Civilization 2 for Mac!

To make the total series of Civilization for Mac complete: here Civilization 2 for Mac!! As you know Civilization and Civilization 3, Civilization IV and Civilization V were already available for Mac, but today I make the Wrapper for Civilization II available. Check out also one of the other over thousands game ports on

Game Description:
Sid Meier’s Civilization II is a turn-based strategy video game developed and published by MicroProse. Civilization II is similar to the first Civilization, with some changes to the various units, civilizations, world wonders, tile “specials” and technologies. The graphics were changed from a top-down view to an isometric representation. Rivers no longer occupy the whole of each tile along their length; instead, they are part of each topography square through which they flow, adding productive value, defensive bonuses and movement ability. The AI was improved as well, including the elimination of most random events by now making the computer player go through the same production requirements as the human player. Enjoy this amazing game on your Mac!

Installation is quite simple:
1. Go to the Civilization 2 Mac page…
2. Download Porting Kit and open it.
3. Click install on the Civilization 2 Mac page and let Porting Kit install the game.
4. Click “Play” in Porting Kit.

Have fun!

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the hard work. However, your porting kit for Civ II doesn’t work for Mac OS Catalina and above… Can we expect a fix for this?

  2. Here’s the actual error message during installation, while ‘creating wine prefix’:

    Error while listing folder contents: dosdevices doesn’t exist.

  3. The installation failed.
    Wine prefix creation failed: kernel32.dll not found

    And here’s the log:

    2021-08-01 15:31:41.01200 – INFO: Downloading wrapper (if needed)
    2021-08-01 15:31:43.03200 – INFO: Downloading WS11WineCX19.0.2-3…
    2021-08-01 15:31:43.30000 – INFO: Copying wrapper to /var/folders/pc/7z5_1pxd04xfzpvx_7thbwrr0000gn/T/
    2021-08-01 15:31:44.84700 – INFO: Starting action: setEngine
    2021-08-01 15:31:44.85000 – INFO: Installing engine: WS11WineCX19.0.2-3
    2021-08-01 15:34:54.11800 – ERROR: Wine prefix creation failed: kernel32.dll not found
    Error: Wine prefix creation failed: kernel32.dll not found
    at file:///Applications/
    at file:///Applications/

  4. In your video you reference using gameswin for the games files. I have a windows version of the ISO, but not all the files extracted. WIll this work? is there another place to get it?

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