DLC installer not implemented yet. Is on High Priority list.

As you all may know, Porting Kit 4 is now the main (only) app which is supported and maintained. Porting Kit 3 has been decommissioned because it was too much work to maintain both Applications in the massive speed things are changing in the Mac environment. With this move to Porting Kit 4, a couple of features has not been implemented yet which were in PK3. The most important one, is the DLC installer (the icons in the database with a green glow). Especially the “Diablo 2 LOD Expansion” is a heavy used DLC where the installation is not going as attended (ends in main exe not found). We are aware of this and have this on the highest priority list to be implemented.

In the meanwhile we have this resolved by using a workaround, using the MOD/patch installer (under the main game port)  which you can access under “more” –> advanced tools –> Mod/patch. When you installed the DLC, you can using the extra custom exe creator, create a shortcut to the Porting Kit library so you can launch it straight from your Porting local library. The custom exe creator can also be found in the “more” –> advanced tools section. We hope to give you a workaround using these steps for the time being until we have implemented the feature in Porting Kit 4.

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