CX21 Engine finally there!!!

Yes yes yes, it took a while but we finally did it. Gcenx has build a proper CX21 engine which we can use publicly :) This means we have a lot of work to do coming weeks with updating ports, adding new ports, fixing the Origin client (Origin version C&C Series, Need for speed etc. will work again!) Better M1 Apple Sillicon support, and new games (uplay games will work again and new ones added!) pff….too much to tell!

Well I will get to work now! But then you know it’s there and much news is coming up! Keep a very close eye to the blog!!

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  1. Great news!

  2. Incredible! Can’t wait for updates to try out Skyrim SE on the new M1 Pro :)

  3. Can you update the Spore port for the new engine? Thanks!

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