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C&C Red Alert 2 Wrapper update!

Great news! Past weekend I did another update for Red Alert 2 with great performance boost and fixes. No more issues with resolutions, great speed, just as it used to be. The extra files mentioned in the description (zip file + moving the files (not folder) into the Red Alert 2 Game folder after installation of the game in Origin, are still required! Game runs awesome now! I am still working adding more multiplayer functionality using CCnet or others, but that’s still on my todo list. Enjoy!

Whats new?:
– Performace Improvements
– Fix for possible freezes in 1024×768 resolutions

You can find the updated wrapper in Porting Kit on the server tab, or go to the game page here…

Banished Wrapper update with “music fix”!

Here another quick heads up! We updated the Banished (32bit) wrapper with a Music Fix. As you may know the recent port of course had sounds, but no music. This has been fixed now as well. Enjoy Banished in it’s full glory now, with sound and music! How to update? Trash or backup/move the old wrapper out of the applications\games folder and download the 32 bit Banished  GOG setup file into your download folder. Then in Porting Kit search the updated game on the server tab and install and play!

What’s new:
– Music fix!

Check out the game page on porting kit up here…

Star Wars – Battlefront 2 Wrapper update!

I got some mails from people who tried to install Star Wars Battlefront 2, into Porting Kit, but it didn’t work anymore because first the setup was not automatically recognized + main exe path was changed + a new dll was required. All of this has to do with a recent update of the game on They released new installers with multiplayer support using GOG Galaxy (which is not available yet in Porting kit) and changed the setup files of the “Battle Front 2 Classic XP/Vista (no multiplayer)” version (which is supported in Porting Kit).

So, to play the game in Porting Kit you need to download the “Battle Front 2 Classic XP/Vista” setup files (not the ones for multiplayer) and let porting Kit install it and start the fun. We are looking to the Multiplayer Galaxy support version, but until then use the one mentioned above.

– Fixed auto-detect GOG setup file
– Updated main path .exe
– Fixed startup issue (extra binkw32.dll required)

Go to the game page on up here…

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Wrapper update.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky seemed to have an issue with the launcher with the latest version of the game (asks for serial). This has been addressed and now contains 2 shortcuts. One for the Launcher and one for the main game. In the Launcher you can set language and a few more settings, while you can launch the game itself in the main game shortcut. Have fun!

– Extra shortcut for the main game exe + fix

Go to the game page here…

Some more news and Gwent fixed!

Ok, there is a lot going on at the moment considering High Sierra, so sorry for some days without blogposts. We found out that the open beta release of High Sierra 10.13 is a complete mess :P also for PK. So absolutely don’t update to High Sierra yet. It looks like thinks are fixed in 10.13.1 (beta). So at least wait for 10.13.1 and out green light to update.

Next to that we are working hard on an upgraded Wineskin which will be called Wineskin Navy. Which will be contain some important extras which is needed to fix for example killing the Pre-loader processes properly in the Winestaging engines and will through time be revamped and improved more and more fitting for Porting Kit.

Meanwhile we found a fix for Gwent (thanks for tip BTL) and updated the wrapper.

Go to the Gwent game page up here…

Knights of Honor Steam source added

It seems the Gamersgate version of Knights of Honor is not available anymore, so I added the Steam version of Knights of Honor. On Kinguin the game is only $3,65, so if you like the classic don’t hesitate get it there. The Gamersgate source will be kept available for now, for the people who still own the Gamersgate version. Have fun!

– New game Icon (see below)
– Steam source added of Knights of Honor

Go to the game page up here…

Age of Empires 3 Wrapper update!

here a quick wrapper update of Age of Empires 3. It seems that after the massive wrapper updates of the Steam games to an updated Steam fix, that Age of Empires 3 had a bug in the specific Wine Engine. The serial couldn’t be added in full (only 4 of the 5 characters) in the fields. This is fixed in this update. Enjoy the game!

– Fixed bug with serial input at start of the game.

Get the game cheap here… and go to the Age of Empires 3 game page up here…

The Legend of Heroes – Trails in the Sky Wrapper update!

Now I was busy on the The Legend of Heroes Trails on the Sky SC and Trails on the Sky the 3rd games, I re-looked in the first game as well to fix the video issue in the start after Joshua starts telling in bed when he is hurt. That problem is now totally gone and makes the port as good as native Windows! Yes, thats right! So if you Like YS and RPG games like Final Fantasy, then this is the perfect mix :) Get the Trails of the Sky game on up here…

– Fixed video bug in the start of the game (only music with black screen)

Go to the Trails to the Sky game page up here…

Might and Magic 7 for Mac

Now we are adding existing wrappers to Porting Kit anyways, I also added Might and Magic VII – For Blood and Honor to the Porting Kit. If you own Crossover run the Crosstie here… to install it on your Mac.

Game description:
To experience great adventures, you’ll have to take a step back in time. Might and Magic VII – For Blood and Honor brings back the fantasy role-playing genre with an enhanced game engine and thrilling gameplay. It brings to life a fantasy world replete with fearsome dragons, horrifying monsters and exotic races. This game has everything the experienced role-player desires, including new character classes, skills, spells, magic items and a compelling story that will keep you absorbed for hours on end.

Check the original game post for install instructions up here…



C&C Tiberian Dawn update + video tutorial!

Awesome news!! We finally made the free C&C Tiberian Dawn stable! Earlier the port was crashing regularly which was made it quite annoying in longplay. but now those horrors are over! With the latest update, the game is steady and stable! Yes that’s right, play this awesome classic again on your Mac including multiplayer options and all extra goodies! Considering that this free game port was part of the “Premium/VIP” games set, please consider donating to the project (thanks in advance!).

To make it even more complete, the game got a clear video tutorial including some gameplay to show every step from scratch to end how to play it in a few simple steps on your Mac! Enjoy!

Ge this game on the Porting Kit page up here…

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