Darkfall 2 for the Mac

If you finished Dark Fall – The Journal for Mac already, then here is also the second game of the series: Dark Fall 2: Lights out. This adventure game has also its creepy parts, luckily not in the start so I could test it a bit. I myself really dislike creepy games, so there will be only ports of a few minor ones on the site made by me. So for the ones who do like the game, the game is only $5,99 on GOG.com, so get it there or wait when it is on sale.

Download and extract the Wrapper below –> get Dark Fall 2: Lights out from GOG.com –>  install Windows software –> navigate to the GOG.com setup file –> and install it into the Wrapper. –> click “end installation” and double-click the Wrapper and play!

Many lives have been lost on the lethal rocks surrounding the harbour town of Trewarthan. Mysteriously, a thick fog covers the land and the silence is shattered by the sound of ghastly foghorn. Suddenly, the faithful light of Fetch Rock Lighthouse is plunged into darkness. Follow Benjamin Parker, a young cartographer, sent to map the area, and Polly White, determined to make contact with “the beyond”, as you explore the Lighthouse in four different time periods.

Download the Wrapper up here…


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