Crossover comes with 21.2.0 update!

Great news! Codeweavers, the developer company who sells Crossover, released a new update of their product! Version 21.2.0! See the changes below:

This new release offers both improvements from upstream Wine and important fixes for a variety of issues.

CrossOver 21.2 includes over 300 updates to wined3d from upstream Wine. We also included dozens of changes from Wine 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 and updated to Wine Mono 7.0.

Audio now works on both Mac and Linux for Halo: Master Chief Collection. We also fixed an issue with a recent Steam update that was causing some connections to take a very long time.

On macOS, we fixed a long-standing issue with mouse control in Unity games. We also included fixes for the latest Rockstar Games Launcher and Quicken updates that caused those applications to stop working on M1 machines.

If you own Crossover you will automatically receive the update. If you haven’t tried Crossover yet, then surely try it out with the 14 days trial. Codeweavers is also a sponsor of Porting Kit and of the whole wine project with sharing over 50.000 patches! Including support of 32->64 bit and the Macdriver and lots other things.

Oh, and yes, there will be a new CX21.2.0 engine coming to Porting Kit as well, but as always, that comes a bit later, we hope if all goes wel next week.

So if you love their work or mine, consider to buy Crossover and use the code: bridgeover25 to get 25% discount on top! If you don’t have Crossover 21 yet, then get Crossover now up here..

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  1. Hi, good news. I am waiting for the new CX21.2.0 engine to be released, and hope it will fix the multiplayer not working for Age of Empires 3 definitive edition.

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