Complete Porting Kit database update….making it Linux ready!

Here a quick heads up. As you know we never stand still at Porting Kit. It sometimes may look like there is not much going on, maybe in some periods less blog posts, but we never stand still! In the background we are always, updating ports, working on new features and fixes and updates of Porting Kit itself. Today I want to let you know (perhaps you already saw) we are updating all ports in the database. Why?

  1. Updating all game descriptions with also the general install instructions.
  2. Updating ports to see it requires newer (or older) engines for best compatibility.
  3. Updating Steam ports to make sure there are no issues in Steam
  4. By updating we automatically transform the ports to WSI3 Files which gives more features and also Linux ready!

The last one is a very interesting one in out vision to be able to use Porting Kit also in Linux! Porting Kit is created in Electron and this way also easy to transform it for Linux usage. Isn’t that cool? So meanwhile we are working on updating the database, which we expect to finish in 2 weeks. On the Porting Kit site we are meanwhile working on the Linux version of Porting Kit.

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