Desperados – Wanted Dead or Alive Wrapper update and adding to Portingkit!

Yesterday I have been hooked to Desperado’s Wanted Dead or Alive. My first objective was to add the old wrapper of the game to the Portingkit, but I read on Winehq that one of the latest Wine versions fixes 2 bugs: An codec error on startup (what needed a workaround) and a shadow bug (what didn’t show the use panel properly). So I tried to update the wrapper with the latest Engine, but now I had a wierd shiffering issue when the screen moved. Fortunatly I managed to fix that as well! The only small bug left (hardly worth mentioning) is when loading a saved game or un-pauze a game the mouse pointer freezes for a few seconds and works just fine after it.

Now the rest was working I could hardly stop playing because I wanted to finish Level 2 (which I managed to do :P). So now we have finally a properly working port of Desperado’s – Wanted Dead or Alive! So if you don’t have it yet, get it on and have some fun!

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