DXVK Support is there for Porting Kit 4 Beta!

Great news! I made a separate post for this, but it’s important to explain, because DXVK support (Directx 10+11) is there!!! Yes that’s right, so this means big Directx11 titles will come to Porting Kit!!!!! And tonight we will make a massive introduction of the feature by releasing the port for Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition!! I will make a video of the tutorial and that the game even works great on Silicon Macs!!

Important to note is that DXVK/Vulkan support works only in Porting Kit 4 Beta and not in Porting Kit 3! Porting Kit 4 will be the main Porting Kit app and Porting Kit 3 will eventually be fased out when all the functions (which PK4 is missing) from PK3 are migrated.

New version of DXVK released – OnePerDay

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  1. Thats such a great news! Keep the DX11 games comming! If you don’t mind I mention a request and thats the TrackMania 2 titles please! :p

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