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Updated Steam Wrappers (already)!

Well, the Engines weren’t even a few hours online and there are already new ones! There were some issues with them, so I had to fix them. Besides that a new new is added: Steambuild1b! This one is added because steambuild1 has (Now with the latest version) a speed/graphic tweak in it which may increase performance massively and fixes some graphical glitches in some games for some video cards like for example in “Ducktales Remastered“. With a normal wrapper this game is unplayable on Nvidia cards, but with the latest Steambuild1, this one works fine. However, with good things comes bad things! This tweak may cause speed and graphical glitches which aren’t on a “non-speed tweaked wrapper”, so when you experience that, move to Steambuild1b.

–    Steambuild1b: Try this one when Steambuild1 is slow and or has graphic glitches

These Steambuild Wrappers might also work with other games not mentioned on this website. If that is the case, please let me know using the contact form. This info is highly appreciated, so I can add the game to the catalog and other people may benefit of this info as well. Because of the file size the Wrappers are 7ziped, use an un-archiver like the free KEKA to extract the 7zip files. The specific steam games pages will receive/be updated with info and links to the specific Steam Wrappers coming days. Enjoy!!!

Get the new Wrappers up here… and the instruction document here…


World in Conflict Wrapper update!

A very nice Wrapper update and CrossTie is made available for you guys tonight. Someone was so kind to test World in Conflict with one of the latest Wine engines and we troubleshooted the game and made it fully functioning now! There were in the past some “freeze” issues in the game after playing about 30 minutes for a lot of people, that is fixed now for the normal game! He was also so kind to test the Modern Warfare Mod in the Wrapper which worked great as well using medium graphical settings.

– CrossTie available!
– Fixed freeze issue (after about 30 minutes play) what may appear
– New branded icon

Get the new wrapper from the game page here…


Gobliiins Triology Wrapper update!

Made a wrapper update for Gobliins Triology as well! This one wasn’t OSX 10.8.2 compatible yet and I added a new branded icon as well.

OSX 10.8.2+ compatible
– New branded Icon

Download the new wrapper from the game page up here…


Broken Sword 4 Wrapper update!

On the forum there was mentioned about the Broken Sword 4 version, that the installer client didn’t run in the wrapper. That was correctly mentioned because I own the Gamersgate version and didn’t test the version. So I quickly fixed that issue in this wrapper update. Allong with that I made a new icon for the game as well. Enjoy!

GOG version compatible now
– New branded Icon

Download the new wrapper from the game page up here…

Broken sword 4

Payday the Heist Wrapper update!

For many people this wrapper update is a “finally”.  The last wrapper was more then 1.5 years old and has some specific issues like dark sky, and with the latest update of the windows Steam, the steam client wouldn’t launch. Well that stuff is fixed in this new wrapper. Hope you guys will enjoy it!

– Fix black sky
– Steam client latest update fix
– Paulthetall branded Icon

Download the new Wrapper from the gamepage up here…


Wrapper update + new Video Serious Sam 1st Encounter!

This game needed a wrapper updated because Steam didn’t work anymore in that older Wrapper since the latest update of Steam. The version still worked in the wrapper of course, but if you owned the Gamersgate version of the game then this wrapper update is a welcome suprise :) As a bonus Ian Pickert made a new video of it as well.

– Some performance improvements
– New Video
– Steam version fixed
– branded Icon

Get the new wrapper from the game page up here…

serious Sam first encounter

GTA 1 Wrapper update!

There seemed to be a bug going on in GTA 1, which also influenced the wrapper. It prevented the game from re-launching it again. This should address the issue and the wrapper should be totally fixed now :) Enjoy!

– Fixed launch bug

Download the new wrapper from the game page up here…


Extra Video + Wrapper update Rome TW 2!

As promised (a day later as planned) the video of the gameplay of Rome Total War 2, which works very good (if at least you have a good GFX card and at least 4GB+ RAM)! I advise to set the settings not higher then medium and In the video it would been smarter of me to keep the lower resolution which costed extra loading time :P. I updated the wrapper as well, because it had not the branded Rome Total War 2 icon. Enjoy! Check out the video below or on the game page.

Game page can be found here…

Trackmania Nations Forever Wrapper update!

We all agree that a full game download is better then a Steam wrapper which can cause issues. Besides that the latest wrapper had a sound issue (Engine sound of the car was gone). So I relooked into the matter and made the game non-steam again and fixed the problem with sound and kept the fix intact of the slowdown after one race on Nvidia cards. Played about 20 races without any slowdowns and with sound FX :) Enjoy the new wrapper with TM Nations Forever pre-installed!

– Fixed sound FX issue
– A full game download once again
– Fixed slowdowns after one race for Nvidia cards.

Get the new wrapper from the gamepage up here…

tm nations

Titan Quest Wrapper update!

There were some issues with the last wrapper of Titan Quest, I hope they are fixed for everyone now with this new wrapper. On My AMD Radeon this wrapper works awesome! The (few) graphic glitches which were in the old wrapper are gone here and I played 30 minutes without any trouble (except dying a couple of times in the game :P), if you already own the game and experienced some issues get this wrapper straight away, and if you didn’t knew the game was ported, get Titan Quest on Gamersgate right away (75% off right now!!!!) and install it into the wrapper!

– Fixed glitches (on AMD Radeon at least)
– Should resolve the crashes as well some Macs experienced.
– New branded Icon

Get the new wrapper from the gamepage up here…

titan quest

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