Dragon Age Origin for Mac

Yes, it’s finally here: Dragon Age Origin for Mac. On many request we have the game finally ported to Mac using Porting Kit or Crossover. The game is massive over 45 GB and is not recommended to play on low-end macs with Intel HD GFX cards but minimum with Intel Iris GFX cards or Nvidia or AMD Radeon with at least 512MB Graphical Memory. Because Dragon Age Origin is a massive game, the installation can take up 45 minutes depending on your system and if you have SSD or HDD in your Mac. I played the game for a bit on my Intel Iris iMac and there it runs very well in all low video settings. I am still optimizing the game, so there might be an update of the port in the near future. If so I let you know on the blog.

Game description:
You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of this legendary order of guardians. With the return of mankind’s ancient foe and the kingdom engulfed in civil war, you have been chosen by fate to unite the shattered lands and slay the archdemon once and for all. Explore a stunning world, make complex moral choices, and engage in bone-crushing combat against massive and terrifying creatures.

Go to the game page with simple install instructions up here…

Dragon Age Origin for Mac

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  1. Enjoying the port very much so far, however, I have run into an issue with the DLCs. Honnleath has rendered with only the bare bones textures–basically, anything original to the DLC won’t render–which means I can’t interact with Shale or with the characters behind the barrier to continue the DLC. Any suggestions?

  2. @Christine Farrell – I haven’t run into this problem as Honnleath seems to work just fine for me. This unfortunately might have just been an install error. I remember it took me about 3 attempts before the install went went without issues.

    On another note, this has been a wonderful port overall, and it seems petty to complain. But using this port, I can’t connect to the online server (though perhaps its down) which prevents me from saving my achievements. While normally, I wouldn’t care, this means I’m essentially barred from certain achievement based items, which disappear as soon as I close out the program and start it up again. Anyone know a solution to this?

  3. Hi!
    Managed to dowload the game fine, proceed through the intro and character costumization. As I press “Play” though to actually start the game, it crashes. Anyone know about this?


  4. Hi Birk!
    If you have an apple silicon Mac, then yes. For apple Silicon it doesn’t work yet. For Intel Mac’s it should work fine.

  5. Hey guys! I am a huuuuge fan of the dragon age series, I’ve first played origins 10 years ago and I’d like to re live that experience. However I only have the steam version of the game, anything I can do?

  6. Hello. the installation works fine, but the game often freezes. I have read around that it is a known problem, but I have not found a solution. Some idea?

  7. I can confirm that it is indeed working for Apple Silicon Mac owners! Before doing following steps the game would crash as others have reported after pressing “play” or playing for 1 minute and then crashing.

    But I had to go through some steps in order to make it work;

    1. After installing the game and patch using porting kit, I downloaded the “directx june 2010 SDK version” since in the configuration of Dragon Age it said the correct version of directx wasnt installed.

    2. Go to dragon age on portingkit app

    3. Press “more” -> advanced tools -> Launch Wineskin App -> Install Software -> Choose Setup Executable

    4. Choose the download version of directx. When prompted to choose a folder I selected desktop in the wineskin not my mac desktop.

    5. Basically repeat from step 3, but when you reach step 4 again, you choose the directx .exe in the wineskin folder you put the installation files from the previous steps.

    6. Thats it! When you launch configuration on dragon age origins, the directx warning is gone and the game is working almost flawlessly! Only unfortunate thing that you have to live with albeit small in my opinion is that the sound might lag abit!

    Enjoy, and thanks Paul for making this even possible <3

  8. HI — I have the same issue as John Doe but I don’t understand how to fix? It just closes as soon as I start due to the issue with Physx/ dX? But if I try to update the direct x (installing into C/library) I can’t navigate to the c library for repeat in step 5 (second install)? Everything apart from folders and exe are greyed out.

    But this is on Big Sur, with an intel Mac.

    The game runs fine on Catalina on an (older) intel MacBook.

    Hope you can help.



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