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Pinball Pro – Big Race USA Wrapper update!

Another Wrapper update! Pinball Pro – Big Race USA had only a CrossTie and not a Wrapper. So I created a Wrapper for this one as well + a branded icon. Now you can enjoy the game too, when you don’t own Crossover. Have fun!

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…

Big race usa

Red Alert 2 Wrapper update!

Finally a Wrapper update after many months. In this Wrapper there is a mayor performance improvement and I can even play in 1024×768 without noticing lagg on my Nvidia 640M iMac! This Wrapper should also address some installation troubles like “executable not found” when trying to install the game into the Wrapper. I tested the game with the First Decade version, but normally the 2 CD versions should work as well. Enjoy!

– Much better performance (as it should be)
– Should fix some installation troubles
– New branded icon

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Wrapper Update!

[Edit 27-3] Uploaded a new Wrapper what fixes the freeze when changing camera view! So get the new Wrapper when you have the bad one from yesterday!

On request! An update for the full game (Demo, which can be unlocked to the full version by a serial) of Euro Truck Simulator 2! The Wrapper demo version is now updated to the latest build 1.9.22. The file is now a 1.1 gb download file and I hosted it on Filefactory (the standard place now for bigger files).

Remember to scroll down and click the “slow download” and de-select the filefactory download manager selectbox, otherwise the download will be a .exe file instead of the zip file what it supposed to be. After download it is a matter of extract and play!

Get the new pre-installed Wrapper from the game page here…

eurotruck sim 2

Rayman 3 Wrapper update!

I got an email of a user who mentioned a crash at startup when starting Rayman 3 ( version). So I checked it out and with the latest installer, it has a wierd installer issue and it crashed on startup as well. So I fixed the Wrapper so it works with the latest installer and also added a branded icon to make it complete. Enjoy the game!

Download the new Wrapper from the game page here…

rayman 3

New Steam Wrapper!

After receiving an email about some sound issues for some users with some games, I updated the Steam Wrapper with a fix for that. Besides that I changed all Steam game pages with an option for downloading the  Steam Wrapper including the info which Steam Wrapper to use. The updated Wrappers are: Steambuild1, SteambuildGLSL and Steambuildx11. So if you experienced sound issues or crashes on startup while the game page mentioned that Steambuild1 should work, then try the new Steam Wrappers. Enjoy! Remember that Crossover may have also 1-click installers (crossties) for the specific games of your choice.

– Fixed sound (or crashes) which may have appeared for some games.

Get the new Steam wrappers up here…


Wrappers for Red Faction + Red Faction 2!

More Wrappers! I ported those 2 games in the past but after the website migration those Wrappers were lost and I had my hands full with other things at that time. And yes, yesterday I found a spot to look into Red Faction and Red Faction 2 again which had only CrossTies, and now the Wrappers are back! Better and faster! Enjoy those two games!

Get the Red Faction Wrapper here… and the Red Faction 2 Wrapper here…

Red Faction red faction 2

Virtual Skipper 5 re-release

Someone asked me about the Virtual Skipper 5 page, that it wasn’t updated and had no Wrapper for download. Well, I changed that and even created a CrossTie so it works in Crossover as well! Multiplayer unfortunately isn’t working, but the rest with single-player and races and courses works just fine. Its real fun for skippers and everyone who likes sailing. Enjoy this one!

Download the new Wrapper/CrossTie up here…

Virtual Skipper 5

Updated Steam Wrappers (already)!

Well, the Engines weren’t even a few hours online and there are already new ones! There were some issues with them, so I had to fix them. Besides that a new new is added: Steambuild1b! This one is added because steambuild1 has (Now with the latest version) a speed/graphic tweak in it which may increase performance massively and fixes some graphical glitches in some games for some video cards like for example in “Ducktales Remastered“. With a normal wrapper this game is unplayable on Nvidia cards, but with the latest Steambuild1, this one works fine. However, with good things comes bad things! This tweak may cause speed and graphical glitches which aren’t on a “non-speed tweaked wrapper”, so when you experience that, move to Steambuild1b.

–    Steambuild1b: Try this one when Steambuild1 is slow and or has graphic glitches

These Steambuild Wrappers might also work with other games not mentioned on this website. If that is the case, please let me know using the contact form. This info is highly appreciated, so I can add the game to the catalog and other people may benefit of this info as well. Because of the file size the Wrappers are 7ziped, use an un-archiver like the free KEKA to extract the 7zip files. The specific steam games pages will receive/be updated with info and links to the specific Steam Wrappers coming days. Enjoy!!!

Get the new Wrappers up here… and the instruction document here…


World in Conflict Wrapper update!

A very nice Wrapper update and CrossTie is made available for you guys tonight. Someone was so kind to test World in Conflict with one of the latest Wine engines and we troubleshooted the game and made it fully functioning now! There were in the past some “freeze” issues in the game after playing about 30 minutes for a lot of people, that is fixed now for the normal game! He was also so kind to test the Modern Warfare Mod in the Wrapper which worked great as well using medium graphical settings.

– CrossTie available!
– Fixed freeze issue (after about 30 minutes play) what may appear
– New branded icon

Get the new wrapper from the game page here…


Gobliiins Triology Wrapper update!

Made a wrapper update for Gobliins Triology as well! This one wasn’t OSX 10.8.2 compatible yet and I added a new branded icon as well.

OSX 10.8.2+ compatible
– New branded Icon

Download the new wrapper from the game page up here…


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