Civilization V Gods & Kings (Expansion) for Mac OSX

Game Details:

This game is now native released for the Mac by the publisher Aspyr. The port is not available because of the native Mac release of Civilization V Gods & Kings (Requires Civilization V). Simply go to this link get the game (steam serial) and add the serial into the Mac Steam and download and play! Have fun!

Check also the game port Civilization III and the Native Mac version of Civilization IV: The Complete Edition (Mac)

Game description:
Civilization V Gods & Kings is the first expansion pack for Civilization V – the critically acclaimed 2010 PC Game of the Year. This robust expansion covers the entire scope of time from founding your first Pantheon of the Gods and spreading religion across the world, to deploying your spies in enemy cities in order to steal information and technology. As you move through the ages, you’ll interact with new types of city-states, engage in new city-state quests and global competitions, and master exciting new systems for land and naval combat. Civilization V: Gods and Kings will also include nine new civilizations, nine new wonders, three original scenarios, and dozens of new units, buildings, and techs that will offer even more ways for players to expand their empire and dominate the world.



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