Dungeon Rats for Mac

Good news for RPG lovers, I added Dungeon Rats for Mac to the Porting Kit.Unfortunately it needs some Winetricks which isn’t implemented yet in Crossover, so it’s a Porting Kit only game at the moment. But no worries, because Porting Kit and Crossover standing brother to brother in your dock (:P), it shouldn’t really matter to choose Porting Kit instead time to time. I tested the game on my Intel Iris, and works great! On low-end Mac’s like my Macbook air, it may be that you have to lower the graphics in order to play it nicely. 8GB Internal Ram is

The combat systems in Dungeon Rats have undergone considerable improvements since Age of Decadence, including party-based combat, positioning, new gear, and more difficulty levels. Whether you go it alone, or with a party — you’ll need to take advantage of the detailed crafting and alchemy systems and varied weapon types to dominate the game’s challenges — more so of if you’d like to see each ending.

Starting out as a new prisoner at the bottom of the gangs-ruled prison hierarchy, and of the prison itself, you must fight to survive and develop your combat skills, acquiring better weapons and equipment as you go. Recruit allies to your struggle or carry on as a lone wolf, and kill anyone foolish enough to stand in your way.

Download the Porting Kit up here…

Dungeon Rats for Mac



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