Diablo for Mac

On many request! We finally can bring you Diablo for Mac! Diablo 2 was already available in Porting Kit and Crossover, and Diablo 3 is already native for Mac. But now the series is complete! The Game CD/Image is required to be in the drive/mounted in order to play. Diablo works unfortunatly only in Porting Kit for now, but this may change in the next release of Crossover. There are a few side-notes for the game, see below:

– Choose install play (not the other one or the start exe won’t be correct)
– Install the game in “c:” when asked. (or also the start exe won’t be correctly)
– Game menu has some major glitches, but just start the game, and in-game it will be fine.
– Have fun!

Diablo invites you to enter a world of dark gothic fantasy. Play as a brave warriors, cunning rogue or mysterious sorceror. As you venture deeper into the labyrinth, you’ll discover weapons, armor, and magical treasures, and develop your character’s skills and abilities and defeat all the evil.

Download the Porting Kit up here… or go the Porting Kit gamepage… 

diablo for mac

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