Commandos 2 port update, Apple Silicon Compatible now!

As you already know I manually update ports where I hear that there are issues with a specific port with the Apple Silicon chip. In this case there was one with Commandos 2 (now 50% off), which has been addressed and now works. With the old engine in combination with the Apple Silicon Macs, the game would give a black screen. Now this is fixed, Apple Silicon Macs can now fully enjoy the game as well.

When you experience issues with games in the database with your Apple M1 Apple Silicon chip mac, please let us know using the Porting Kit “help” form or the “report a problem” option (more –> report a problem) in the port.

– Fix for black screen M1 Apple Silicon Macs

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  1. Hello,
    I bought COMMANDOS 2 HD REMASTER on GOG for 19,99 (no 50% off) and the installing procedure worked Fine.

    Now that I start to play, the game is launching, everything work well, except the Characters which are not moving (known issue longtime before).
    So the game is unplayable on my Macbook Pro M1

    Is there any solution, or is there something I didn’t well?

    If not I was wasting my money seeing the news “Commandos 2 is Apple Silicon compatible now!

    Hopping you could help me.
    Best regards


  2. This port is for Commandos 2 of the Commandos 2 + 3 bundle. That one isn’t HD. This game will get a port as well in the future but for now it’s not working properly yet. So If I were you, refund the HD version and buy the Commandos 2 + 3 bundle instead.

  3. Hello Paul
    Thank you for your help, I asked for a refund. But it seems like the Commandos 2+3 bundle isn’t available anymore in

    Could you help please.

    Thank you.

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