Crossover 22 released!

Great news! Crossover 22 has been released by Codeweavers! Crossover has been updated to Wine 7.7 which includes over 10,000 improvements and better support for Directx11 games (64bit).

We are working hard to get a CX22 engine in Portingkit as well, but it takes a bit of time (weeks). Until that time or if you prefer Crossover above Porting Kit, then enjoy Crossover 22! By buying the application using the links up here you are a direct supporter of Porting Kit!

22.0.0 CrossOver features – August 23, 2022

  • Core Technology Improvements:
    • CrossOver 22 includes Wine 7.7, with over 10,000 improvements, and selected patches from recent Wine with benefits to many popular applications.
    • Complete redesign of CrossOver user interface.
    • Update to Wine Mono 7.2.
    • Update to vkd3d 1.4.
  • macOS:
    • Gaming performance improvements.
    • Update to MoltenVK 1.1.10.
    • Rocket League playable with wined3d.
  • Linux:
    • Initial support for DirectX 12.
    • Fixes for Office 2016/365 bugs.

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