fixes
– Updated Wineskin version
– New branded Icon

Get the new Wrapper from the game page up here…

Ship Simulator Extremes

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