Download button gone on Gamersgate! (reported!)

Here a quick some quick news. Gamersgate did today a change on their site which causes you only to see the download buttons of the game of the specific platform (in our case Mac). So this means if you bought or want to buy a Windows game there to install in one of my wrappers, you won’t see the download link of your puchased game on your account-shelf on Gamersgate!!! This means you need to download the downloader file (256kb) from a PC and put it on a usb stick and then put it on your Mac in order to download the game after all. This is unnecessary, so I already reported this to Gamersgate so I hope they have fixed it back again tomorrow or so. So be aware that this issue is there only for Windows download files. Remember that Mac games and Steam games (yes also Windows Steam games which only contains a serial) are NOT effected. So again, I reported this issue to Gamersgate and expect the fix this very soon. Bare with me guys!

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  1. That’s why I only buy games on GOG, drm free, gog downloader and website user friendly !

  2. I don’t know if I can order Windows games within Steam for Mac; I haven’t tried that out yet. I managed to install a few games via Parallels Desktop, and I copied its Steam folder to my Home folder so that I can make a wrapper out of it. I only did one for F.E.A.R. which works perfectly on my system.

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