Codename Panzers: Phase One for Mac!

Codename Panzers: Phase One came out not long ago DRM free on So I ported this for the WW2 strategy fans :) I am such a guy loving WW2 games, so this one was quite obvious to do. Enjoy this one. Codename Panzers: Phase One works even great on my low-end Macbook air!

Codename Panzers: Phase One thrusts you into the high-powered battles of World War II. Whether played in towns with bullet-riddled buildings, bleak mountain landscapes, or treacherous swamps, Codename: Panzers offers real-time combat rampages with awesome 3D graphics. Create your combat force from over 100 finely detailed units, from a flame-throwing squad to a Soviet Stalin organ rocket launcher to a German Königstiger battle tank. Be the commander – demolish the enemy with clever tactical maneuvers. Experience the nerve-jangling thrill of strategic gaming – in Codename Panzers: Phase One!

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