Concursion released for the Mac!

Concursion is a multi-genre game played on the boundaries between games. Steer your hero through a dangerous interdimensional world, switch between different genres on the fly, and pull off feats of tight aerial acrobatics otherwise unattainable in one genre alone. Collect the shards, save the princess and go home. Easy, right? Maybe not, but where’s the fun in easy? Start from where most platformers finish – at the bad guy’s castle. Run, jump, fly, fight and occasionally dance through the kingdom on your quest to unearth the truth behind these rifts, save the princess, and put a stop to Biganbad once and for all.

Some very cool features:

  • Five classic gameplay genres – Explore the worlds of platformer, shooter, hack-n-slash, jetpack and maze racer/puzzlers instantaneously in a seamlessly integrated world.
  • More genres – Experience even more play styles in each unique boss battle.
  • Fusion play – Radically different game mechanics are employed in quickfire succession.
  • Unique worlds – Each world is defined by its own unique art and music, meaning you’ll always know whether you’re in a cartoon, outer space, or even feudal Japan.

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