Conquests of the Longbow for Mac and Linux

And another a Sierra Adventure golden oldie: Conquests of the Longbow for Mac and Linux. I added this game port as well in Crossover as in Porting Kit. Game works great in Porting Kit as in Crossover.

Other Conquest title which is ported is: Conquests of Camelot

Game Description:
In pagan times, the legends of Camelot were told as epic tales full of faith. Bold, colorful and often brutal, these tales survived the ages. They were a tribute to the legendary High King of Britain who managed to bring the warring tribes of Saxons, Celts, Angles Jutes under one rule and bring about a rebirth of Western civilisation.

For the simple install instructions + more info go to the game page here…

Conquests of the Longbow for Mac and Linux

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