Cities in Motion Collection released on!

Cities in Motion Collection has been released DRM free on Thats great news! The game is available in 3 flavors: Cities in Motion standalone, or the complete collection, and of course the upgrade pack to upgrade from the stand alone version to the complete collection. Even better news is the game is discounted with 75%!!! So this means only $4,99 for the standalone game and $12,99 for the complete collection! Be fast because the 75% discounts lasts until coming thueseday!

Take a city-building game – zoom in on a single aspect, and you’ll find yourself left with what is arguably one of the most engaging takes on managing a city: public transport. That is, in a nutshell, what Cities in Motion is all about. You’re in charge of just your very own branch of the local city government – whether you’re dealing with a bustling metropolis or an aging European city, there’s no reason to worry about the distractions – you have one job: keep the city in motion. It’s a business sim unlike any other in which you’ll have unprecedented focus and tools to plan the most efficient routes for your buses, trams, trains and metro in the largest, busiest cities of the world.

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