Don’t update to Mojave (yet)!

As you guys may all be aware of is the 64bit only change Apple want’s to push forward in not all to long. We hope Mojave will be the break before the real push to 64bit only. However, although Wineskin (that’s the wrapper part) stopped working properly in the latest update of Mojave. Luckily there is already a fix, but that part is not implemented yet in Porting Kit. This all will be done shortly, but to be on the safe side, wait until we are fully ready to prevent all kind of misery.

We are always working hard to make the best of Porting Kit so you can enjoy your Windows games on your Mac :) We have to stick together and endure the things to come and try to keep standing as long as we can and try to find a workaround/solution before the next OS After Mojave (10.15). Support us, help us, and we will get through! Thanks guys!

The Porting Kit/ Team.

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