DLC installer fixed in PK update 4.1.13

Edit: Update 4.1.13 has been shortly released after a bug with the master wrapper (Cannot read property ‘downloadBaseUrl’ of undefined). Should now be working properly again.


You probably noticed the updated and thought why the heck there was another update? Well, we fixed the DLC Ports install (yeah those DLC’s with green glow) like Diablo 2 – Lord of Destruction.
This functionality worked in PK 3 but didn’t work yet in PK4, so this was an urgent change to do. We otherwise would wait to also implement some other things like the “update” window (which also shows what things are new in the update) with process bar,  the new forum, and the “install now” functionality from the Portingkit.com website. This stuff will will be implemented in the next update. I also created a a video to show the DLC installation from Porting Kit (see below).

One small thing about the video, In the video it creates 2 icons for Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 – LOD, but it seems it replaces the Diablo 2 game with the extra features in LOD, so there will be one icon instead of 2 in your library.

Porting Kit 4 changes:
– DLC Installation fix

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