Emperor: Battle for Dune for Mac (re-release)!

Here the re-release of the Wrapper for  Emperor Battle of Dune. This wrapper update makes the Wrapper for download again (Download was missing because of the lousy Opendrive policy). Second I saw with the old backup a bug that it got a grey screen on startup, which is now fixed. So…game is fully playable again if you own the 3 game discs of Emperor of Dune. It will be a matter of mounting a specific CD and launch the game and play the specific fraction! Thats it, everything else is pre-installed. So purchase the CD version somewhere and start the fun!

Before downloading the wrapper, make sure security settings are set correctly when you have Mavericks OSX or higher. Then simply download the  Wrapper file below and extract the file -> then mount or put 1 of the 3 fraction CD’s in the drive and launch the game with a double-click on the Wrapper and play! IF somehow the CD isn’t recognised you have to change the letter of the drive in the drives tav in winecfg doing: Rightclick wrapper –> show package content –> wineskin –> advanced –> winecfg –> drives –> add a new letter (like F: of G:) and add the path the the CD or disc image.  For more info about porting go up here…

Get the new Wrapper for the game up here…

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  1. I’m on https://www.paulthetall.com/emperor-battle-dune-mac/ and the link to the wrapper sends me to a page that does not load

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