DOS games works great in Crossover!

Another cool thing about Crossover I found out in  Crossover is DOS games! Where I coulnd’t figure out in Winesskin to make those games work and used Boxer Instead, you can run the games simple as that in Crossover. I haven’t tested all DOS games of course, but the ones I tested from are working great! The cool thing is, after installation Crossover will nicely add the shortcuts to the Crossover menu and you can simply launch the game from the menu or make an “alias’ and move it to your game folder to launch it from there! So I will add some more DOS games coming time as well! As a start I added 2 new DOS port tonight: Jagged Alliance Deadly Games and Torins Passage!

The links below are links to the Game pages which include the direct-links to the CrossTies on Crossover. Crossover needs to be pre-installed in order for those CrossTies to work. Check out this video how simple CrossTies work! Enjoy!

DOS games:
Worms United
Torin’s Passage
Jagged Alliance Deadly games

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